Special Effects in The Great Gatsby: Before & After

Want to see a movie about astronauts (potentially) lost in space? Check your local listings (Gravity). How about one featuring superheroes saving New York City from total annihilation? Been made, grossed millions, and got nominated for an Oscar (The Avengers).

In today’s world, when we sit down at the movies, we often expect to spend 90-plus minutes being rocked (sometimes literally) by special effects. In fact, it’s almost a special occasion to see a film without digital bells and whistles (The Artist, you're not getting away scott free!). And though we know that Johnny Depp didn’t really battle skeleton pirates (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl), there are times the line between real and computer-generated becomes blurred, if not utterly beside the point.

Take, for example, Baz Luhrmann’s recent adaptation of The Great Gatsby. Though the director is known for his heavy-handed use of VFX, the story is grounded in a potentially realistic 1920s world, which left us wondering what was actually on set, what was merely enhanced, and what was complete digital fabrication. Well, look no further for the answer. Above, a perspective-shifting clip recently released by the film's VFX supervisor that gives us a peek behind the (computer-generated) curtain.

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  • Everythingisnormal

    Siegfried Kracauer is turning his grave right now.

    • ITGLacey

      Realism isn't everything... sorry, Siegfried

  • http://www.downtownhautefashion.blogspot.com/ Leslie

    Such an awesome video!

    Super cool to see.


  • Emma and Emily

    Ahh I love stuff like this. I usually watch the special effects on DVD's before the movie itself!

  • Lana

    Such an amazing movie. It makes me feel so magical!


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