Baby Breakdancing, It’s a Good Thing

With love in our hearts and dollar signs in our eyes, may we present to you the future of reality television: B-Girl/Boy Toddlers. Eclipsing Toddlers & Tiaras as the most jaw-dropping thing we’ve ever seen from the under-10 set (the only creepy thing about the B-girls and boys is that they’re already cooler than we’ll ever, ever be), we’ve even found the star for the yet-to-be-develpoed baby breakdancing tv series: B-Girl Terra. Her dancing skills make Patrick Swayze seem like an amateur, and she wants to be a mermaid when she grows up.

In Jungle’s new video for “Platoon” (above), B-Girl Terra dances her way into our hearts, and we’re never letting her go. Look out for the 2:05 mark, when she throws on arm bands and a beanie, and things get real. We’ll be watching it on repeat, then sending ourselves into a kiddie breakdance-video K-hole on YouTube. Feel the beat, B-Girl Terra, we’ll be watching (…in a totally not creepy way, you’re just super cool…be our friend?).

P.S. The song is pretty good, too.

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  • Leslie

    Wow! Super talented!

    That was too cute! haha.


  • Talita Táiti

    Holy amazeballzz! Very aware of the fact I'll never be that cool.

  • Tary

    six years old and "already cooler than we’ll ever be!"
    now, that's a fact.

  • Jacqueline Fonte

    OH snap, shit does get reallll when she puts on that beanie. That brow-raise at the end killed me. (Also, the part where her shoes are partially untied towards the middle; I was like NO! Somebody lace her up STAT!)

  • Marie

    So cute!