Delfina Delettrez’ Blue Plate Special


Delfina Delettrez, you rule-breaker, you. Even when it comes to the physical laws of the universefor instance, gravity—she will not be bound! Out went the skulls, eyes, bugs, and bones of her previous jewelry collections. They were replaced, for spring, with crisp, clear, larger-than-life gems that were no less unsettling. How? On closer inspection, the aqua, amber, and aubergine stones appeared to be floating on mannequin limbs: pearl earrings featured hidden cuffs as additional faux piercings, crystal rings seemed to hover in the space between fingers. And, to top it all off, each piece was displayed on levitating, spinning white dinner plates. And after you walked through the jewelry collection, you were confronted with a long table set with square mirrors, on which various multicolored tubes, jars, and bottles were placed. "Eat up!" her publicist said. It turned out the tubes were filled not with lipstick but with chocolate and strawberry fudge; the jars with Chantilly cream; the perfume spray bottles with gin and tonic; the lip gloss containers with mojitos (muddled mint and all) and Aperol spritzes; and the test tubes with Prosecco and raspberries. Cue the gasp heard ‘round Paris. Delettrez explained: 

“For this collection, I wanted the color of the stones, like quartz and peridot, to really pop out. You are attracted to jewelry the same way you’re attracted to food, right? And I tried to find a way to making even the stones seem to float on the body, using phantom settings to give the effect of levitation. I’m curious, so I’m always looking for the strangest way to look at jewelry. The plates that the jewelry are displayed on are levitating. We used magnets! I just did research like a nerd on my laptop to figure out how. I didn't learn it from science class—I was the worst at school. [Laughs]

Every time I throw parties in Rome, I try to find a theme. This is my 'Vanity' party—the cosmetics packaging filled with desserts and drinks. There’s the 'Gravity' room with the jewelry, and then 'Vanity.' I found this small hotel in Rome who I collaborate with on the food for my parties, and also for this exhibit. They are crazy like me, so it’s fun.  When you enter, you’re always more attracted to this side rather than the other. People all come here and forget about the jewelry. [Laughs]”

Photographed by Emily Weiss at the Delfina Delettrez presentation in Paris on September 30, 2013.

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  • Chantel

    Cool collection.

  • Haint

    I want to know what electric blue eyeliner she used in her photo. ANSWERS, PLEASE.

    • 何建民

      me too

  • nipnip

    man, i love her so bad! if only i had more (or any) money. bestest jewellery of all these last 2 seasons. author pinpointed it. she went from ditsy theme stuff to grown up real ass designs. sososo good!

  • k8

    she is literally everything. can't wait until i can afford some of her stuff, lol