A Moment For… Zara.com


OK, yes, this post is not technically about beauty, but sometimes we just need to take a second to appreciate what the internet has to offer. Can we talk about Zara.com for a minute?

Since launching e-commerce in late 2011, the Spanish chain known for chic shapes at friendly prices has come out winning the online fashion game. And it's probably thanks to their minimal, easy-to-navigate website, which lets the clothes speak for themselves. Need a leather skirt but don’t want to drop a grand? Zara has several options, you'll see, in a number of colors and cuts. Want to go down the ‘90s-reminiscent floral slipdress route without wearing a stranger’s hand-me-downs? Click on through, decisions await. Or maybe you just need a bevy of crop tops to dip your toes in the torso-baring trend pool... There are so many possibilities, it will be overwhelming. (But not as overwhelming as the in-store experience.) While Zara might not offer the price-point of, say, Tar-jay, it is certainly far kinder to our bank accounts than Bergdorf's.

That is all. (Oh, and this is not a sponsored post.)

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  • Punctually Late

    Zara is a golden dream.


  • Nina

    Zara definitely makes the best high street! I've been loving many, many items from their latest collections. It looks so luxe and Céline-esque chic when in reality it's so cheap, what's not to love? The quality's not that bad either.

  • Sarita

    Oh, how I love Zara. It's dangerous, though, that there's one just up the street from gym. I pass it after I leave the gym and head for the metro.

  • ak

    yes! love zara for this reason

  • http://www.mybougeotte.com/ Victoria | Bougeotte

    Can we also please take a moment to appreciate the true awesomeness of their Fall Campaign shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

  • Lana

    ZARA !!!! (drool)

  • http://www.downtownhautefashion.blogspot.com/ Leslie

    I love Zara!
    They have so many options at reasonable prices.



  • toopoorforcouture

    Zara is the best, hard to stay away!


  • Maggie

    What a coincidence, I just ordered some Zara clothes online for the first time this week (we don't have one in my city). I was especially impressed by their super quick delivery. I ordered on Friday night and received the package on Tuesday.
    I would like the online store better if they also had buyer reviews, especially since I'm not familiar with their quality. They might have prevented me from buying a dress which, while really cute, wrinkles extremely easily so as to be unwearable if you plan on sitting down during the day without access to a steamer.

  • cz

    It's true! And the offerings change very regularly, giving me something to come back for every few weeks!

  • http://www.champagnerising.com/ heather adair

    Actually, I've used a few of their models as "haircut inspiration pics" for my hair person. Because they style their ladies REALLY well. Pretty skin and hair and minimal makeup.....

  • http://www.vibrantbeautyblog.com/ Jennifer Monforton

    What a beautiful Fall collection! Zara has been killing it lately :)


  • grey_nyc

    i love zara! i just wish everything wasn't made of synthetic fabrics (polyester, rayon, acrylic). the prices are cheap, but not THAT cheap that they couldn't step up the quality a bit.

    • Cat

      I was delighted when I found they did shirts in mulberry silk... and then they fell apart. So yeah :(

  • Lizzy

    I actually really appreciate you posting something positive about Zara. Other bloggers I follow like to look down on Zara because of the similarities it can have to higher end brands. In reality, a lot of readers cannot afford designer clothes. Thank you ITG for always keepin it real <3.

  • http://frivolousgirl.com/ Isabel

    I'd like to like Zara, but of the three times I've purchased something from them, all three times the stitching has fallen apart in the first few days!

    And I would not call them budget or kind to the wallet, not with this bad quality.

  • Emily

    Great article! I too am a die-hard fan of Zara and admire their strong position in the global fashion industry. However it is their e-commerce that is in fact their downside. The Zara website is one of the ONLY online shopping sites to cater only to a select group of countries, leaving out huge markets like Australia. Love the brand, but their online strategy not so much...

    Emily x

  • http://www.theflairsociety.com/ Monique

    Zara is so awesome!
    The Flair Society

  • Cat

    The sad reality is that this is also true of MANY brands all across the spectrum, including the super high-end. I remember a couple of years ago (maybe less), there was a similar story reporting on the precarious working conditions in a leather goods factory that manufactures for some high-end giants. And yet we all seem to forget about it with every new, shiny, and in the case of high-end brands, beautifully crafted collection. I am not saying we should settle and allow this to be the norm though. Something needs to be done. Not shopping in places that we already know for sure allow these practices is a start. But I know t's not always easy, especially when on a budget. I myself have been guilty of shopping at the culprits', suffering from this short-term memory loss I mention at the sight of nice looking clothes at an affordable price-point :(

    • LauraD

      You are right, but I think there a companies that do it better. Not best, but better. H&M for example, at least they pay minimum wages and their system is more transparent, while being a little cheaper, too… Inditex is really one of the worst.

  • thunderlegz

    it's too skinny for me; I can only wear the shoes. too many squats trying to look like JLo...

  • Kristen

    "tar-jay" hahahaa I LOVE IT!

  • Jacqueline Jax

    Don't Fall pieces seem more comfortable to you? I tend to hang out in jean more often and lots of stretch jersey pants in colors. I'm posting some new looks this week, hope you'll come check them out. My personal style is way more about my own personality than trends but I think that's what makes us all unique. Xoxo, Jax

  • Sian

    The Zara fall campaign is so beautiful. Does anyone know of any beauty blog posts about how to create the Zara minimalistic hair/makeup style? Would be much appreciated! x

  • Jenny

    Thank you, Laura! See my link above.

  • Penelope

    I really love Zara but their sizing is ridiculous. I have to grab a L or XL most of the time, and I'm 5"6/130lbs!

  • Ivy

    Like that you mention at the end that it is not a sponsored post otherwise I will just think you are like other fashion blogs talking nothing but soft advertisement!


  • Diana Est

    What I find sad about this is how all these pieces look wonderfull in these pictures yet when you take either one of them into your hand in the store it feels of such low quality that you simply cannot believe it is the same piece of clothing from the ad.

  • Alison Hunt

    Also....the shoes! The shoes! Not cheap but such a great mix of super trendy and somewhat classic. Unlike almost 90% of my Zappos purchases, the shoes I got from Zara.com were true to how they were represented on the website and of a great quality.

  • PS

    i love love zara and think it's god's gift to me-- BUT sometimes it feels like an expensive forever21?