RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer


Just when you thought you'd bid adieu to your tan until spring, RMS Beauty swoops in with what might just be the bronzer to end all (natural) bronzers: the organic beauty brand beloved by Gisele Bündchen, Miranda Kerr, Anja Rubik, Georgia Jagger, and Erin Wasson has unveiled the shimmery, tawny pinkish-gray Buriti Bronzer.

Blended (easily) onto cheeks, swiped over eyes, and applied anywhere else the sun might have hit on hotter days, Buriti is suited to warm up every skin tone because it doesn’t cover your skin, it blends into it. The creamy formula has beeswax and rosemary extract along with oils of coconut, jojoba seed, and its namesake buriti to help moisturize and illuminate the face as well as tint it (making it the ideal sister product to Living Luminizer). Build up to an afternooon-in-St.-Barth's glow; employ Buriti under cheekbones and along the jawline for subtle contouring; or smooth it across the nose to, as Rubik told us, “narrow” your face. Any way you spin it, you'll look healthier without looking like you're wearing anything.

Photos by Mathea Millman. 

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  • http://genuineglow.com/ Lilly

    Love everything RMS Beauty and have this product on my list of things to buy asap. Cream+bronzer=want.

  • Definitely Pauline

    Definitely putting this one on my wishlist, I usually love "cream" anything when it comes to makeup!

  • Jani

    I have this and love it. You can build up the amount of color by layering it. It is not at all glittery, it is very natural looking.

  • wielding

    Looks great, but I really wish you could buy samples. I love the gift samples with purchase, but it would be great if you could request a specific new product. Especially in this case.

    • asti

      You can buy samples of everything RMS! go ahead to Spirit Beauty Lounge you pay $25 with free shipping for their samples service (this includes other products too up to 9 samples).

  • http://merredee.blogspot.com/ merredee

    I'm so intrigued by cream bronzers!


  • eastvillagesiren

    If this will help, I found it's best not to use any moisturizer before RMS products, or they "slip." Their site even mentions using the un-cover up on its own. My skin is on the oily/normal tip, so it's not hard to use it straight up. This winter I may think about uisng a their skin balm before their concealer.

    • murt

      Ya I can't not use moisturizer - I also use a heavy, greasy, oil based sunblock all over my face everyday so maybe that's why I have the slipping issues.

  • Emma and Emily

    This has been on my list for absolutely ages. It looks so beautiful from the swatches I have seen!


  • http://genuineglow.com/ Lilly

    @murt: Have you tried the RMS Beauty Un Powder? I find that it helps with any cream product that tends to crease or "slip". For instance, I have a full coverage creamy concealer that is really thick and creases like crazy if not set. I have been using just a tiny amount of Un powder on top, and it looks great all day long. Not trying to self-promote, but if that could help, I have a review of the un powder on my blog, http://genuineglow.com/rms-beauty-un-powder/

    • murt

      HI Lilly - yes I have the MUFE HD powder which is what I use to set the un-cover up concealer with (it's also 100% silica, so I think it's the same as the un powder). Still have issues with creasing! It's probably because I use it under my eyes.

      Now that it's getting colder though, I'll give it a try again - my skin is dryer now so maybe I'll have fewer issues.

      • http://genuineglow.com/ Lilly

        @disqus_8SFn65GXev:disqus - I haven't had much success with the Un cover up either, unfortunately. The texture seems not to work for my under eye area, though I am sure that if Rose Marie Swift would apply it on my face it would look flawless! Such a bummer because I love every other RMS Beauty product I have tried, and the Un Powder has worked miracles this past Summer, keeping my T-Zone matte all day long. I just noticed you also left a comment on my blog, I am sorry I didn't reply yet! Will do ;)

  • Sylvie

    So excited to try this! You guys have to test the RMS Beauty Oil too- it is phenomenal!

  • http://styleandsucre.com/ Jerrell // Style & Sucré

    I have to try this! I've been dying to try some (all) of the RMS Beauty products. This one looks fantastic!

  • Marleen

    Just came across RMS after reading Vogue UK's article about mineralized (makeup) products. Can't wait to order and try out some products, especially this one and her Living Luminizer!


  • http://beautybybritanie.com/ beautybybritanie

    This is my new favorite bronzer. I didn't think it would work for my fair skin but it is so incredibly flattering and easy to use! LOVE everything RMS Beauty

  • http://www.iamj.es/ Jes Van Sickle

    Oh my gosh. I am obsessed with RMS Beauty. There are seriously one of the best things to happen to makeup in a long time. I literally own almost every product they make lol.
    The buriti bronzer is the perfect shade for any skintone. I don't know how they managed that, but they did! Great article.