Let’s Talk About Your Baggage

Rimowa 32” Limbo Multiwheel Trolley
Mulberry Leather Cosmetics Case
Flight 001 Go Clean Lingerie Bag
Clare Vivier Simple Tote
Samudra Tahiti Reef Pouch

It’s hard to travel in style. Though photos and cancelled TV shows suggest there was time when flying was a luxurious affair, today it is more nuisance than luxe, more about practicality than glamour. But who says style and comfort must be mutually exclusive (things we’re thankful for? Pajama dressing)? Just see below:

1. Rimowa 32” Limbo Multiwheel Trolley: Listen, if we had our druthers, we’d all travel with monogrammed Goyard trunks in the full range of sizes (YOU get a Goyard, and YOU get a Goyard!). But, being that the aforementioned suitcase set costs as much as a car and are on the fragile end of the luggage spectrum, we will make due with Rimowa's investment-worthy rolling trunk. It isn’t exactly a steal at $970, but the indestructible, waterproof polycarbonate body will last you a lifetime. And though black may be the most popular color at baggage claim, it goes with everything. So there's that.

2. Mulberry Leather Cosmetics Case: Isn’t this Mulberry creation perfectly androgynous? Whether used to store your grooming essentials (i.e., toothbrush, paste, deodorant, razor, brush, etc.) or your makeup, everything will be zipped away in cherry leather elegance.

3. Flight 001 Go Clean Lingerie Bag: Living out of a suitcase, whether just for a weekend or an extended stay, isn't that fun, particularly with the inevitable dirty laundry building up. Rather than shoving your worn unmentionables into secret compartments of your bag or in a corner of your hotel room (guilty...), Flight 001’s properly labeled baggie safely separates old from new. Disorganization and embarrassment be damned!

4. Clare Vivier Simple Tote:  Now that our overhead carry-ons have been limited to a size we’ll call “impossible,” it’s all about choosing one under-the-seat-in-front-of-you bag that checks off every box. Clare Vivier’s Simple Tote is just that: simple. It can stand upright on the ground without the risk of spilling its contents and snaps closed so the same won’t happen when it’s laid flat or shoved around in turbulence. Added bonus: the open top makes accessing electronic devices easy, and it comes equipped with a removable shoulder strap.

5. Samudra Tahiti Reef Pouch: Let us help you avoid that I-know-I-just-had-that-passport/ticket/declaration-form-a-second-ago state of panic that inevitably consumes you as you approach the customs agent; Samudra’s zip pouch will close the black hole formerly occupying your tote. Plus, if you end up with bad vacation weather or an awful view, just snap a close-up pic of your bag and Instagram away. We won’t tell.

—Elizabeth Brockway

Photo via Louis Vuitton.

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  • tina

    hartmann bitches

  • Guest

    $970 for luggage. hmmm.

  • Manon Ibrahim

    I'm traveling a lot and use a Rimowa suitcase aaand although it's still not cheap.. It's freaking amazing. Has survived flying to even the most remote areas and still going strong.

    • marshmellows

      do you use the aluminum version or the plastic polycarbonate one? is it the salsa series? TIA!

      • Manon Ibrahim

        I have a large (90 liters I believe?) salsa version and it's incredible. Although it's super light, it's extremely sturdy. I also own the aluminium carry on suitcase and although it looks classic.. it's a little heavy and therefore a bit unpractical unless you manage to sweep a few men of their feet to lift it for you lol.

  • beeswaxnoneofyour

    I stick to Longchamp Le Pliage and Boxford travel range stuff. I just buy a load of TSA locks to throw on them.


Rimowa 32” Limbo Multiwheel Trolley
Mulberry Leather Cosmetics Case
Flight 001
Flight 001 Go Clean Lingerie Bag
Clare Vivier Simple Tote
Samudra Tahiti Reef Pouch