Nadja Bender’s New Tattoos


Leaving the Jason Wu Spring 2014 show on a high of metallic slip dresses, safari suits, “romantic” glitter eyes, and “expensive” hair, we nearly stumbled into model Nadja Bender, who was, as usual, dressed impeccably. And her single-shoulder eyelet top revealed the self-confessed shopaholic’s latest acquisition: new tattoos. Three to be exact, down the back of her forearm, on her inner wrist, and a very Freja-esque round-the-wrist bracelet in what looked like someone's handwriting.

If we can give you any advice—or is it a warning?—it would be that models can pull things off that we mere mortals cannot (case in point: crocs and Hanne Gaby Odiele...OK, Mario Batali can wear them, too). Either way, the Danish beauty was happy to spill the details on her new ink: 

“I just got three tattoos at the same time, done by my friend back in Denmark. I was thinking, ‘You know what, I never have time, so I'm just going to go for all of it.’ Afterwards, I sent my agent a photo of them and she smacked down her computer, got on her bike, and rode straight down to the tattooist. I was like ‘Oopsie!’ [Laughs] One of them is in my friend’s handwriting, and another is in my boyfriend's handwriting. I had him jot it down on a piece of paper, but he didn’t know I was using it for a tattoo, so when he saw it, he said, ‘Oh no! I didn’t even use my pretty writing!’ The one on my wrist says ‘Walk the line,’ which is all about being in balance with everything—not doing too much of this or too much of that—being an ‘in-between’ adult. The other one says ‘To define is to limit.’ And then there's a moon, which I drew myself.”

Nadja Bender photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on September 6, 2013.

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  • Camilla

    Love them!

  • Nicole B.

    Beautiful, I love them!

  • Chrissabella

    that's so pretty

    Greetings from London,

  • Darinka

    Not a fan. She's a model- her skin is perfect the way it is. I get that it's "subtle" and "cool" but I rather look at her skin, not her friends handwriting.

  • Dejhana Waite

    I am avid fan of tastefully done tattoos and I really love those! They seem so dainty and elegant.

    Dejhana | Waite A Little

  • mobeta

    on yeah retouchers love when models tat themselves up…

  • Nicole

    not a fan of the tats but she is adorbs. doesn't look any better on her than a hipster chick.

  • Fel

    These Danish girls rule it. Have I missed a post of Caroline Brasch-Nielsen top shelf (underneath one, middle one and above the top one)? Need some knowledge on what she does to her hair to look like this:

  • Sabrina Rice

    I have a moon tattoo on my wrist that I drew! First tattoo, got it when I was 16 :) and I have a wring of eyes around my right wrist that I drew in an instant and them immediately had done. My husband was shocked!