When Worlds Collide: Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed List

Caroline Issa
Dita Von Teese
Tabitha Simmons
Tory Burch

Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List is a sort of marker of the beginning of style season—which, in our book, spans from NYFW to the Oscars. The 2013 roundup debuted online this week and does not disappoint, especially in its diversity—China’s new first lady, Peng Liyuan, Mick Jagger’s Rolling Stones cronie Keith Richards, Kerry Washington, and Beyoncé were all anointed. Especially exciting? The inclusion of a few of our favorite Top Shelf subjects, specifically Caroline Issa, Dita Von Teese, Tabitha Simmons, and Tory Burch. Style for style, ladies. Excuse us while we brush up on their fashion and beauty secrets... Dita, what was it you said about ladylike discipline? Congrats all!

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  • Janine

    I sort of go back and forth with some of the choices made for this list - every year. I think, sometimes, whoever is in the media a great deal, at the moment, seems to make it onto the list. In fact, there are women on the list this year I feel don't dress that well at all. And I'm not ignorant or overly critical. My style icons are Kate Moss, Tina Chow, and Sofia Coppola. Of all the celebrities that have made it on that list, and I'm not saying in any way shape or form I'm a fan, why has Cameron Diaz never made the list? At the very least - she's clever. I love Dita though. She's quite deserving. :)

    Thank you, ITG. LOVE ITG!

    • Janine

      I also forgot...what about Michelle Williams? She's never been on the list. She'd be a great Top Shelf. I don't think anyone's ever discussed products with her. Ever.

  • ITGNick

    Love her, but is she on the 2013 list? Didn't see her there. Let us know if we're wrong.

  • http://www.annacroswell.com/ annacroswell

    Tory Burch always kills it.... so does Rebecca Minkoff. They always look amazing and polished in my opinion.