Le Labo Laurier 62 Candle


Laurier 62 is a mess…” Le Labo’s website says. That’s because the it has exactly 62 ingredients in it, including laurel, rosemary, eucalyptus, thyme, cumin, clove, amber, patchouli, and sandalwood. So it's the compost pile of candles, and I’m not complaining. In fact, I’m jonesing for more—though it should be noted that the 245 grams of hand-poured soy wax lasted an astonishing two weeks of near-nightly use on my coffee table.

This candle is a far cry from the lighthearted, relatively singular Tilleul from Diptyque, my longstanding favorite, which has been hard to top. I’m holding seasonality and localization accountable for this switcheroo: winter calls for full-bodied red wines, home-cooked meals, and big fragrances (if your name can go on it, even better. See: monogramming). I could smell wafts of the bewildering but indescribably perfect scent from the hallway in my building, as soon as I got off my elevator, whether or not it was lit—as welcoming as a crackling fireplace but much lower-maintenance. And that, in my humble opinion, is the mark of a fine winter candle.

—Emily Weiss

Photos by Emily Weiss.

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  • holydances

    I LOVE LE LABO!!!!!!! My boyfriend and I both wear Santal 33 and use santal 26 for our apartments. IT IS DIVINE! le labo, you rule.

  • Amelie

    Love it! Also tried Serenité Candle from http://www.susanciminelli.com, a delicious and divine candle!

  • Chantel

    Nice candle.