Online Shopping: International Edition

Bioderma Créaline
Dries van Noten
Dries van Noten

Hear ye, hear ye, the days of trekking across town (or the pond) for our two favorite imports are OVER. This week, Dries Van Noten AND Bioderma Créaline—the world's best makeup remover (according to us, Anja Rubik, Léa Seydoux, Jessica Stam, etc)—have both become available online (the latter we've been ordering on Amazon for quite some time, but now reports it's at Searsso you know, add it to your cart while you're shopping for an electric mixer/fish tank/house/whatever). And bless's soul for not limiting Van Noten's online offerings; we got a little misty eyed when we realized we had landed on page one of five. Oh, say it with us: "Sale shoes." It really warms our hearts to add to cart.

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  • j7a27h

    They also sell at Thompson Chemist (the original in small and large and the Sebium in large)!

    • Jane

      Thompsons is my secret spot! Best products ever and the staff is super sweet and helpful -- tons of french pharma and smaller brands!

  • Theresa

    I'm with you on the Dries thing. I was beyond excited to find out about this last night. :)

  • Jane S

    I'm in Paris now with my 2 for 15€ pack of Bioderma from City Pharma so I'm a little relieved to see the price is $28.55 a bottle!

  • Marta

    Indeed...the only one remover that never lets you down, it doesn't irritate, so mild for your skin - it is so clean, no impurities..but the only disadv is that it is not economical - however in Poland u may get 100ml bottle for $3, the bigger one 250ml is packed in a deal box 2x250ml for $10:) soo worth it:)))

    • Lana


  • heydreahey

    I'm so excited this is available at Sears! Ordering now...

  • Guest

    I love Bioderma. Have been buying it on amazon for ages.

  • Lani

    The listing for Bioderma on Sears is actually sold by a separate seller, Omorfia Shop, who is already on Amazon (I have bought from them). And while I'm glad it's now on Sears, the price is still really quite high for something that costs a third of that price in Europe. It's still cheaper to purchase through (or another UK/French site) even given the shipping charges. I'm crossing my fingers for the day when Bioderma would cost the same price here as it does in Europe!

    • fourtinefork

      Thank you: just coming here to say the same thing. I've been ordering La Roche-Posay Hydreane Legere moisturizer (which is, irritatingly, one of the LRP products otherwise not available in the U.S.) from Omorfia via Amazon for a while now.

    • Vanessa

      Well, it's not everywhere in Europe as "cheap" as in France or Poland... I pay like 23$ in Germany... it's crazy, because France is next to my place... Still, I hope the price changes by time for you guys. That stuff is incredible.

      • murt

        Yes in Canada it`s easily available in any pharmacy, but it`s also not cheap - around $20 for a 250ml bottle.

        • Cat

          I always stock up on mine during Shoppers Drug Mart's extra points events! Toner+cleanser+Bioderma a few times a year and you've got yourself a free $200 to spend at the end :)

          • murt

            wow - thanks for the tip - I'll definitely check that out.

  • CarolinaG

    Love your blog!!!

    I'm posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:

  • French Cares

    To anyone finding trouble buying Bioderma products, especially the Crealine H2O above, please visit my online French skincare boutique!
    I stock all major and cult favorites, especially products that are difficult to purchase outside of France!
    First 5 customers will receive a free gift!

    • murt

      I thought spam is not allowed on this site`s comments.

  • Alexandra

    This is the best makeup remover! I am living in Qatar and fortunately they sell it at Boots (UK) pharmacy here.....mind you it sells out quickly!
    Happy shopping

  • Erin

    Crealine is 10 euros in Greece's pharmacies! US price is crazy high!



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