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Showcase! Don’t Conceal!

Natalia Vodianova
Benicio Del Toro
Natalia Vodianova
The young Isabelle Adjani
Christopher Owens
Christian Brylle
Gemma Ward
Linda Evangelista
Isabella Rossellini
Isabella Rossellini and Madonna
Macaulay Culkin
Linda Evangelista
Macaulay Culkin
Kate Moss
Mariacarla Boscono
Benicio Del Toro
Painting by Nicola Samori
Sasha Pivovarova
Vincent Gallo
Painting by Léon Spilliaert
Sophia Amoruso
Isabelle Adjani in Possession
Isabelle Adjani in Nosferatu
Mona Lisa
Kristen Stewart
Christian Brylle
Gemma Ward
Christian Brylle
Uma Thurman
Christian Brylle
Gemma Ward

Because it's Monday and we don't want to work yet.

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  • blackcat

    best monday moodboard to date : )

  • http://hellionyell.wordpress.com/ Helen

    As someone with a naturally purple and somewhat 3-D eye area, I wholly approve.


  • hellocathy

    Is Into the Gloss reading my mind?! As I was washing my face this morning (and noticing my dark undereye shadows), the thought occurred to me that ITG should have a post appreciating the beauty in dark and puffy under eye circles. The first person that came to mind was Dane DeHaan...

    • k8

      i feel like they're reading my mind, honestly....today i decided to cover up my blemishes but leave my (fairly prominent) circles au naturale, and honestly i looked in the mirror and felt hot as hell and very je ne sais quois, if that makes any sense

  • JJ

    Hello into the gloss!! I have been an avid reader for soo long and I watched you grow and I want to congratulate you on the enormous amount of success, you prove that hard work pays off eventually. im going to Paris this January for the first time in my life and im so excited,ive even searched "paris" in your website and im talking notes what to buy and where to go :p I wonder if you can recommend a place to stay during mon sejour, you guys go to paris a lot for fashion week can you suggest something awesome that doesn't cost and arm and a leg and a student can afford, an awesome rental apartment like the one Lili Barbery-Coulon hooked you up with ? iv been looking at places for two days and I cant find something suitable, its becoming stressful to be honest.
    thank you so much in advance!!

    • Guest

      Hi! I'm not ITG but I've spent a fair amount of time in Paris. Have you tried the usual apartment renting sites like AirBnB? Honestly, renting a place in Paris is expeeensive and you're probably not going to find an "awesome" apartment on a student budget. Most students stay in hostels, though AirBnB, etc, can have moderately priced places as well. Is there a neighborhood you'd like to stay in? I like the 6th, 3/4th, and 9th personally, and I would try to stay away from the 1st/2nd if possible, but paris is really easy to get around on the metro, so you might want to stay somewhere a little more remote and cheaper, and just take the metro everywhere. Have so much fun! I hope this helps a bit!

      • JJ

        thank you so much for your reply !!...I do not have a specific neighborhood that i'd like to stay in to be honest. I don't mind staying in hostels as its only for a week but im afraid I might get robbed or something, I mean there are no safes or anything( that's my only concern, I mean where do I leave my belongings?)..can you recommend an amazing hostel in the neighborhoods you suggested? ...what about London, can you recommend a place to stay for week ? thank you soo much for your reply!

  • Nina

    whatever happened to gemma ward's modeling career? she's so stunning.

  • Katie

    Love this

  • rouge

    Love me some Linda Evangelista, 24-7 =)

  • Sylvia

    So inspiring! Maybe I will ditch concealer tomorrow...


  • Aliochat

    So beautiful ! I always found people with dark circles hot.

  • Courteay

    Let's not forget Daphné Hezard's Top Shelf, wherein she reminds us that bags/dark circles are romantic. :)

  • Isabella Yeager

    this post changed my life. always suspected these could be sexy and i have purple circles in spades. TY TY TY

  • Kelly Boyer

    This is beautiful :) I love it!




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