The Fashion Week Uniform

Base Range Lady Racer-Back Stretch-Bamboo Bra
BLK DNM High Waisted Legging Jeans
Repetto Cendrillon Leather Ballet Flats
Alexander Wang Prisma Leather Wallet
Stila 'Stay All Day' Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Fashion Week has descended upon New York (in case you haven’t seen, heard, read, etc.), and as much as we like to see all the crazy outfits that pop up on all the street-style blogs, there is an unofficial uniform for the in crowd, and it will never go out all black everything. Everyone looks good in black, for starters; it's slimming, and it makes it that much harder to tell whether you're repeating an outfit. Also, it's just chic. You sort of blend into the background, but in the best way possible. So, for this NYFW, we’re turning back to black. Our monochromatic picks below:

1. Base Range Lady Racer-Back Stretch-Bamboo Bra: Comfort is a must when it comes to your boobs, but a cozy bra is about as hard to find as a good toupée (particularly for us fuller-chested women), but new Net-A-Porter brand Base Range offers soft-cup stretch bras that are perfect for any visible-underwear situation (i.e., when your bra shows through your white t-shirt on purpose. It's a thing, Mom, I swear).

2. BLK DNM High Waisted Legging Jeans: Praise the trend gods for bringing high-waisted jeans back into style. Aren’t you tired of whale-tailing it? The belly-button-height pant is your savoir. BLK DNM’s classic legging jeans have 1% spandex in the cotton to provide just enough stretch to eliminate any stomach suffocation and allow plenty of bending movement. Plus, it never hurts to look just a little bit like Sandy from the final scene of Grease, am I right?

3. Repetto Cendrillon Leather Ballet Flats: After a long day hoisted up on high heels, it’s always a welcome gift to slip on some comfortable ballet flats. While these Repetto ones are unfortunately not available in vending machines (a fad that has inexplicably not caught on here), just pack them in your bag for later, or opt for an all-day flat look á la Audrey.

4. Alexander Wang Prisma Leather Wallet: For a night out, sometimes you want to break free from clutter and just live minimally, taking only what you need: a $20, a credit card, your phone, and keys (maybe a little chapstick, concealer, mints…). Wang’s “wallet” is big enough to fit everything, so that your pockets aren't overflowing with the extras.

5. Stila 'Stay All Day' Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner: A little black swipe above your lashline is an instant eye-opener. While mastering the cat-eye can be tough, Stila’s marker-like applicator makes it all the easier, leaving you with a matte finish that won't transfer onto your upper lid or start running under your eyes.

–Elizabeth Brockway

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  • MsDenbi

    I love the black jeans. Definitely loving that French style.

  • Bella

    This is my every day uniform. I just had a mini orgasm. I love all black!

  • Rebecca

    I'm liking the Alexander Wang leather wallet. It's true that good black pieces can be worn over and over - nobody notices + it always looks elegant!

  • Chrissabella

    Great post and even tough I am a sucker for color and prints an all black outfit is just pure classic!

  • blushingincolor

    The look is great! I would love to have to use it during fashion week :)

  • CarolinaG

    Love your blog!

    I'm posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • Cat

    All black is my standard go-to, for all of the reasons you mentioned in the post, but doing so often makes me feel like a lazy, unimaginative cop-out. Thanks for affirming my officially chic uniform!


Base Range
Base Range Lady Racer-Back Stretch-Bamboo Bra
BLK DNM High Waisted Legging Jeans
Repetto Cendrillon Leather Ballet Flats
Alexander Wang
Alexander Wang Prisma Leather Wallet