Deborah Lippmann’s Shake Your Money Maker


Allow her to re-introduce herself, her name is Deborah Lippmann, Miss Lippmann if you’re nasty, and she is the reigning queen of glitter polish (with song-title names). This fact was solidified most recently by Shake Your Money Maker, a chunky teal and gold sparkler set in a clear base that is so gaudy, so opulent it’s worthy of a featured role in the next Baz Luhrmann movie. If Happy Birthday was a “party in a bottle,” than SYMM is the party in a bottle—equal parts Rockefeller and Roc-A-Fella. Wearing it, like model Charlotte Carey*, on an unremarkable afternoon without a stitch of makeup on feels as lavish as Denise Hale jumping on a trampoline in her best jewels. After application, we could not take our eyes off of our fingers. It’s blue-blood decadence served with attitude and so ugly, it’s pretty. You know what we mean?

*As for Carey's otherworldly, bare-skin—read: no makeup—glow, she has a straightforward routine (it helps to be 21): "Every morning I use Bioderma Crealine on my face twice, and then, if I had a modeling job the day before, I put on Cortizone cream. But on a normal day, I moisturize with Lancôme Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate and then with Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré. I only exfoliate once a week, I drink loads of water and aloe water, and I eat avocados twice a week." Let's hear it for avocados.

Charlotte Carey photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on July 30, 2013.

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  • Ellen Findley

    How funky!

  • PradaStole

    Hear hear for Avocados!

  • Haute Inhabit


  • Jennifer Monforton

    She makes such fun, unique shades! Chic, but tons of character. This one is no exception! xo

  • Guest

    Deborah Lippmann, like Ji Baek and Lynderella, is one of the few nail polish manufacturers who can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.

    As far as pitting cortisone on your face goes -- watch it! This can cause thinning skin and, according to my dermatologist, the effects are cumulative. You look great now, but in ten years you may be filled with regret. So unless advised to do so by a doctor, I would stop.

    • PradaStole

      She's not doing it all the time, and maybe it's just on the spots. Cortisone is so great on giant honking 'spots', I always forget that I have a tube of it somewhere. but one weird thing I read, that has in my experience turned out to be true, is that Cortizone can only be used on a spot once, the second day it will make it come back with a vengeance.

      Plus if sun exposure makes your skin thicker, and Cortizone makes your skin thinner, then everything balances itself out in the end right? All things in moderation.

      • Rachel

        My doctor prescribed cortizone for my baby's skin issue and said not to use to much or it because it thins the skin and can actually give a BABY wrinkles. Beware...

      • CFH

        No, it definitely does not balance out. My friend thinned the skin around her eyes using cortizone there for years and has damaged her eyes terribly as a result.

  • Chantel

    I love Avocados!

  • cindy

    to the person above that is not true. i have been using aloe coritizone for many years and it really depends on the type of skin you have.

    • Guest

      You certainly don't have to take my word for it. Do your research. Or not.

  • Guest 2

    Agreed that cortizone cream on the face is a VERY dangerous habit. Any steroid cream, even OTC hydrocortisone, is not meant for use on facial skin unless prescribed by a doctor for specific short term use.

  • S

    Yes to avocados! I practically live on avocados sometimes. I don't know if they do any good to my skin but I know they are the most delicious thing to eat, ever (only can be equalled by cherries).

    Funny, though - before I read the article I was going to say 'forget the nailpolish, a top shelf with the model, please'. Her skin is amazing!

    Does anybody know much about then adverse effects of hyaluronic acid? I read somewhere that they are bad re:carcinogenic cells (or something like that) and would loe to know more. Cause.... Well I use creams &pills that contain hyaluronic acid....

    • murt

      Really? hmm I love hyaluronic acid - but lately it seems like there's been a trend to exaggerate any possible adverse effects of every ingredient out there (I read an article publicizing a study showing that even aloe vera has some adverse effects). I feel that the panic around parabens is another example of this.

      I agree with the above comments about using cortizone on your face though - not a good habit to get into.

    • Carm

      I have never heard anything about hyaluronic acid being a carcinogen. Hydroquinone, yes I have heard that.

    • Lilly

      Hi S, I have never heard about adverse effects of hyaluronic acid, thanks for mentioning that, I will loon into it! I am using facial oils at night: tons of great, pure ingredients with no fillers! Nothing compares to the glow a good facial oil can give you... ;)

      I love avocados too, and eat them almost every day. So easy to prepare and delicious! They certainly do goo to your skin because they are high in good fats and vitamin C! xx

  • mlle p

    Now if Miss Lippmann would make a glitter polish e-z remover so that it didn't take ages to get off, I would kneel and kiss her ring.

    • Lilly


    • Guest

      Do you know about the foil method? Soak a cotton ball in acetone or acetone-based remover and place it on your nail. Wrap the nail with aluminum foil and wait three to five minutes. The glitter polish will just glide right off. No scraping or other nail-killing techniques necessary. If you use pure acetone, moisturize your nail bed and cuticle thoroughly after you remove your polish. I like CND Solar Oil for this.

  • Diani Maharani

    Yay it's good to see the kids from my country do good out there! #proudtobeindonesian

  • S

    Here is some scientific (actual scientific literature) info re: hyaluronic acid, it is from Cancer Research Journal, this article

    starts with:
    "Hyaluronic acid (HA), a glycosaminoglycan, is known to promote tumor cell adhesion and migration..."

    Of course as a I type this I have hyaluronic acid (in my moisturizer) on my face... May be i need to switch creams.

    But anyway, I was curious if anyone else has any info on its cosmetic use given the above info.

  • Alexandra

    where is that super thin gold ring from?

  • Jade

    I'd like to know where the thin gold ring is from too!!? Anyone know??

  • bignip

    She has the most beautiful hands!

  • Sharron

    Cool! I like the chunkiness of it! Super cute.

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