Elin Kling Nails It

Elin Kling photographed by Emily Weiss

Elin Kling is one of the most stylish women I know. Not in the street-style kind of way—in fact, I don't think I've ever seen her in a color or a print. Elin has the best 'pieces.' She is a master picker of pieces: the perfect black watch, a spot-on '90s black-satin mule, or a featherlight black cashmere V-neck sweater from not Vuitton, not Stella, not Marc Jacobs, but Joseph. (I now get emails alerts for new Joseph items from Net-A-Porter.) Seriously, check out this girl's Top Shelf: it's like a case study for the perfect 'fashion person no-makeup makeup.' Sephora should box it all up in a Céline bag and sell it as a set. Her most recent beauty acquisition struck me as surprising and then immediately elicited a gimme that reaction: the murky bordeaux polish on both her nails and her toes, popping off against the all-black ensemble she wore front row at Alexander Wang on Saturday. "I've been wearing this polish all summer," she told me. "Normally I always go for natural or a lighter manicure, but I was very into a darker polish. It gives a luxury edge. It's the perfect 'non-color' and works with everything you wear." The shade in question? Chanel #18 Rouge Noir. I'll take it.

—Emily Weiss

Also! Check out Elin's newly redesigned website. Nearly as chic as the woman herself. 

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  • http://fancylauren.blogspot.com/ Lauren Ashley

    gorgeous, I'm so excited fro the return of the dark nail.

  • Marion

    I've been wearing the same color all summer, too! So elegant. Maybe it's the oxblood trend that's in the air for fall ...

  • http://genuineglow.com/ Lilly

    Stunning! The nail polish shade she is wearing reminds me of a Sheswai lacquer I am loving called Winesnob.

    Lilly @GenuineGlow

  • kriss

    it just never gets old, always has been one of my favorites, too. http://hautenbas.de/

  • Jane S.

    Ah, Rouge Noir, the polish formally known as Vamp! The first of the non-beige/pink/coral/red polishes that paved the way for black, blue, green and purple shades to go mainstream. I remember bringing a bottle to a manicurist in suburban Pittsburgh where I was attending a wedding. She looked at me like I was a secret Goth in my J. Crew sweater and her 3-cups-of-black-coffee hands trembled as she carefully cleaned up the unforgving edges. My preppy cousins with their neat French manicures were aghast. Sometimes it's fun to be the Rouge Noir Mouton of the famille!

    • Nina

      I believe that Vamp is the US version and Rouge Noir is the European?

      • murt

        Yes I think you're right, but I think that the 'Vamp' that is now available in the USA is no longer the original version from the '90s, while Rouge Noir still is. So if you want the original colour, you have to buy it from Canada or Europe.

  • Lauren

    Where is her shirt from?!

  • Bonnie, Clyde + Marni

    Amazing color!!


  • http://www.fashionsnag.com/ Fashion Snag

    This is a gorgeous shade! Chanel never disappoints.


  • Nina

    Oh Elin, you are my favorite style icon ever (Emanuelle Alt comes in second)! The epitome of Scandinavian cool. I love Rouge Noir too and have worn it for many years, but I find it a bit hard to get just the shade - with two coats it's almost too black and with one it easily gets streaky. I use it with Chanel base coat, btw. Any tips?

  • http://emilietommerberg.com/ Emilie Tømmerberg

    Love Rouge Noir and love Elin! She really is one of the most stylish people in the blogging business.

  • hollygoeslightly22

    I had a mani/pedi last week and selected a similar color. It's a perfect color but after a week and a few chips it loses the charm.

  • Janine

    Chanel must have changed the name/colr recently because I have #18 Vamp that is that dark black red, which I purchased in the US about 2 years ago. Now, when I look at Vamp, it looks more rose-y...and Rouge Noir looks like the original Vamp?
    Am I going senile?

    • murt

      Yes, Rouge Noir is the original Vamp. I think the Vamp that was released a couple of years ago in the USA is some kind of updated version - it might even have shimmer or pearl in it, but I'm not sure. Rouge Noir is a creme.

      I'm actually not sure if Rouge Noir is even available in the states at all anymore.

  • azrakun

    This woman has implacable style. I really love her simple stylish aesthetics. Being tall, skinny and beautiful makes it all even more perfect.. Go Elin!


    • Bella

      No. They changed the color/formula years ago, but still kept the name. The original Vamp set the trend for dark edgy colors years ago.

  • marlen aguirre

    I think the vamp color originated from a early 90's Chanel show and rapidly sold out. It makes perfect sense that it would be so relevant now seeing as how the 90's have made a comeback in fashion.

  • Gabriela Cavalheiro

    I go bananas for Elin since I don't remember when... But, Emily, your description of her style, seriously, YOU nailed it!!!

    And the Chanel colour? Well I wouldn't expect anything less iconic from her than this amazing shade...

  • Marie

    I love this woman. Her style is so classic.

  • murt

    I wear Rouge Noir constantly too, both through summer and winter. I do change it up once in awhile, but just keep going back - she's right - it does go with everything.

  • ni ni

    Elin in colour and print, so gorgeous.

    • Guest

      Beautiful! I didn't realize that she's married. Who is the lucky man?

  • Anna

    i've been using Chanel Rouge Noir shade since 2007, now I feel stylish!! ;)