Nivea Creme


After a quick peek at today's Top Shelf, one thing is clear: Catherine Walsh has fantastic hair. Why? The woman gives new meaning to "silver fox." How? Nivea Creme. Yes, the Coty, Inc. executive (whose career-making moment, she'll tell you, was signing up J.Lo to her first fragrance deal. Remember Glow?!) relies on the classic, $6 drugstore hand and body cream to achieve piecey perfection.

Walsh explained: “After I wash and towel-dry my hair—I never blow-dry it—I put in Nivea Creme. It doesn’t work on all hair types, but mine is very thick, and it adds a nice sheen and separated texture… After I get out of the shower, I use the cream all over my body, then, I take as much in my hands as if I was just going to moisturize, rub it between my palms, and use it to shape my hair. It doesn’t feel like anything's in your hair—it’s not stiff like other styling products.”

Truth be told, we were a bit skeptical of her method, but a few of us gave it a try (Nick and Elizabeth, specifically), and let us tell you: this is one of the weirder, but most awesome, beauty tricks we've learned in a while. Though Walsh recommends using it on damp hair, we found the cream works just as well, if not better, on dry hair. For Nick, whose hair texture/length/style is strikingly similar to Ms. Walsh's, it added definition without the weight or greasy shine of most pomades. Sure, while applying the white substance, there's a fleeting moment of panic in which you fret that your hair is going to take on a ghostly sheen...but it doesn't.

Another note: this stuff is definitely appropriate for those with long tresses, if you're after that subtly stringy, slightly greased, '90s-grunge hair. On several occasions, Elizabeth's gotten preeettyyy close to Kurt Cobain bed head. Catherine Walsh, our grunge-hair savior. Who would've thought.

Photos by Mathea Millman.

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  • murt

    I've done this too for years - I don't use Nivea, but any hand cream or heavy moisturizer I happen to be using at the moment works. The best ones for this trick are the cremes that have glycerin and/or lanolin in them, but even something like aloe vera gel can add a nice texture to hair.

  • theseventhsphinx

    Putting this little piece of data into my pocket for later...

  • Pia Bergman

    I remember my mom putting Nivea in her hair since I was a kid! She has extremely curly dark hair that she kept in a bob and chemically straightened at home. To style her hair she always used Nivea to get a piecey 90's look. Never thought this would be on ITG!

  • Chantel

    Great post, I have never tried this product before.

  • Noisy Rain

    Wow, that's such a good trick! I've got quite thick hair so I might try it ;) xx

  • Madison Bryan

    German Nivea Creme is where it's at!

  • Nomadic D.

    My mind has officially been blown. Totally trying this. If this works it'd be a real game changer...

  • janet

    It looks as though Ms. Walsh uses the Nivea in the tin which has different ingredients. Purists may want to chime in here, but the original is harder to come by in the US and, I believe, often preferred.

    • eastvillagesiren

      You're absolutely right. Best to try to get the Euro version; I've used or similar sites; ships some Euro-versions of Nivea, Eucerin, etc. to the U.S.

  • Cindy John Evans

    My understanding is that Josh Harry used/uses this trick for Gisele's hair....

  • blushingincolor

    Sounds unbelievable! But I really don't like the smell of the Nivea not shure if I'm going to try this :) Maybe out of curiosity...

  • Jay

    Thanks for that tip! I have a travel sized container in my purse- I am definitely going to pull it out and try this later.

  • Leslie

    haha! Awesome post! I would never think to use Nivea in my hair. I might have to try it to see for myself! <3

  • frida

    yep, the mexican nivea is cheap PALES in comparison to the german one. Corporations always looking to make a buck (and cheat their customers)>

  • Whitney

    My hairdresser does this with Cetaphil cream! Works wonders for my short and bleached hair and budget-friendly too; even my boyfriend has started borrowing the tub.

  • hclsaltaicd

    Nivea cream is filled with really bad stuff!