BSB’s ‘As Long As You Love Me’

Today, the phrase “As Long as You Love Me” is most likely a reference to last year’s pre-spiral Bieber hit, but let’s not forget the origin of those six little words—yes, we’re slowing it down and taking it way back to 1998 with the always-touching Backstreet Boys tune. Go ahead and feel a little older, because that ditty (written by none other than Max Martin) turned 15 yesterday.

Theirs was a poignant tale of a smitten gentleman expressing deep feelings for a mystery woman—and he didn’t care who she was, as long as she loved him, bay-bay (fun fact: underrated hottie Brian Littrell met his now-wife on the music video’s set). After this not-so-long decade-and-a-half, so many things about the ALAYLM video have become clear: first, that the hair situation is one that should never be repeated. Whether it was Brian’s of-the-moment Caesar cut and bizarrely long sideburns or Nick’s impossibly smooth, center-parted, probably bleached bowl cut, some things are better left in the last millennium.

But the fashion? That’s another story: it's high time we brought back silk shirts, coordinating ensembles, and oversized hoop earrings for boys (modeled beautifully here by both AJ and Kevin). And until their documentary comes to the big screen, we might just retire our painted-on skinny jeans in favor of baggy  chair-dance-ready denim while we listen to BSB on repeat.

P.S. Shout out to Howie D. (also, why the "D."? There was only one Howie…) for the impeccable and butterfly-inducing wink at the 1:07 mark.

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  • Chrissabella

    Hhaha great post ... my room was plastered with BSB posters :)

    Greetings from London,

  • heather adair

    aw, those jeans are giant - !
    hard to beat their appearance in Heaven in "This Is the End" -- if Heaven is nothing but a live-action BSB video complete with white satin outfits: count me in.

  • Leslie

    Omg, this is going to get stuck in my head now! Lol,
    Loved these song!

  • LeeLee

    Haha, BSB I loved them!

  • Nadia

    Oh...I love the BSB & I still do now...

    They are one of my favourite Boybands... =)

    Reminiscing the days when I was still in in my teens listening to the BSB songs...

  • Natalie Gossett

    Thank you for making my day!

  • Alyssa Martinez

    The original version of that song is still the best... and gosh, I did felt old when you said that song is now 15 years old! Hahaha... It seems like it was not that long time ago when my room was full of boyband posters xD

  • anywhereivy

    I am still crazy about BSB!!!!!!!

  • Harlowrose

    I was never into boy bands, but I remember this song played for-eva.

  • DreamInLace

    I love that you made a throwback post to BSB. I still consider my a BSB fan for life! haha



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