Langley Fox Hemingway Walks Marc Jacobs



You asked me to tell you about my experience [as look #2] at Marc Jacobs last night, so here goes:

Well, to begin with, walking in a fashion show has always been one of my biggest fears. I was really surprised when I was asked to do the show, so I can't really tell you why I was picked. I feel like Marc Jacobs enjoys people that have obscure looks, but, I mean, I don't know if I am that obscure. All I know is the room was filled with fascinating faces, each with specific, 'weird' characteristics—but maybe that's just a model thing... Anyway, I spent the days leading up to the show wondering if I was actually doing this; it has been a whirlwind of emotions. And I was told you never really know if you'll be in it until you're actually on the runway, so I kept telling myself I wasn't in it. Then, when I had my final fitting—and, an hour later, was scheduled to be in hair and makeup—reality finally clicked in and panic took over in bad that I was shaking and nervously eating in the corner by myself (also, some press dude thought it was funny and started filming me). In terms of the 'look,' the makeup was kept pretty simple other than the liner—some girls had blue and others had green eyeliner put at the edges of the eyes and slightly smeared outwards with a whole lot of mascara. By keeping the rest of the face clean, the eyes really made a statement. Especially with our short blonde wigs with dark roots and the boyish silhouettes of the clothes, it was kind of an androgynous look. But back to my nerves: I was pretty bad up until we had a rehearsal and I realized I knew how to walk in a straight line (!) and I really wasn't doing anything that difficult. From then on, I was pretty chill. The moment of the show was great—I just kept staring at the back of the girl's head in front of me, pretending as though I wasn't in front of a massive amount of people (to my advantage, I tricked myself pretty efficiently). Also, the model in front of me was the cutest little creature-like girl, and there's nothing I love more than a weird character, so I was easily distracted. All in all, I'm really stoked I did it and I'm even considering that hair cut....



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  • Stacey Nishimoto

    are shooting film these days? beautiful

  • Tori

    another great post. would love to see a "how to" for facial massage and for top shelves, lake bell and any of fashion week's best models

  • petal and plume

    i love this glimpse into her personal experience -- what a beauty! i am sure she did brilliantly.

  • Guest

    Love reading about this from the model's perspective. But as to that haircut -- don't!!

  • jen main

    does anyone know what the blue eyeliner is please? Its absolutely gorgeous!