10 Sales We’re Grateful For This Black Friday


Please, please do not go into an actual store this Black Friday. It's cold, and windy, and there are mean ladies who want to rip that sweater right out of your hands before you can check out. Stay inside, have a cocktail or a green juice, and shop the lush, rolling digital hills of the Internet instead. Everyone has a sale on Friday (or—even better—Cyber Monday), and you won't have to elbow any grandmas to get to it. Pro tip: Go now, assemble your virtual cart, then return early on sale day and go directly to check out. That way, you don't lose out on any low-stock items. Now, onto the sales:

Happening Now

1. Intrigue, mystery, MURDER. Well ok, not murder. But Sephora is definitely giving away a "secret" sample bag if you spend at least $25. They've also got 10 "doorbusters" for $10 on December 2. Now if we only knew what a doorbuster was.

2. Get your Exfolikate cheap—Kate Somerville has 30% off every order with code HOLIDAY2013. You'll never go scrubly again.

3. Yoox is getting awfully cutesy; their Black Friday sale code is "THANKYOOX." But the deal's really, really good—up to 50% off their current collection, plus free shipping and an extra 15% off. Damn.

4. Hello, men! You didn't think we'd forget you, right? There's a Mr. Porter sale on right now—30% off a ton of stuff (including all the Givenchy doberman shirts you could ever want). If you are not a man, but in fact a woman who has a male significant other, consider this an opportunity to play stylist to your partner. If he can't be the man you want him to be, at least he can look the part.

5. Did you use this year's wishbone to ask for Edward Cullen skin? Oh look, Kiehl’s is giving $20 off $65+ orders (code: CHEER). Now do you finally believe in the Great Turkey?

6. Nordstrom has a ton of different sales. It's great, if overcomplicated and hilariously vague. Here's the breakdown: November 27 – December 1, you get 25% or more off "select brands," which is sort of like saying "Our dinner special tonight is something that has been in an oven and is from several food groups! Do you want it?" Then, November 28 – 29, 33%+ off what are presumably other select brands, and finally December 1 – 2 there are "new markdowns of 40% or more on a wide variety of items." Long story short: Just go look at Nordstrom and see what's there; it's probably on sale.

Upcoming Sales

7. Lamps are expensive, so we’re really excited that Furbish Studios has everything for 25% off on Cyber Monday (a.k.a. December 2), with code MONDAYMADNESS (plus free shipping on $100+ orders, so you can order really heavy stuff and then some big, burly dude-people will bring it to your door).

8. Fuck yeah, fancy lady silk shirts. On Cyber Monday, Equipment is offering 20% off all sale items. In other news, we are going to look so, so nice at work in 2014.

9. Shopbop is apparently the sliding-scale clinic of retail therapy, because they have an impressive array of sale-ish things going on at every price point. Save 15% when you spend $250, save 20% when you spend $500, and save 25% when you spend $1000. At least the discount code is simple: BIGEVENT13.

10. Moda Operandi’s Cyber Monday effort is 40% off some of their pre-fall and fall stock (which means get online early to snag the good stuff before it sells out).

Kate Moss photographed by Tim Walker for Vogue April 2012.

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