The Tiny Braid


Sky Ferreira may have been absent from last night’s VMAs (not that we’re complaining about the show—Universe, thank you for giving us one last glimpse of *N SYNC), but a batch of new promo images shot by Hedi Slimane is keeping the softer-than-usual Ferreira very much front-of-mind. Namely thanks to her tousled, partly braided, heavily swooshed hair. As for the micro-braids, we've been wondering how to pull them off without looking like a Disney Channel castoff (Kate Moss circa Corinne Day is more the intention).

We asked hairstylist Christian Marc, the man behind Ferreira's mane (and the mini braids), for advice on where to employ them, and what exactly to do with the remaining tresses:

Go Subtle, and Stay Loose: “These braids are less obvious,” explains Marc. “When Sky showed up for the shoot, she asked me for some kind of braid, so I said ‘Let me mess it up with a little movement, and then put in a few subtle, hidden braids.’ I ended up adding four small identical ones, each a little over a centimeter wide. What makes the style is that they're hidden underneath and within the hair.”

The Formula: “First, I mixed leave-in-conditioner from René Furterer with Cire Coiffante Styling Wax together in my palms, and then spread the combination throughout Sky's dry hair. Then I used a large-barrel curling iron on her whole head to give a slight bend in movement. Once I finished curling, I shook it up everywhere, to keep it from looking too ‘appropriate.’ Then I used a paddle brush to make the waves more natural, and Natura Dry Shampoo to create more body and texture. Once that was finished, I put in the braids. It's important to keep them un-calculated. This looks like something she would do on her own.”

Sky Ferreira photographed by Hedi Slimane. Hair by Christian Marc and makeup by Amy Chance.

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  • Jennifer Monforton

    Love this look! Once in a while I sneak a tiny braid into my long hair. Such a playful, but subtle touch! Great feature :)

  • femme_noir

    It's so very nineties, so very 10 Things I Hate About You.

    • Nina

      LOVED that movie. Julia Stiles was basically my style icon back then.

  • Emma Batty

    Love this look, it's so cute. Just to let you know I've also nominated you for the Liebster Award, really enjoy reading your blog x

  • Sotengelen

    Sounds like a lot of work, for something that makes her hair look like mine when I just wake up. Problem is... I (capital I) don't look like her...

    That said - I do love the tiny braid.

  • Chrissabella

    Great post, really love tiny braids esp in the summer!

    Chris x

  • Michelle Lee
  • Poppy

    I have been obsessed with tiny braids since Blake Lively at the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2 premiere! Love them.


Rene Furterer
Rene Furterer Leave-In Nourishing Cream
Rene Furterer
Rene Furterer Cire Coiffante Styling Wax
Conair ThermaCell Tourmaline 1 1/2 Curling Iron
Rene Furterer
Rene Furterer Naturia Dry Shampoo

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