Dressing Warm, But Staying Cool

Allsaints Harrah Pipe Skinny Pant
Oak Draped Cotton-Jersey Tank
J.Crew Crinkle Stripe Shirt
Acne Rakel Chunky-Knit Angora-Blend Sweater
Isabel Marant Brunella Cashmere Scarf

In case you missed it, the leaves we get to see on the occasional tree-lined street in Manhattan have turned shades of yellow, orange, and red. The air is cold, and Starbucks is doling out the embarrassingly delicious (yes, I jump on this fad-train) Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s Fall. The warmer weather might have lent itself nicely to easy-to-wear sundresses and denim cut-offs, but the lower temperatures, demanding more coverage and hence more clothing, provide decidedly more options. Which, in case you forgot, is what life is about. As such, layering is now the name of the game. It’s not quite winter—your shearling and puffy coats can stay in storage for a few more weeks—but it is certainly time to pull out those heavy sweaters and the not-just-for-flare scarves. Here’s a start:

1. AllSaints Harrah Pipe Skinny Pant: I have a borderline-creepy obsession with leather clothes. I know it’s not necessarily the most P.C. material, but it just looks so good. Every girl should have a pair of leather pants in her closet for the times she wants to look like a biker-gang member. AllSaint’s version is pretty perfect: not too tight (the second-skin approach can verge on trashy), not too boyfriend-y (in which you lose the inherent sexy quality), and, at around $500, one of the most reasonably priced pairs out there.

2. Oak Draped Cotton-Jersey Tank: We all know the woes of walking into a bar and immediately regretting having worn a heavy, long-sleeved shirt. But if you start with a thin tank top base, like Oak’s low-cut gem, you can treat yourself to a breeze in any stuffy situation.

3. J.Crew Crinkle Stripe Shirt: A button-down shirt is hereby invited to join any outfit I'm wearing. It’s the ideal layering piece because it can class you up with the closure of a few buttons and a loose tuck-in, or grunge you down with rolled up sleeves and an open front. This one will work well with all other pieces in play—adding just a bit of 'visual interest' without erring on clash-y.

4. Acne Rakel Chunky-Knit Angora-Blend Sweater: A good chunky sweater is arguably the most important item in your fall wardrobe. But finding one that will keep you warm and looking slim (i.e., not like the Pillsbury Doughboy) is effing hard. Acne’s take on the fisherman sweater is both cozy and cool, and its creamy hue will lighten up tough leather (or dark denim) bottoms.

5. Isabel Marant Brunella Cashmere Scarf: With your tri-layered abdomen nice and toasty, a jacket might be a bit much for this pre-winter chill. Marant's scarf will fend off bone-chilling winds and bring an enlivening personal touch to your layering glory. Also, it's Isabel Marant, so you can't really go wrong.

—Elizabeth Brockway

Photo via Gap.

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    Lovely transitioning, it's essential around this time of year to be able to layer!


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    this bog is amazing!

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    Can anyone provide the products used for the China Vogue photo of Josephine Skriver. Gorgeous. Also love Michelle Williams (future Top Shelf? She never ever talks products.) Thank you!

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All Saints
AllSaints Harrah Pipe Skinny Pant
Oak Draped Cotton-Jersey Tank
J.Crew Crinkle Stripe Shirt
Acne Rakel Chunky-Knit Angora-Blend Sweater
Isabel Marant
Isabel Marant Brunella Cashmere Scarf