The Canadian Tuxedo (and Then Some)

J Crew New Nolita Denim Jacket
Frank & Eileen 50s Barry Shirt
Stella McCartney Giselle Charming Lace Bra
Inez & Vinoodh Sapphire & Silver Kiss Necklace
Paige Verdugo Distressed Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans

This past Monday, while some Americans were enjoying a semi-national day off and arguing about the ethics of Columbus Day, Canada was celebrating their Thanksgiving. And Canadians have a lot to be thankful for: Ryan Gosling, Drake, bacon, and, more importantly, a cyclical trend that has come back into favor: the Canadian Tuxedo. It’s the outfit your dad (read: my dad) wore every weekend around the house when a suit wasn’t necessary. And now denim-on-denim has received the stamp of approval from new dad Kanye West [3], which is all you really need to know to understand that something is cool. Give it a chance, and if it’s not your cup of tea, well, blame Canada. Let's shop:

1. J. Crew New Nolita Denim Jacket: Finding the perfect jean jacket is like finding the perfect bra—nearly impossible and once you come across a good one, you’ll never let it go. I’m still wearing the Gap jacket I got in 8th grade. Sure, it now functions as a cropped, snugger version of the oversized one I purchased, but it works. J.Crew’s iteration is reasonably priced (considering how long you’ll have it), the right color (not too dark, not too light), and is slightly worn-in so you won’t look like a total newb.

2. Frank & Eileen 50s Barry Shirt: If you’re layering a chambray shirt under a jean jacket, the trick is to vary the shade of blue and choose a shirt that’s thin enough to keep you from looking like the blue Michelin Man. This shirt is awesome and versatile: roll up the sleeves a little to reveal the inner lightness (of the shirt lining, not your soul, though that, too, I guess) and to break up your monotone ensemble. Be a little risqué and unbutton down to the bottom of your sternum à la Debbie Harry [2].

3. Stella McCartney Giselle Charming Lace Bra: I’m all about wearing a low-cut shirt without going full cleavage-in-your-face/sexy club-girl. But if you’re a bustier broad, it’s tough to let loose without giving everyone a show. Stella McCartney’s bra is best when peeking through. The shelf will give you an extra boost, and the canary hue is a great pop of color against deep-blue denim (the two are almost opposites on the color wheel).

4. Inez & Vinoodh Sapphire & Silver Kiss Necklace: First it was fragrance, and now the famed photo duo has up and collaborated on a small collection of fine jewelry. This delicate oxidized silver necklace won’t compete with the rest of your getup and keeps with the slightly Americana vibe you've got going. (I know, it’s the Canadian tuxedo, but Levi’s is from San Francisco, so, you know, go USA!)

5. Paige Verdugo Distressed Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans: While I do feel a little bit silly buying a pair of pre-distressed jeans, I’ve never been able to naturally grunge up a pair on my own. So I'm going to plunk down the $230 for these ankle-length suckers. Ok?!

And there you have it: our version of the Canadian Tuxedo. We all just blue ourselves.

—Elizabeth Brockway

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  • Jules

    Alliteration is alright, but Texans aren't nearly as polite! ;)
    (P.S. That also rhymed, in case you missed it)
    I'm just so happy for the Canada shout out! We really do rock the denim. Ever been to Alberta in July for a lil something called the Stampede? The denim level is borderline ridiculous (read: amazing).

  • Jessica Lynn

    Well, I live in Canada. And this is very true! My town has always been bursting with a Canadian Tuxedo!!

  • Lucy Apted

    The lace bra, amazee.

  • Hannah

    can we talk about sade's eyebrows please? and lips, and earrings, and braid......

  • theseventhsphinx

    I was JUST wearing this look....I'd forgotten about this particular name for it!

  • Chicon

    As a native Texan, I always thought the Texas Tuxedo was dressy up top, boots on the bottom. I'm so sad to learn I'm wrong. What is the name for that?


J. Crew New Nolita denim jacket
Frank & Eileen
Frank & Eileen 50’s Barry Shirt
Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney Giselle Charming Lace Bra
Inez & Vinoodh
Inez & Vinoodh Sapphire & Silver Kiss Necklace
Paige Verdugo Distressed Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans