The Fashion Week Snack Plan


It’s no state secret that fashion month week more closely resembles a marathon than a quick dash (only sneakers are usually replaced with heels). So while we race from gallery to post office to pier, we have to remind ourselves of the basics: rest, breathe, and eat, lest Tic Tacs become the only things we have the chance to consume all day. (Or, olives and Champagne...)

In the interest of staying satiated, mentally alert, and keeping our skin glowing like Altuzarra’s SS14 metallics, we asked Lauren Gerrie—Marc Jacobs’ personal chef and co-founder of fashion’s boutique catering company of choice, Big Little Get Together—for her tips on what every healthy, hustling working wo(man) should carry for a full day of prep-free, flavorful, on-the-go nutrition.

To-Go Ware Portable Utensils: "These are teeny enough to fit in almost every bag, great for the planet, and enable you to eat anything anywhere."
BKR Water Bottle: "Staying hydrated is extremely important for your health and for energy. I find that if I'm carrying a water bottle, then I am reminding myself to keep drinking. Plus we have great water in NYC, there is NO NEED for all those plastic water bottles."
Clean Well Natural Hand Sanitizer: "This stuff smells great, doesn't dry your hands out, and is key for all those networking hand shakes.... not to mention germs lingering in cabs and subways."

Go Raw Banana Bread Flax Bar or Go Raw Live Pumpkin Bar
"Digestion-promoting, readymade breakfasts."
Whole Foods Cacao, Almond, Raisin, Blueberry, and Coconut Cluster: "I love these so much. The cacao is full of antioxidants and vitamins that make it worthy of being called a 'superfood.' Paired with yummy berries and almonds, this is a great Whole Foods mix that could just as easily be made at home."
Navitas Naturals Citrus Chia Superfood Power Snack: "These chewy chunks of goodness pair nature’s candy (dates) with chia, maca, and protein-rich cashews and sesame seeds, to give you an energy boost."
Go Raw Spirulina Super Chips: Spirulina’s flavor isn’t for everyone, but these cracker ‘cookies’ balance it perfectly. These are sweets that give you protein, regulate cholesterol, and boost your immunity with blue-green freshwater algae.
Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps:  "Pretzels are my go-to crunchy, salty snack. These guys are light, thin, and oh so good. Fat-free and low in calories, whether you are size 0 or size 10, that is always good news.
Sea Snax: You don't have to eat yogurt or drink kombucha to get probiotics. Seaweed snacks are crisp, ocean-y mouthfuls of flavor with all of the health benefits of algae."

Juice Press 14 Hours: "This cold-pressed red apple and maca drink is a ridiculously delicious substitute for coffee. It’s such an instant jolt of energy, it should come with a warning."
Harmelss Harvest 100% Raw Coconut Water: "Extremely hydrating, low in calories, and cholesterol-free—not to mention it has more potassium than four bananas. This is a miracle drink, in my opinion."
Juice Press Volcano: "When you’re burning the candle at both ends (and going in and out of air conditioning), this combo of ginger, lime, cayenne, and oil of oregano packs a serious punch to keep your immune system strong."

Avocado: "Yes, it is a high-fat food, but this natural fat works twofold—phytosterols and polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols (usually found in ocean life) help with anti-inflammation, and the high concentration of oleic fatty acids (like olives or olive oils) helps with digestion. Meanwhile, in honor of your skin, you’ll be consuming vitamin A, the amino acid Glutamine, and antioxidants... Cut an avocado in half, remove the pit, then put the pit back in to keep the avocado from oxidizing. Sprinkle salt/pepper/togarashi (Japanese chili) and put the entire fruit in a zip lock bag. When you’re ready to eat it, pop out the pit and go to town on your pre-marinated spoonfuls of delight."
Blueberries: "Ready-to-go and packed full of anti-wrinkle antioxidants for a forever-young face."

Cedar's Black Bean Salad: "I love making my own bean salads because they are a great source of protein and extremely filling—a little goes a long way. Cedar's pre-made Black Bean Salad is great on-the-go because it's an ideal portion size and the seasoning is spot on. I personally like things extra spicy so I add a touch of Sriracha or togarashi for additional heat."
Juice Press Cracko del Jacko: "This shit is called 'crack' for a reason. It's salty, sweet, and satisfying! The only downside is it is hard to not eat the entire bag, so I encourage you to share with your fashion friends, or to only take the day’s ration with you. Cashews also support your immune system to combat all of those double-kiss floating germs."
Juice Press Flax Crackers: "These addictive, savory crackers are full of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and spices that aid in digestion and are true-blue friends to your skin—flax acts as an anti-inflammatory and increases skin’s moisture and tone. You will need toothpicks, though, because the little seeds sneak between your teeth."

There you have it: just add toothpicks.

Photos by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • Emma

    Love seeing nutrition features on ITG! Just FYI, the amino acid in avocado is called glutamine.

  • Sulee

    I love shimichi togarashi! It's traditionally used on ramen but I use it on pizza and other foods. It's not too spicy and also has orange peel in it.

  • Holly Skelton

    Love these snacks - Blueberries and Avocado are essentials even when it's not fashion week! Holly xx

  • sophie

    makes me hungry but im in bed shit

  • ITGNick

    You're right. Our bad--text amended!

  • TSC

    Great to see ITG promoting glowing skin through a healthy diet! Not sure what she means by "great water," but I always use filtered or spring because the chlorine and chemicals in tap water are NOT beautifying or good for your system. Otherwise, looove all these snacks! In fact, I had a GoRaw spirulina bar today post soul-cycle :)