The Negotiators


Are these pre-teen surfers the next Beach Boys? Only time will tell...But one thing is certain: their hair is on point. We caught up with the So-Cal boy band to talk skinny jeans, Justin Bieber, natural 'surf spray,' and why they refuse to get tattoos. 

Emily: So, tell me about The Negotiators.

Oliver [left]: We’re a band. I play guitar and sing, my brother Elliott plays drums, and my friend Colin is on bass and sings, too.

Emily: How old are you guys?

Oliver: 11

Colin [right]: I just turned 11. I turned 11 on March 1st.

Elliott [middle]: Nine. About to turn 10.

Emily: Does being different ages matter? Does it help the band?

Colin: I feel like we are all the same age. We don’t really feel any different.

Emily: What musicians do you think look really cool?

Oliver: The lead singer of Two Door Cinema Club. He’s just cool because of what he wears. He wears a blazer. But we all have our own style.

Emily: How do you guys decide what outfits to wear?

Colin: We wear t-shirts with names and bands on them. This one has Kurt Cobain. It says ‘grandma take me home’ on the back. And there is a picture of him.

Oliver: I don’t like wearing pants that don’t stretch. They are more comfortable than regular pants. We usually get them from Trico Fields.

Colin: I like tight pants. If I get big pants then I will go somewhere and take them in to make them skinny. They aren’t saggy pants.

Emily: Is that what Justin Bieber does?

Oliver: [Laughs] That’s not cool. I think it makes you look sloppy.

Elliott: One time I saw a guy with baggy pants and they were so low I could see the whole butt.

Oliver: He was just walking out and I saw his butt. And someone looked and he was like, 'What are you looking at'?

Emily: So the rule is that you should never see the underwear. That’s good. That’s very classy. How do you feel about Justin Bieber having tattoos?

Elliott: I don’t like him.

Oliver: I don’t like tattoos.

Colin: I think he’s cool but I don’t like tattoos.

Oliver: I don’t like them. I think they ruin your skin. Don’t like them. Make you look like a weirdo. And it hurts!

Elliott: How do you know?

Oliver: Just because.

Emily: So you’re not into the whole tattoo rocker thing? You’re trying to be good credible rockers without tattoos. But you have classic rock-and-roll long hair.

Oliver: We like having long hair. Sometimes it’s annoying when it’s hot and sometimes they call us girls but I don’t really care.

Emily: Do you put your hair up in a ponytail?

Oliver: No, but I would.

Colin: No, because then you would look like a girl! My sister calls it something. A man bun. A MUN.

Emily: Colin, why do you choose to stay short-haired?

Colin: I have a little bit longer hair. It’s not super long. My hairdresser told me it was cooler shaved so I tried it and I like it. And it keeps growing back but I’m going to keep shaving it.

Oliver: We don’t put product in our hair everyday but sometimes my mom might spray it up a little bit.

Elliott: We only wash our hair.

Emily: So, you shampoo. Do you have a favorite kind?

Oliver: Umm I use the same one but I don’t know what it’s called. And conditioner but my mom [Kelly Wearstler] buys it for me. [Ed. note: it’s Mustela.] I take a shower almost every night.

Colin: I take a shower almost every morning.

Oliver: One time I went to the beach four days straight and today I went to the beach. I went surfing and I showered after because there is also sand in my hair.

Emily: You know girls spend hundreds of dollars to buy products so it looks like they have been at the beach all day.

Oliver: Really?

Elliott: Why don’t you go to the beach? It’s less than 100 dollars.

—as told to ITG

The Negotiators photographed by Emily Weiss in Beverley Hills, CA on August 13, 2013.

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  • Catherine

    'Why don't you go to the beach. It's less than 100 dollars' This is so cute I don't even.

    • beeswaxnoneofyour

      And makes me slightly embarrassed, somehow, that I buy beach sprays. From the mouths of babes, indeed.

  • Lana

    OMG OBSESSED! What wondrous little humans!

  • VanessaV

    Hilarious and adorable.

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    Oh man, these guys are delightful lol. Funny and straight to the point. I just love good manners, it is so rare. Wish them all the best. Rock on!

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    "I don’t like wearing pants that don’t stretch. They are more comfortable than regular pants."

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    I'm posting looks from L.A. and accessories:

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