Masked Madames at Givenchy Spring 2014


Pat McGrath: “It is amazing. We wanted to let the mind travel. We were thinking of the future, of Africa, and we wanted it to be exquisitely jeweled. What we came up with is insane—starting with the base, we layered paint, glitter, crystals secured with eyelash glue, and then gauze and plastic. It took nine hours to come up with. We tried it in every color over the course of a few days and then solidified all the colors for a few days. For the show, we started putting the makeup on at nine in the morning and we were done at seven-thirty—only half an hour before the show!”

Photos via Instagram, courtesy Riccardo Tisci, Giovanna Battaglia, Greg Kessler, and FashionAndFlatWhites

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  • blushingincolor

    So weird and alien like....Just can't stop looking at it. What is this magic??

  • Jacqueline Fonte

    this feels like fashion's take on twilight's vampire-y diamond skin in the best way humanly possible!

  • Anna Maria V Turcato

    Well, reminds me a lot of Margiela's masks.....

  • Emily Rose

    This is so beautiful and very cool x

  • Lana


  • mlle p

    Beautiful job, Pat McGrath and team! I was not too keen on the clothes in this collection but loved this part of it for the runway.

  • clo

    blemish coverage on a whole new level..

  • Cath

    Great job Pat McGrath! The shining, shimmering mask is definitely something! Like the boutique I know who sells really great stuffs of designers named ParlourX

  • Alexa

    Looking from an artistic point of view - wow. Simply amazing. Eye catching and like a breath of fresh air. Glamour on a new level!