The Future of Nail Care


En route to my Labor Day vacation (the pre-fashion-week equivalent of a 'babymoon'), I did an unthinkable, deplorable, special-place-in-Hell-for-people-like-me kind of thing: I took off my nail polish on the plane. You may be wondering, am I so self-involved that I didn't have an ounce of compassion for my fellow passengers? Is it not enough that they've been robbed of their leg room—must they also be denied breathable air? Hold your judgments! I was erasing my chipped manicure using RGB’s scentless soy-based, acetone-free Nail Color Remove Pads. Yes, scentless. Welcome to the future, ladies. We’ve arrived.

The travel-friendly, individually-wrapped towelettes are soaked with just enough formula to clean ten fully-coated fingers without alerting a single nostril to their function. However, in favor of not drying out your cuticles, they do leave your hands a little oily. Which means that unless you remembered to pack our highly-recommended Mustela wipes in your carry-on dopp kit (help us help you!), they will require you to wake your neighbors so you can get up and wash your hands.

While we wait for scentless nail polish to be invented (because, honestly, wouldn’t planes be the most ideal locale for a self-manicure? You have countless hours of forced sitting, you have an overhead spotlight…), there has been another advancement in the world of nail care: nail perfume! Strangebeautiful’s quick-drying, glossy, clear Richly Perverse is not your average preteen candy-scented vernis. Instead, SB is an eau de parfum that will mask the I-just-got-a-manicure-on-my-lunch-break odor with an edgier tobacco and leather floral that, after about ten minutes, peters out to smelling like you just have freshly-washed hands, rather than a perfume cloud on your digits.

Now I ask you: Has there ever been a better time to be a woman? Patriarchy is apparently dead, and you can do your nails (almost) anywhere. What's next, a lady president (actually...maybe)? Until then, I won't sweat my last-minute manicure, I'll avoid the urge to ask people to smell my nails, and in the event of an emergency, I always have an RGB pad.

—Mackenzie Wagoner

Photographed by Mathea Millman. 

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  • Alice Bradshaw

    I don't know if i will adopt the nail perfume. It's strange... But funny !


  • bluesky557

    I'm all for being healthy/organic/green whenever possible, but nail polish remover is one of those things where (to me) it's not worth it. If you want a remover that works, and works fast and well, use the acetone.

  • Guest

    I have never found an acetone-free polish remover that actually works, and I have tried many. So I'm going to pass on this. As far a doing one's nails (r any other personal grooming) on the plane goes, scent or no scent, I think that's tacky.

    • bluesky557

      I actually think that perfume-scented polish would be just as awful as regular scented polish in an enclosed environment like an airplane. Many people have fragrance allergies or sensitivities. I think even wearing perfume on a plane is kind of rude.

  • Emily

    That bottle is so amazing.

  • Katy Scarlett

    I tried painting my nails on a recent flight to Turkey and was swiftly told off by the air hostess. Apparently you can't paint your nails on a plane..

  • Sugartits

    Nail polish srips = Scentless nail polish!

  • Michelle Lee

    already have a woman president here in Korea :) anyways interesting products!
    i so want that scentless nail polish remover pad!

  • Yumi Rae

    I believe the brand Aquarella claim to be scent free!

  • in my humble opinion

    I'd like to recommend Mavala's (acetone free) Nail Polish Remover Pads- the downside is that it leaves your hands oily, the upside is that it's a fraction of RGB's cost of a similar product. But I suppose that's better than your nails and skin being dried out...and you dry heaving from the scent. Mavala is great with nail care in general, so I'd check it out.