Alexander Wang Spring 2014


Guido (Redken): "The hair is sort of sexy and voluminous—it's a very cool, very easy Alex Wang kind of girl. The hair's mostly natural, but we’re adding extensions and a lot of thickening lotion to bulk it up. And we're giving it movement by bending it using a curling iron, without clamping the iron or brushing. Then, we're give it a messy center part, and tucking it behind the ears, putting most of it at the back. In terms of products, Quick Tease lifts the roots and Powder Refresh gives a nice, matte finish. The volume is key to the luxe of it—normally grungy hair like this is quite thin—but we are being careful to avoid 'sexy beach hair.' Instead, it's a nonchalant, almost sloppy sexiness that feels more late-'90s. It's those glamorous girls—early Claudia Schiffer was an inspiration—but it's suddenly a little grungy. And instead of height, the hair has volume."

Diane Kendal (Nars): "It’s all about raw beauty. We’re prepping the skin with Aqua Gel Moisturizer, which sinks into the skin and gives it a nice, luminous finish. Then, we're applying NARS concealer with a concealer brush, but we're not putting concealer under the eyes—just on red spots or any redness around the nose. Then we’re brushing the brows, using lip balm, and that’s it. This collection has a really nice silhouette, and the hair is very sexy and natural, too, so we’ve done a natural face to complement those elements."

Behati Prinsloo photographed by Emily Weiss backstage at Alexander Wang Spring 2014 on September 7, 2013.

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  • janet

    I. Love. This. Great location too :)

  • Charlotte

    so gorgeous, I love this simple and natural look.

  • Ella

    stunning! a natural makeup look never fails and the messy grunge-inspired hair suits it perfectly.

    xx ella

  • Noisy Rain

    I love this! Such a natural beauty! x

  • kamo12

    So... do we think this is about as minimal as makeup will get before it inevitably starts swinging back towards less "no makeup" looks? I don't know how much more minimal you can get than concealer (not under the eyes (!!)) and lip balm.

  • Nina

    such a beautiful look! i love the rawness. this is the perfect casual hair in my book.

  • blushingincolor

    I love that it's so simple and natural, very wearable and easy to achieve for a regular girl :)

  • Alexa

    how exactly do you get any movement and bending in the hair b"without clamping the iron or brushing??"

  • Bells

    Behati. Top. Shelf. PLEASE!

  • Bella

    Stunning girl, wonderful look.

  • k8

    not under the eyes???? If only I could go without concealer on my undereye circles and look beautiful and not like I'm suffering from a consumptive illness..........

  • Violaine

    Love love love!