The Swoosh

Emily Weiss by Patric Shaw
Emily Weiss by Patric Shaw

If we were to give you a bit of advice on self-confidence, it would be: try being a pushover, a big one. No, not professionally, not personally, but you know, with your hair. A nonchalantly tossed over mane sends a message that says my life is too fun and I’m too busy to part my hair, and you know what? I don’t give a f*ck. Think about every rebel-without-a cause hero(ine) since… Rebel Without A Cause—from Molly Ringwald to Kristen Stewart, James Dean to Leonardo DiCaprio to River Pheonix (were eyes invented for that hair?)—what’s the cool-kid “it” factor they all have in common?  Here’s a hunch: an uncalculated ‘do.

It’s not just in movies, even Anna Wintour understands the power of the swoosh,  bestowing it to the head of Isreali bombshell Michaela Bercu for her infamous first cover for Vogue. We’d venture to say that after Cindy Crawford’s mole (and, okay, maybe legs) those side-swept, voluminous tresses are what keep editors and photographers calling. And do we even need to bring up that first Daria for Céline ad, otherwise known as the wave heard round the world? This style shows the movement of your hand through your hair, which is always sexy, and, in the way that Sally Singer feels about Debby Harry’s red lip, looks like “you liked who you were in the first place, you were just doing something because it’s fun.”

As for a perfecting technique, there's really nothing to it. Run your fingers through your hair and throw it to the side. It works on hair that's clean or dirty, straight or curly, with or without product. Our theory is the bigger the better and go deep (in your “part”) or go home—like the Nike swoosh: Just Do It.

Photos of Emily Weiss by Patric Shaw for Lucky Magazine. [1] Emily is wearing a Reed Krakoff tote, Tibi sweatshirt, Reed Krakoff skirt, Cop Rock sunglasses, and assorted rings from Campbell Collections. [2] Emily is wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim bag and Cynthia Rowley shirt.

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  • sashi

    This is on point! thank you for this, I love when my tendency to look messy is validated. I'm an accountant, so need to take my rebelliousness where I can get it with my look.

  • Ray

    Love this! It makes so much sense...I am definitely going to try it. Where did you get your NY tee, Emily?

  • Helen

    Alas incompatible with wind/fine hair. Many are the times I've tried.

    • Meme

      Also incompatible with big foreheads... it seems to only look good on smaller, round foreheads... :-(

      • Jacqueline Fonte

        I have a large forehead and I feel like it's great, because I have a square jaw. More volume at the top of my mop helps balance out the width of my face.

        • Lisa B

          I also have a square jaw and large forehead and couldn't agree more. Really balances out a square face. Love it!

    • Maggie

      I have super fine hair too but if you really want to do the swoosh, I found that Bumble & Bumble Texture Hair (un) dressing creme gives my hair so much grit and volume that it works perfectly for some swoosh action!

    • Veronica

      I too have long, fine hair. Oribe dry spray (apply sparingly at your roots near the crown of your head - where you want the hot swoosh action) can make this work for you. Another alternative with less volume is the Bumble and Bumble semi-sumo.

    • Mel

      Kevin Murphy Hair.Resort Spray works wonders

  • Aly

    I just had my hair straightened for the first time in my life (it's Nicole Kidman circa 1988-style), and I was able to finally experience the swoosh! It was such an incredible feeling and I loved the relaxed look. I am now straightening my hair on a regular basis just so I can have the swoosh back. It's not easy to pull off on huge curly hair.

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Can't go wrong with this look! Chic, easy, and super sexy. Great feature! xo

  • Kristina

    I feel like my swoosh totally defines me, if that makes sense. I love it. And so easy!


  • Janet Lee

    The heading reminds me of a scene from the first Charlie's Angels movie - "Flip. Your. G*ddamn. Hair", haha. Well, it worked! He was completely entranced! :)

  • Yokoo

    I've had short hair for years, a bob bowl cut to be exact.
    This year I decided to grow it out all one length to my chin.
    I've been having doubts and was considering cutting it but
    after seeing this post I'm 100% committed now. Thanks
    for all the inspiration!

  • hellocheese


  • Cassie LaRussa

    *goes to mirror, flips hair over*

  • Chantel

    I love the messy hair look!

  • Anna

    Thanks for it! Had recently cut my hair that short and sometimes feel quite weirdo

  • Adamary

    Something I definitely have to try, loved it!

  • Joy of Stranger Sensibilities

    So perfect! Love love love it.

  • Alyse

    When your hair is too clean for this, Oribe dry texturising spray works perfectly!

  • Jennifer

    So good! My favorite "swoosher" is Margaret Zhang.

  • Emma Hager

    Emily has the best pushover of all time, OF ALL TIME!

    • magpie

      Fascinating comparing how she looks/carries herself now to photo profiles of her from back when she worked at Vogue. Homegirl was always adorbs, but the cool has definitely been upped.

  • Katherine

    I'm all about "the swoosh" in the summer. Freshly washed wet hair, a leave-in conditioner, a texturizing spray and a deep side part are so effortlessly sexy.


  • amelia

    i wear my hair like this every day and have been for years, i love how its gives a sort of 90s vibe, haha.

  • murt

    I always think of Cindy Crawford when I see this look. On my hair, which is fine, but wavy with a lot of volume, pushing it to the side like this really helps to make it look thicker than it is.

  • Peyton Simms
  • Mariea Jarin

    Usually I like straight hair sometimes I make it curly. I think swoosh will suit with I will try this :)


  • Emilie

    Emily, no other word than fierce can describe her, that haircut i brave! Wish I was that awesome. Well, i'm gonna try the brit marling swoosh, baby steps, baby steps.. But heck yes, I will rock it.

  • 4eyesval

    such a great post, having a swoon hairdo, give a badass look.

  • OliviaP

    Kenzo, you told me to do this and I'm loving it! See you soon. xo

    • ITGMackenzie

      me too. can't stop, won't stop

  • sarah

    haha, cool, love this. not sure if I can rule this one, but i'll try!

  • erinlk

    I love this look but I have to use a hair dryerand a large round brush to achieve it otherwise my hair just parts in the center as it is used to being that way!

  • CK

    I've wanted to have this kind of hair but my hair is short and my Asian genes won't help with the wave, it's just forever straight.


Reed Krakoff
Reed Krakoff Track Tote Bag, Black
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