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Olivia von Halle Alba Maria Printed Pajama Set
Catbird Cat Eye Mask
Rag & Bone Driscoll Booties
Marc Jacobs Beauty Lip Lock Moisture Balm
Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer

Remember those kids who strolled into your 8 AM lecture blatantly wearing the pajamas they had been sleeping in just 15 minutes earlier? Well, they may have been testing hygiene limits, but they also may have been onto something. Blame it on a very-late-to-the-game inspiration from Phoebe Philo’s Spring 2011 Céline show, or the influence of my recent binge-watching of The New Girl in which Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) is an avid fan of the matching pajama set, but I’ve got a newfound appreciation of pjs. The mature voice inside my head longing for sophistication has taken over, and nothing says fancy like matching silk pajamas, right?

1. Olivia Von Halle Alba Maria Printed Silk-Satin Pajama Set: Leave it to Net-A-Porter to sell an impressively stylish pair of silk pjs. No, they're not a 'steal,' but the set’s silver lining is your passport to don this late-eveningwear during the day (or, earlier in the evening). For adventurous 9-to-5-ers, might I suggest going full-throttle in both pieces plus a sweater and/or light jacket, and accessorizing heavily? And to the more conservative among us: the green checked top is an easy topper to classic denim.

2. Catbird Cat Eye Mask: Continuing with the sleepwear trend—though, admittedly, an eye mask would be much harder to pass off as daywear—Brooklyn's Catbird boutique has the perfect, somewhat kitschy mask for the feline-inclined (we love cats, it ain’t no secret). Meow.

3. Rag & Bone Driscoll Booties: If I were to crown a king among shoes, it would be the black ankle bootie. One pair is just not enough. 'Subtle' differences, like heel height, clunkiness, material, etc. are actually huge differences. And this Rag & Bone fall addition, with its pony-hair front, is grungy enough to finish off any recent Saint Laurent wardrobe inductee, but sleek enough to go the "pulled-together" route.

4. Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer: Because we just found a new use for bronzer, and this might just be the best one if you hate hate HATE sparkle in makeup. It's dry as the desert and beloved by many.

5. Marc Jacobs Beauty Lip Lock Moisture Balm: Say what you will about the formula (avocado butter + SPF to keep your lips kissable, and a minty aftertaste to keep you/others coming back for more), but what really gets me is the packaging. The curvy, shiny bullett with a twist-off, not merely pull-off, lid has managed to raise the bar for lip balms everywhere.

—Elizabeth Brockway

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  • softy

    ordering the catbird eyemask now.

  • thesixthbeatle

    Pajamas as daywear outside the home? No no no.

    • elle

      yes! Last winter I wore black satin pajama pants with a subtle black on black diamond print, black pumps, and a thin grey vneck tee to a holiday party. It was the simplest, chicest outfit I wore all season and of course comfortable and warm. The only trick is to be sure the pants FIT, because loose and saggy does not work!

      • softy

        to be fair, fitted, black satin pj pants aren't quite the same as red polka dot pj pants.

  • Leslie

    Love the Catbird Eyemask and Hoola is one of my favorite bronzers because of the absence of shimmer! It's perfect.

    Great picks!


  • C

    "If I were to crown a king among shoes, it would be the black ankle bootie. One pair is just not enough." AMEN SISTER. Now can you please explain the whole 'subtle difference' theory thing to my boyfriend? Going on 6 pairs and he's so confused that I want another one.

  • Katherine Clow

    I've been thinking about pajamas lately too! Not for the day, but lately I've been loathing my ever growing collection of t-shirts and boxers. Time to put my big girl pants on and wear real pajamas!

  • Peter

    Dress code strictly enforced at MK and Ashley's Sleepover Party.

  • Caitlin Confidential

    What about Sleepy Jones pajamas? They are gorgeous!

    Caitlin Confidential

  • theseventhsphinx

    Like any lip balm devotee, I need to investigate this MJ balm right away (and how cute is the name?) - I was just testing the lip gels the other day but missed the balm somehow!

  • Haute Inhabit

    Been using Hoola for YEARS. Very natural on bare skin.

  • Heather P.

    I'm a college instructor now, and getting to see this phenomenon from the other side of the coin. I wish I could say my students who rock their jammies in class look that...well...classy. Alas, it's mostly tacky printed flannel pants and hoodies disguising their lack of a bra.

    Don't even get me started on the guys...

    • Jacqueline Fonte

      We were encouraged to dress as plainly or as simply as possible for schooling. The theory was that if you're fiddling with your bra or pulling down your skirt/hiking up your pants, you're not focusing on the knowledge being imparted. I never really wore heels or makeup or made up my hair and often wore pajamas and sweaters all the way into college. I wore whatever I felt like and I seriously think it had a lot to do with my academic success.

      I always loved that going to school meant completely ignoring fashion and that geekiness was encouraged.

      Three cheers for pajamas!

      • Alice

        Being comfortable and looking like a complete frump are two different things. You must always look presentable, no excuses ; a lesson I've learned from my grandmother who wouldn't be caught dead in a hoody or a pajama outside the house (but who was always comfortable in her ballerina's and cotton trousers). The theory is that being knowledgeable and stylish is the way to success.

      • Heather P.

        It's a fine line in college, to be honest, and really depends on where you go to school. I teach at a community college, where a lot of my students are working before and after classes, or use this time to network. It's hard to be taken seriously in a Tweety Bird hoodie when you're applying for internships or hospital placements. Scrubs are commonplace here (most of my students are nursing students or already are nurses), but beyond that, students are expected to look presentable. For them, it's about making opportunities for themselves, not necessarily being comfortable.
        Trust me, I didn't dress super nice in college either - but there was no way I was going to class without a bra on. My D cups wouldn't hold up, and neither would any of the guys in class. I also wasn't going to a small community college where my dress would have hindered my ability to get a job or scholarship.
        To each his own, but always consider the situation. If you're interviewing with your professor for an internship, by all means stop rolling out of bed and going to class. It doesn't say anything good about your work ethic if you can't even weild a hairbrush. ;-)

      • unvanquished

        You can be a geek and dress nicely. I went to one of the best schools in the world and nobody wore sweats at my school. I mean, I assume the kids in kinesiology did but I didn't know any of them. I don't think having boobs that are being supported in a bra or brushing your hair means you're less intelligent.

  • unvanquished

    I think it really depends where you went to school because I never saw a single person in pjs outside the dorms. I saw some black leggings but always with blouses and boots or flats, never hoodies. I can't think of anything more disrespectful than wearing pjs or gym clothes to class. The professor put on proper clothes. It is the least you could do to do the same.


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Olivia Von Halle Alba Maria Printed Silk-Satin Pajama Set
Catbird Cat Eye Mask
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Rag & Bone Driscoll Booties
Benefit Cosmetics
Benefit Cosmetics Hoola
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Marc Jacobs Lip Lock Moisture Balm