Lynn Yaeger, Fashion Journalist


“I started doing this look a really long time ago, inspired by things like silent movies and dolls. It was what I was drawn to, aesthetically, and it spoke to me. I think it suited me better than a lot of other makeup did. I used to wear MAC Veruschka on my lips, but then MAC discontinued it. I told them I would do a personal order and that they had to make it for me. [Laughs] But apparently the smallest order they could produce was 400,000 or something, so they said, 'We can fix this' and gave me a tutorial. It was a whole drama. They sent me a lot of colors to try to replace it, but now I use a lip pencil—MAC Nightmoth.

For my cheeks, I use a lipstick. I don’t know what color it is, but it’s one of the shades they thought might replace the Veruschka. It lasts forever because I only use a little bit. I dab it on and then rub it in with my fingers... Well, first I moisturize with Nivea, then I put T. LeClerc foundation on, and then I put the dots on my cheeks. I dust T. LeClerc powder on top of everything. I like T. LeClerc because I like that metal case it comes in. Over time, I'd say my lips have gotten darker and the whole thing has gotten bolder.”

I dye my hair with henna, and I do it myself.  It’s really vibrant now because I did it two days ago for Fashion Week. It fades, so I have to re-do it every four weeks."

—as told to ITG

Lynn Yaeger photographed by Mackenzie Wagoner at Prabal Gurung Spring 2014 in New York on September 7, 2013.

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  • beeswaxnoneofyour

    And yet MAC made 6 tubes of Ruffian Red for Lauren Santo Domingo after their LE for the brand?

    • kneelbeforetigers

      That's lame to hear... Lynn Yaeger is a LEGEND. Give her the lipstick she needs, MAC!!!!

    • sara

      Maybe it's because Ruffian Red came out in the last 2-3 years so it's easier to produce?

  • Joana Gomes

    Amazing to learn these things :D

    Love, When You Dream Big

  • marshmellows

    i see her all over NYC and she is so striking! She is a permanent style fixture in the city!

  • Jane S.

    One of the few remaining fashion eccentrics with truly original style. Love her and her always excellent writing.

    • mlle p

      I completely agree. After the loss of Anna Piaggi, Isabella Blow, and others, there are few in the fashion hierarchy who are so imaginative and independent.
      Thanks for this post.

    • k8

      ikr......i'm so sick of all the fashion gurus/bloggers/whatever that all look exactly the same as everyone else in the front row now..... we need more lynn yaegers to keep fashion interesting!

  • Chrissabella

    Great post and love her individuality

    Greetings from London,

  • Guest

    I love this! She made her face, she made her career, she made her life. Total inspiration!

  • Jacqueline Fonte

    I've seen her around the city quite a bit and I love her style!

    And I never would have guessed Henna. In fact, I totally thought this was MP's RocknRoll.

  • That’s Not My Age

    Lynn Yaeger is fabulous! I often see her at London Fashion Week.

  • Margret Hunt



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Nivea Creme
T. LeClerc
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