Five Wits Moisturizing Cleanser and Conditioner


For me, finding the right hairstylist has been a more difficult venture than finding the right therapist. I can deal when my therapist is wrong about something, but my hairstylist? That’s not a mistake I want to wear on my head. I really need someone who gets me, who makes me laugh, who speaks my style-reference language, and who's not afraid to tell me “no.” After all, I’m not the expert here. If not for Blackstones owner Joey Silvestera, who would have the heart or wherewithal to talk me out of “cutting it all off” out of boredom, or to explain that the ultra-texturized, Erin-Wasson-circa-2009 cut I want will end in split ends and land me back in the styling chair within weeks? It’s like he knows me better than I know myself. Ahh yes, I love my stylist, so it pains me to admit that when he told me that he'd developed his own hair product line, I was skeptical. A stylist does not a chemist make. While used in concert, shampoos and scissors are as separate as church and state. But I trusted Silvestera enough to give his line, Five Wits, a go, and, after a few weeks with the Moisturizing Cleanser and Conditioner, my hair and I are here to own up to our misjudgment.

I love it. I wouldn’t call either the most moisturizing cleanser or conditioner I’ve ever used. In fact, when it comes to a deep condition, I probably wouldn’t turn to the duo. But what they have done is balance my fine, oily/dry, and occasionally brittle hair like nothing has before. You know how stylists always talk about that mythic "second-day hair" that “will hold a curl better,” “look edgier,” give you "better texture" for the J.Crew undone bun, etc? I think I might have found the missing link. My second-day hair no longer requires an excuse or explanation. I don’t have to tie it back to hide it, and it’s not wreaking havoc on my skin by over-producing oil. It might even look and feel better than the first 24 hours after washing.

I don’t mean to say that Formula No. 3 isn't moisturizing—it's just that, after washing, my locks aren’t coated in the usual residual oils. It doesn’t feel like anything’s in my hair at all. The only reminder that I've used Silvestera's olive-oil-and-burdock-root (an age-old scalp treatment) concoctions is the Campagna-esque fragrance. My hair is comfortably quenched, not over-hydrated. It's content, in other words, for two full days (going on three). And it smells fantastic.

—Mackenzie Wagoner

Photos by Mathea Millman.

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  • Ebony J

    Sounds like a really nice product I will have to try it since I switch up my hair products every month (: nice post!
    I hope you don't mind I shared your post on my Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr (:

  • yanksgurl613

    interesting! and intriguing too had never heard of this company before. def. want to try some of their stuff now thanks for sharing it! xx. gigi.

  • Nina

    These products sound great, it seems like we have pretty much the same hair type (fine with oily/dry issues). It's SO hard to find the right amount of moisture with fine, long hair. It took me a long time to realize that so called volume shampoos do nothing good and only makes everything more brittle and tangly. At the moment I'm very satisfied with Redken All Soft, but it's an endless search, really. And having the right stylist - who speaks your "language" and makes you laugh - is KEY. I found mine 5 years ago and I'm never ever leaving him, he's like the brother I never had, seriously.

  • Leslie

    Finding the right stylist and hair products is not an easy mission. I've been on this quest for years and am willing to try any hair product with good reviews from other like minded gals! I think I will have to try this :)

  • Jane Stevens

    This product will be very valuable and effective for every person. Thanks for adding this learnable post for us. I just feeling glad to watch this.

  • Jane T.

    Placed my order immediately after reading this -- cannot wait to try this out! I'm forever looking for the best shampoo that keeps my hair moisturized, without feeling like a grease monkey by the next day.

  • Stéphanie Ponsonnaille

    The product just right actually

  • Amanda

    This might be the perfect shampoo/conditioner for me, I have to try it, and soon!

  • Rachel Kate Miller

    yes! Joey is the best! I've been going to him for 12 years, even when I lived in California!


Five Wits
Five Wits Moisturizing Cleanser, Formula No. 3
Five Wits
Five Wits Moisturizing Conditioner, Formula No. 3