Davines This is An Invisible Serum


I have a [self-diagnosed] 'soft addiction'….to soft things. While others may look forward to fall for the changing leaves, pumpkin-spiced everything, and holidays, I’m in it for the cashmere, velvet, silk, and suede. I may or may not know MoMA’s most direct route to Meret Oppenheim’s fur-covered tea cup, Object. I’ve probably gotten myself onto some government list for sneaking my hands into a drawer of mink scarves at the Louis Vuitton store (worth it). Dear furry puppy leaving the groomer—you’re about to be pet. And, most recently, when I casually tested the new styling cream/serum hybrid from Davines, This is An Invisible Serum, and found that it left my hair so velvety that I actually had trouble not touching it all day, well, the little gold bottle somehow fell off of my desk and into my purse—it was mine.

The straightforward label reads: “This is an invisible serum; It’s for satiny, tousled looks.” Just a pea-size drop of the slightly tart, cherry blossom-scented product on freshly washed hair (wet or dry) imparts the slightest bit of hold, moisture, and heft without really weighing things down or making your 'do feel product-y. Less oily than a serum, and less sticky than a traditional styling cream, Davines hits an in-between sweet spot for that lived-in, Kate-Moss-drinking-coffee-with-Johnny-Depp type coif, no matter how you plan to style it. The true winning factor (aside from it making your hair feel like lamb's ear and smell like this) is that the next day, you don't really need to wash your locks to rid them of any residual gunk. Which means you can bask in the glory that is second-day hair. This must be what they mean by "invisible."

—Mackenzie Wagoner

Photos by Mathea Millman.

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  • Nina

    Omg, cutest packaging ever! Love the look of the new Davines styling line.

    • http://www.davines.com/ Davines

      Thank you @disqus_khkFA1VfAW:disqus!

  • therealblonde

    Does this mean my HG, their Glossy Putty for Wizards, is discontinued???!!!

  • http://www.davines.com/ Davines

    Hi @e005736e2ad97d552c88a38871f89e2d:disqus! Barneys has our products as do Davines salons across the City! You can also order from Birchbox. Be careful though as there are many "diverter" sites that illicitly sell products we cannot verify are official.



    Hope that helps! Thanks!

    • lou

      so wait, is the site provided in the article above official?

      • hbrooksh

        It's out of stock at the moment, so I guess we have some time to find out.

    • Lynn

      The website where the product is linked to in the article above shows that it is in stock and available to order. http://www.fashionandbeautystore.com - is this site an official retailer?

    • Vanessa

      Davines, i thought you mentioned in one of your comments that all authentic Davines products are sold only though authorized Salons. If that is true why do Barneys and Birchbox are selling these products, they are NOT salons or have professional hair dressers working for them? i guess what i really want to know is what it takes for the online store to be authorized to sell your products.

      • http://www.davines.com/ Davines

        @01b708c1c9d2727d0ca4852a2e993165:disqus, it is true that Birchbox & Barneys are the ONLY two authorized online retailers of our products. We have special relationships with them. No other retailer is authorized to sell Davines products online.

        Other than that, yes Davines is ONLY available at Davines Salons nationwide!

        Hope that helps! Thank you!

        <3 @disqus_93MdCgUgsm:disqus

    • Selin

      Hi there! I'm from Istanbul and just ordered thisisaninvisibleserum from http://www.bakimstore.com (an online Turkish cosmetics and beauty products vendor)
      I hope it's not fake :(

  • Leana

    Now another thing has been added to my list of must-gets! It sounds amazing. http://www.lipstickjunkie.com

  • Lana

    SERIOUSLY it is nowhere!

    • K

      Check Pasteur Pharmacy if in NYC. They have the most complete selection of Davines I've ever seen.

      • Lana

        Not in NYC. Blah! Thanks though.

        • http://www.davines.com/ Davines

          @disqus_AoMLHgBSaM:disqus did you get our message below? Takamichi Hair in the Bowery has the entire 'More Inside' line right now!

  • Alexandra

    I got so excited about this (exactly what I have been looking for) and went immediately to purchase it, but no one sells it online. Couldn't even find a store locator on Davines website. The links provided by Davines does not sell this particular product. Disappointing.

  • Leetoki

    If Davines are still monitoring this feed - Is this beautiful baby available in Australia yet? In particular, Melbourne? I left my Sydney Davines HD with a heart full of regret.

  • http://www.davines.com/ Davines

    Sharon Macklin , haints , Lana , K , lou , hbrooksh , Alexandra , Jessy Bill l...first thank you all so much for the love and your comments!

    'More Inside' is a brand new line, literally on its way to salons nationwide as we speak. Any site you see selling any product from 'More Inside', other than Birchbox or Barney's, is an UNAUTHORIZED diverter site and the product is most likely NOT REAL.

    If you'd like, please tell us where you are in the Country (city, state) and we will find the salon closest to you that has received their shipment of 'More Inside' and give you their website and phone number! Please note that you can also MESSAGE us on our facebook page with your information at any time and we'll respond there as well! More salons receive their shipments every day.

    For NYC locals, Takamichi Hair in the Bowery we can confirm has the 'More Inside' line available now! http://www.takamichihair.com/hours-and-direction

    Thank you again so much and please accept our apologies for any confusion or frustration.


    ❤ ~ Davines

    • http://www.davines.com/ Davines

      @sharonmacklin:disqus, @e005736e2ad97d552c88a38871f89e2d:disqus, @disqus_AoMLHgBSaM:disqus, @69a0fce77f6a290abfede5f06b54c282:disqus, @8b4fb52901532828424501337f14cf77:disqus, @c4d9066da668057d52b2f1eb9267de76:disqus, @812900c46503309f3a211450c4ec4db2:disqus, @jessybill:disqus

    • Eliza

      Do you know when Barneys will carry this product online? They have a wide range, but it doesn't look like they have the new line yet.

    • Lana

      Hello! I am in Gainesville, Florida and want to find an authorized retailer who sells it here, or where I could buy it online? Thank you lovely Davines!! <3 <3 <3

  • karolina525

    Totally agree! Worth every penny :)


Davines This is an Invisible Serum