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Self Service's Summer Holiday Essential
J.Crew Vacationland Printed Silk Shirt
Lonely Sabel Two Strap Bra
Rag & Bone/Jean Boyfriend Jeans
Saint Laurent Patti Leather Army Boots
MAC Indulge Lipstick

Have you ever tuned into The Voice to find style ideas? No? Do you even watch The Voice? Well, maybe you should. Last week, while getting my fix of NBC’s answer to American Idol (You’ll always be my favorite VJ, Carson), I was quite shocked to find myself ogling Adam Levine’s clothes instead of wishing he would just take them off. The Maroon 5 singer was sporting a shirt I’ve not seen the likes of since The Brady Bunch went on vacation, and rarely—if ever—wanted to wear myself: the Hawaiian. Yes, Mr. Levine was redefining a clothing item once reserved for humiliating celebrity mug shots (cinematic [8] or actual [4]) and grandpas. He got me thinking/shopping:

1. J.Crew Vacationland Printed Silk Shirt: Jenna Lyons, you are too good! Ladies, gentlerockstars, meet the mild, prepster take on the Aloha State top. Its rose hue and relatively minimalist print hint at Island Time and won't make you look crazy if you choose to wear it on-duty as well as off.

2. Lonely Sabel Two Strap Bra: With a “fun” shirt should come a good-time bra. And this cerulean lace undergarment from the New Zealand-based lingerie company Lonely has a double-front strap to keep the ladies comfortable.

3. Rag & Bone/Jean Boyfriend Jeans: My perpetual fear of the whale-tail keeps my waistline almost exclusively above the navel—but I’ll make an exception for these kind of perfect jeans. They’re baggy enough to sit comfortably on your hips without the danger of riding below your undies, and distressed enough to look effortless, not bedraggled—the idea here is to evoke ease, not Castaway.

4. Saint Laurent Patti Leather Army Boots: Fine, you got me: I want everything from Saint Laurent Paris. But if I had to pick just one thing… at the top of my list is Slimane’s clean cut, but still made-for-stomping version of the combat boot. So tough. So fresh. So clean.

5. MAC Indulge Lipstick: Last winter I nearly went through an entire tube of MAC Sin, but I’ve since replaced it with the slightly brighter, just-a-little-more-red Indulge. The semi-matte finish keeps the pigment on my lips all day so I can channel Hawaii à la Kurt Cobain, not Magnum, P.I.

—Elizabeth Brockway

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  • Lana

    Have had those boots on my mind since they came out. Sigh.

  • Chantel

    I love Adam Levine, he could wear anything and I would like lol....

  • thesixthbeatle

    Love all five items! The bra is gorge. And any shirt style that Pacino has worn is alright by me.

  • Megan

    Perhaps a Jenna Lyons top shelf is in order. The shots of her bathroom alone would be worth it!

  • Amelia

    Wow, it's really loud and cool :) I love it. Very nice.

  • Patricia Snook

    Is it wrong that my primary inspiration comes from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? These shirts are uncomfortably wonderful...

  • babelincoln

    like that one time STELLA MCCARTNEY did a resort collection about this...


J.Crew Vacationland Printed Silk Shirt
Lonely Sabel Two Strap Bra
Rag & Bone/JEAN
Rag & Bone/Jean Boyfriend Jeans
Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent Patti leather army boots