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"I'm from Galicia in the north of Spain, but I've been living in Madrid for eight years now. I have a blog on Vogue Spain’s website called Tea Time. I launched it almost two years ago. I don’t know what made me start it—I work as a model and I had a blog before on my own, and one day, one of the directors of called me said, 'Hi, I really like your work as model...'—we knew each other from before—and she told me, 'And I really like how you write and so I want to put your blog inside Vogue.' I said yes, of course. I studied fashion design in school, and started modeling when I was finished. I actually wanted to be a fashion journalist more than designer, which is why when Vogue asked me to work for them it was like, yes! Of course.

My blog is about my work and my life. It’s a mix of everything I like because I have complete freedom to talk about whatever. I'll post about a shoot, or what I bought last week—it depends on how I feel, what I want to write about.

Spanish girls really like to know what beauty products other people use, or even how a model takes care of her skin; we love beauty. For me, I love Aesop. I use their shampoo and face cream, the Mandarin cream for mixed-combination skin. Everything from Aesop. My boyfriend is from Australia, so he introduced me to the brand one year ago, and now I’m super into it. Otherwise, I don’t use that much stuff. I use eau micellaire to clean my face, but I don’t like to use a lot of products. I never wear makeup, only when I’m working. For example, today I don’t have makeup on. I have it on all the time when I work, so days that I’m off, I like bare skin.

I don’t do anything to my eyebrows; sometimes I take off 1, 2 hairs. It’s more at shootings that a makeup artist comes in like, 'OK, can I take these off?!' And it's like, 'Fine, do it because I know you’re going to be happy after that.' [Laughs]

Spanish girls don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup. It's more a mix. They like the Latin thing of smoky black eyes and red lips. In Europe, if you see a brunette girl with red lips, probably she is Spanish. [Laughs] I like the red lips. If I have to wear makeup for an event or something, I always go washed face and red lips. I used to use a lot of Chanel lipsticks, but MAC I like it a lot because it takes a lot of hours to come off. I like Russian Red because a friend of mine, she’s a singer from Spain and her band name is Russian Red, so that one is a good one for me. [Laughs] I don't use eye makeup, maybe a little bit of Rimmel mascaramaybe—but not that much. I also like the one from L'Oréal, the Telescopic. It’s crazy; you put it on and it's like, whoa.

I use Avene sunscreen but only when there is sun. This summer, I put a lot of sunscreen on and it did nothing; I went super tan. But I’m Spanish, so..."

—as told to ITG

Alba Galocha, in an Acne sweater, Thakoon Addition pants, Surface to Air boots, and a La Favorita hatphotographed by Nick Axelrod in Paris on September 27, 2013.

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  • Jessica Rose

    Generous to share your make-up and beauty secrets as some people like to keep things like this very guarded!! I will have a look at your blog and AESOP as I have heard of it but am not overly familiar with it. x

    Jess. x

  • paula

    to be honest these generalizations about spanish girls are just not true. usually i find they wear lots of foundation and eye makeup but not really red lipstick...i'm from madrid so not really sure where these ideas are coming from??

    • Sarah

      This is an interesting observation, thank you! Maybe because she works in beauty and fashion industry? I have noticed that people whose work is related to beauty and fashion tend to wear less or no makeup. I like that, and I completely understand it. Maybe because of that she does not really notice other women wearing heavy makeup. Anyway, she is beautiful, and I am glad she is not covering her beautiful skin with heavy makeup.

      • paula

        yes she definitely doesn't need it!

    • Cristina

      I'm Spanish and I think Alba is right...

      • Carolina

        I think Alba is right too. Spanish women don't wear much make up, specially not foundation or eye makeup. and you can see plenty of women wearing red lipstick in Spain, it's our thing!

  • rab

    she is stunning! Rara from RepeatPiece

  • Michelle K. Lee

    great interview

  • Anne

    I really like her blog! This girl is utterly gorgeous. My god, the cheekbones. Wish I'd look that good barefaced. Sigh...

  • Kristien

    She's a stunning natural beauty. I love her low maintenance routine. Very fresh and relateable.

  • Taylor

    I have a burning curiosity to see her with a full face of elaborate makeup.

  • Tijan Serena

    Damnit her blog name is awesome! I wish I'd thought of Tea Time. Beautiful girl too! Tijan Serena Loves

  • a.d.f.

    I have been reading more and more about about this minimal make up situation, so curiosity got the better of me. I tried getting rid of a lot of products and my skin situation is improving. I used to wear a tinted moisturizer, foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick. Now I just add dark powder to my brows, dust a tiny bit of powder on my face to prevent shine, use a touch of lipstick as blush, and finish with a bit of kiehls lip balm on the lips and eyes. I looked awful the first few days because my skin is a wreck, but I'm really starting to see an improvement. I think ladies like Alba are on to something...

  • hollygoeslightly22

    Hmm, I'm not sure but I think she's from Spain...

  • Julie

    I started reading the blog in Spanish, and putting a lot of effort into it, to find out a few lines later that it's translated in English. Anywayyyy I really like it!
    And from my observations, I tend to think that Spanish girls indeed wear eye makeup and foundation, but not that much lipstick. Again I may be wrong, being French.

  • petra lorietta

    great article!♥ love her style!:)

  • 7mimi7

    She has such a such a good presence, relaxed and calm.

  • Ruby

    "I don’t like to use a lot of products. I never wear makeup, only when I’m working. For example, today I don’t have makeup on." Im so sick of interviews on Into the Gloss with women who "dont really wear makeup", good for them but its a beauty website it would be great to hear more from women in the industry who are actually interested in and have cosmetics that they use day-to-day.

    • ilovethe90sdreamer

      or those women who don't really do anything to their hair besides wash it with dry shampoo...yeah I have been feeling your exact same sentiment for a while, and i think Dita Von Teese may have been the only true make up wearing woman on this site....And I only thought of her because her photo happens to be on the lower right.

    • guest

      to be honest i'm getting pretty sick of every single article having comments complaining about how there aren't enough interviews with women who wear makeup. there are plenty. yet whenever there's an interviewee who claims that they don't wear makeup, there's inevitably going to be someone complaining about it. people have different approaches to beauty, different preferences, and different aesthetics. someone who DOES wear makeup was featured as recently as the latest top shelf, and it was a really interesting interview.

      • softy

        YUP. just like the majority of articles don't talk about juicing, and then when one pops up everyone talks about how sick they are of all the articles on juicing.

      • Michelle Blanc

        I couldn't agree with you more. I wear makeup almost everyday and I don't see why anyone should complain about whether a woman wears a lot of makeup or not. Like you said people have different approaches to beauty and everyone should be embraced by that. So you are completely right.

    • Johanna

      Yes; a BEAUTY website! However: Beauty does not simply equal "makeup". As someone who doesn't use makeup myself I think it's great that Into the Gloss rightly makes this particular distinction, and approaches "beauty" in terms of so many different perspectives! Also, I don't judge those who DO in fact wear lots of, or just a little, makeup, so I think I have the right to expect the same in return.

  • Michelle Blanc

    Hi Alba. You and I have something in common and that's we don't wear lots of makeup. For me I have moods whereas sometimes I wear makeup and sometimes I don't. It definitely depends on the situation and how I'm feeling. When I do decide to wear makeup I like to wear red lips and black cat eyes. I don't always wear foundations only on special events or simply at work.


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