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At an event last week, while makeup artist Kate Lee (Rooney Mara, Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller, etc) touched up a model’s oxblood lipstick and combed her brows vertically with a clean mascara brush, she warned the editor crowd against something we didn’t know was possible—getting stuck in an “eyebrow rut.” We knew it was possible for our eyebrows to do “nothing” for our faces, but we had no idea we were also expected to change them up. Regularly.

“A perfect, filled-in brow will do something very different to a bold lip than a natural, brushed-up brow will,” Lee explained. “When it’s brushed up, it’s more youthful, and it doesn’t sit as heavily on the face.”And when we thought about it, a lot of our favorite faces from the Spring 2014 shows featured what James Kaliardos at Rodarte called “quite hairy, animal-like, and wild” brushed-up brows. Whether left natural and paired with Rodarte's exaggerated cat eye; or worn with a bare, dewy face, like those Kaliardos executed for Theyskens' Theory, he said fluffed brows “lift your expression and open up your whole face. When your brows are down, they drag you down.” Even Diane Kendal at Reed Krakoff agreed: "It's all about grooming," she said, teasing at the models' filled-in chestnut brows. So don't mind us this winter as we grow out our brows and comb them to the heavens whenever we want to look just a little younger, wilder, or more romantic. Pass the Anastasia Brow Gel?

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  • Lauren

    I've always been quite afraid of the brushed up eyebrow effect, but this post makes me second guess myself. I'm wondering- will this only work at night?
    xoxo, Lauren

  • Ally

    i feel so sorry for me and my puny brows =(

  • Dana

    I had an epiphany several months ago to brush them up, and it seriously changed everything for the better. But that's just me! I have really dark undereye circles and feel like having a strong but untamed brow detracts from them. For the better, I hope, haha.

    • ikillplants

      Pass the clear Maybelline Great Lash mascara! I've been growing the brows out and brushing them up for a few months now, and it's a game changer for the face. I'm with you, sister--I've got undereye circles too, and the brush-up seems to work loads better than concealing for refreshing your complexion.

  • Helen

    I feel like it's a consequence of everyone growing out their brows over the past two or so years. The inner bit inevitably sticks up vertically, so makes sense for the rest to follow suit. My eyebrows used to look like they were running away from each other, but it looked perfectly ordinary to me at the time...

  • caryrandolph

    Been brushin' up my brows for years. Have always felt like everything on the face should angle up and out -- blush, brows, bronzer, big smile -- like a pain-free lift for the face and (often) the mood. xxCRF

  • MissWix

    I was hooked on the Anastasia until I tried the Brow Gal Brow Gel. Perfection.

  • kathS

    beyonce looks like Joan Smalls in that picture!

  • Leslie

    I've seen this look in mags but I'm not sure how it would translate in everyday life. I guess I'll just have to try it!

  • charlotte

    Jennifer Connelly has amazing brows as well. I have always preferred a thicker brow.

  • Marleen

    I love my brows. I never pluck them because I like a Cara Delevigne brow look. When I brush them up, my eyes look much more open and awake, everyone should really try it!

  • AnaHanson

    Going to try this next time I do a makeup tut. I always thought over-plucked, thin eyebrows make anyone look 30 years older, so I'm definitely one for healthy, cared-for, natural brows.

    Ana @ The Model Stage Blog

  • Carolyn Morrissey

    I have never thought to switch up my brows. I usually just try to tame them into submission, but this has made me want to try the bold lip and the brushed up brows. Great post.


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