Tom Pecheux on Makeup Journeys


The true meaning of fashion week, like the true meaning of Christmas, is so easily lost in the mix of consumerism and the circus-like parade of events. But leave it to makeup artist Tom Pecheux to remind us what it's really all about—fresh starts, a chance to redefine yourself, experiment, and, perhaps, see yourself a little differently. That's especially true backstage in hair and makeup, where looks both extreme (the "castaway" wet-hair look at 3.1 Phillip Lim, purple lips at Prabal Gurungand minimal (the mascara-less smoky eye at Jason Wu, the architectural cat eye at Derek Lam) can propel you out of your comfort zone and into a braver, bolder, and arguably better new future.

As Pecheux explains it, “One of the most exciting things about fashion week is that the models get to try so many different looks—each day is a new show with different makeup. When you are young, you don't necessarily know who you are. I think for them it is such a learning experience to see themselves in a different way in front of a mirror. They discover a new part of themselves that they never saw before, whether it’s through not wearing mascara, or trying blue eye shadow, crazy David Bowie makeup, or a red lipstick. I remember giving Gisele Bündchen red lips for the first time many years ago at a Prada show. She freaked out because she was so scared. She was like, ‘No, you can't do that to me. Red lipstick doesn't look good on me.’ So I told her, let’s try it and if you don't like it, I will go see Miuccia Prada. We managed to find something that she was comfortable with, and she trusted me, because she is a lovely friend of mine. I did a lip and gave the rest of her face a very subtle contour—not sharp—in taupes. Everything was soft. She said, ‘Wow, this is the first time I have worn a lip and I love it.’ I think it's great that we have the power to be able to bring girls on these different journeys. It’s wonderful to be able to share and show girls the different aspects of what I love to do.”

So, keep the Bioderma Créaline on hand and experiment. Really, what do you have to lose?

All photos of Prada 2001 backstage  from

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  • babs

    "The true meaning of fashion week, like the true meaning of Christmas"

    This is why Into the Gloss stands out among every single beauty & fashion blog out there.

    I totally agree that fashion week is about new starts & experimenting - your fashion weeks posts always inspire me to try something new! This time around it's the Rodarte eyeliner.

  • Guest

    What is the lipstick she is wearing?

  • Sarah

    It's not really red, at least not in this picture. It's dark coral. But it's beautiful. Yes, we are interested in the shade, now you can tell what it is ;-)

  • AKM

    wow, what a diva! I'm glad she went with it in the end, it looks so beautiful on her, glad she got over herself. And yes, what is that color?! :-)

  • AKM

    Yes but are those tons of women models? What you are talking about is personal preference, I am totally down with that. What I am referring to is the fact that she was being paid to bring to life the image of the brand, which included red lipstick.

    • beeswaxnoneofyour

      It is sort of funny, isn't it - such a minor thing to fuss about, considering it's your job - considering there have been some seriously unflattering makeup looks all the models have had to wear in the past. I've never felt blue or green lipstick and that flattened out/greasy soaked to your head hair look was flattering to anyone. Or that Viktor & Rolf? show where they painted the girls' faces completely red (I think that was the one where Lindsay Wixon's face ballooned with a reaction to the makeup?). Only Gisele would have been able to get away with saying no. I would imagine any no-name model would have gotten the sack.

    • naty

      Maybe this speaks to the fact that back in the day, models weren't just paid to show up and put clothes on and look like slightly quirky versions of their peers. That's why they were so highly paid and in demand; why they were the "supers," so to speak. They had more say so, and people expected them to speak up.

  • janet

    Gaining a new perspective in front of the mirror is a learning experience at any age--even if you already know who you are.
    That's why I wish I could make it to MAC tomorrow!

    • janet

      Oops, I meant Nars.

  • emmie

    I was just watching these pictures prior to fall's fashion weeks although they are a decade old.
    I like this red lip colour, especially on Bridget Hall, wish I knew the brand.

  • Jacqueline Jax

    Fashion itself is like a fresh start. Who doesn't feel like rearranging their whole closet after a major shopping spree? Im thinking inspired new pairings, motivation to exercise, and experimental beauty looks to go with the new you. What girl doesn't go through this process when a fresh new season of looksnhitnthe runway. Xoxo, Jax http://www.Jaxcouture,com

  • lovie

    What is the lipstick she is wearing?



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