EOS Lip Balm


It was a dryer-than-dry-ice winter day, and I reached into my bag, only to discover that my lip balm had been stolen. Or it vanished? Or I left it on my desk? Anyway, my lips were en fuego, I was miserable, and there at the King’s Pharmacy counter, were these happy little pastel orbs that read “organic.” Hey.

I held up EOS’s Summer Fruit. “This is lip balm?” I asked no one, slowly and deliberately, while handing over my $2.99. And, oh, was it ever. It soothed, it smelled like peaches, and it tasted a little sweet. It also did not cause the adorable mini breakout that used to accompany my fall/winter lip balm experience. It was weirdly calming to apply, too, like a binkie? Perhaps that’s exactly the sexy-baby vibe Miley was going for around the 0:28 mark, below. Either way, EOS lip balm isn’t greasy, and the vitamin E and shea butter formula makes your lips feel nice and moisturized. It's always easy to find in my bags (I have one in each), and if I ever get shade for using an egg-shaped lip balm, at the end of the day, I'm just bein' Miley.

—Mackenzie Wagoner

Photos by Mathea Millman.

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  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    These are a bit more expensive in the UK, but I'm still interested in trying it, especially the Honeysuckle one :o). Xx


    • Nina

      and WAY more expensive in scandinavia (here they cost like six times as much)! can't believe all the good stuff is so cheap in the US. i guess that's reason enough to move.

      • http://thiskittenhasklaws.wordpress.com/ Catherine Dream


        • Hanna Lauermeier

          or... come to Canada eeeeh :)

          • http://thiskittenhasklaws.wordpress.com/ Catherine Dream

            Haha, a girl I met yesterday tried to convince me I sound Canadian, so yeah, I should probably go. : ))

          • Hanna Lauermeier

            Once you come you may not wan to leave hehe. Although a lot of non northerners hate our weather, plus USA always whips are derrière on having high end stuff, for a gob smacking steal :( So jelly!

  • Emily Knott

    I love the way you write. Every post is such a lovely read.

    I really want to try one of these balms!


  • http://www.downtownhautefashion.blogspot.com/ Leslie

    I was weirded out by the shape at first but when I got past that and tried it I realized they're pretty awesome!


  • Chantel

    Still I haven't this lip balm but I want to. Btw I love that Miley Cyrus song.

  • Laura

    I first tried their sweet mint variety last July, and I really enjoy it. The mint variety reminds me a bit of Burt's Bees.

    A word of advice for those new to EOS: The cover is a TWIST top. I'm embarrassed to admit I spent at least five minutes trying to snap the top off when I first bought it. (In my defense, the thumb indent on the front fooled me into thinking it was a snap off top).

  • Emma and Emily

    I love the eos lipbalms, but I prefer my NUXE reve de miel for a bigger punch of hydration!


  • rachna sharma

    really love these!

  • Nina

    Another reason to love this lip balm...a toddler can put it on himself! Total lifesaver!

    Nina | itsazooatthezoo.blogspot.com

    • Alyson

      Totally agree! I don't know how many moms I've seen pull an EOS out of their purses and their kiddos go to town with it. A coworker told me her son has less aversion to it than regular balm and her stepdaughter finds it endlessly delightful to play with. Ultimate beauty multi-tasker!

  • a.
    • http://thiskittenhasklaws.wordpress.com/ Catherine Dream


  • Maura

    I loved using the eos lip balms until my lips started breaking out in an allergic rash. Not sure what's in them, but something does not agree with my body chemistry. :(

    • Ari

      Me too!!!!! It was terrible. I've tried in multiple seasons and locations to no avail.

  • http://MyLuciteDreams.com/ MyLuciteDreams

    I have read multitudes of positive review for this spherical balm. The design, I love, the waxy and tasty formula Of which I am not a fan. Delicious balms are a recipe for more troubles to come. xx

  • sara

    and the 2013 lip balm of the year goes to EOS :)

  • Natalie Ast

    best part is that they double as cat toys! i don't know how many times mine have ended up on the floor, being tossed around.

  • http://www.onceuponablogbyjulia.com/ Julia Ralston

    I've been wanting to try this lip balm ever since blogger Aimee Song told me she always has one in her handbag. Now that I know it's also approved by Into the Gloss, it's a must!

  • samantha

    I'm a little gun shy to try these again after trying...one of the green ones, I can't recall the name. The scent was so strong after 1 application it gave me a headache and I had to toss it :(


  • http://www.styleplayground.com/ Axelle Blanpain

    I have been obsessed with these lip balms recently. They look cute, smell great and keep your lips moisturized, it doesn't get any better than this! This is becoming such an iconic product!

    Style playground

  • Nicce Columbo

    Buddha Balm better. They just made a special flavor for Steve Aoki called apple agave and it's amazing! Best lip balm ever.

  • Nicole B.

    I am totally addicted to these! The mint one is fantastic.

  • Loren Scutt

    I have way too many of these on the go- they are my crack. I keep a beautiful stash of at least 3 or so in my lip drawer (oddly pleasing to look at). You should pick up the holiday kit if you are interested- it comes with vanilla bean, pomegranate and mint. Great for my purse and a conversation starter on the subway- "what is that nipple shaped thing you are rubbing on your lips?". 7am is way too early to explain my trendy lip balm to the elderly.

    • http://thiskittenhasklaws.wordpress.com/ Catherine Dream

      Haha, THIS comment <3

  • Michelle K. Lee
  • http://hautewriter.tumblr.com/ Susette

    I use this lip balm all the time. It has a unique design, delivers a moisturizing shine, and has a sweet scent guys can't resist.

    --Susette of TrendHungry.com

  • Kristy

    fades way too quickly for me. But I have horrible dry skin no balm can tame (besides that loathsomely expensive Fresh Sugar)

  • Mel

    I tried this balm awhile back and loved it, but found that after using it for a few weeks, my lips became drier than before trying it and somewhat 'dependant' on it. Great packaging though!

  • alanna

    I have about six of these lip balms and I love them!! Costco sells four of them for 12.99 (this is in Canada)

  • leena

    I Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the eos lip balm

  • VNikol

    I love EOS, thought I hit the jackpot when I picked up the 6-pack variety from Costco for $11. Turns out, I love the Sweet Mint flavor only. All the others made me a bit nauseous. Sweet Mint it is..

  • Dizao

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