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"I’m from Cremona, Italy, but I live in Milan now. I started my blog [The Blonde Salad] in October 2009, because I was posting photos on sites like and Flickr, and I had big followings there, and I loved sharing my photos. Starting my own thing seemed like the next step. I came up with the name 'Blonde Salad' because I wanted something that represented me. At the time I was even blonder, like blonde blonde. And I wanted my blog to be a mixture of everything, like a salad: fashion, lifestyle, my travels, my friends, all of my experiences. For the first year, I did everything myself, but then once it started growing, I asked for advice and help from my friends. Now I have visitors from all over the world, and 12 million page views a month. It's exciting. I try to post every day—it’s very personal, so no one else can do it for me—so I just always make the time, usually before bed or early in the morning.

I’ve always been a huge fan of beauty. I love makeup so much, but I’m very bad at doing my own makeup. Italian girls don’t wear very much, so when I do put on makeup it’s just very, very natural. Even a smoky eye is difficult for me to do. We’ve started a little section on The Blonde Salad with a friend of mine who’s a makeup artist, and she teaches me techniques, so I've been getting a little better, but I still have a lot to learn. When you see me with very beautiful makeup on it’s because someone else did it for me. [Laughs] Today, though, I did it myself.

I do have some tricks, I guess. I always use YSL Touche Éclat on the tops of my cheeks and around my nose. For me, it’s more of a highlighter than a concealer. Sometimes, when I have large dark circles, I use MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter Bright Forecast under my eyes. Then, I put on foundation. My favorite blush is Chanel #99 Rose Petal. I’m very, very pale, so it gives a bit of color. Without it, I’d look like I was green or something.

On my eyes, I love the cat-eye look, with a little mascara. Right now, I just prefer a top-line cat eye using Clarins 3-Dot Liner, with nothing on the bottom lash line. I think it looks more natural and better in photos—eyeliner on the lower lash line is fun for night, but during the day, it can look too dark. In terms of mascara, I’m a big fan of Sublime de Chanel Waterproof Mascara in Deep Black. But actually, they recently opened a Benefit store in Milan, and when I went there to get my eyebrows done, they suggested that I try They’re Real!mascara. It’s so good because it makes your lashes look very, very long, as if you’re wearing fake eyelashes. I also think it makes your lashes grow; it looks like mine have actually gotten longer.

I also picked up the Light Brow Zings Brow Shaping Kit from Benefit, which is good for filling in and defining their shape. My eyebrows are naturally dark blonde, but recently makeup artists have been trying to make them darker. So I just decided, ‘Okay, I’m going to go for it.’ And now I prefer them this way.

On my lips, I’m wearing Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Gloss. It’s one of my favorites because, even though I like a natural lip, a little bit of pink makes my lips pop. I like to wear pink on my face—not really for my clothes. Otherwise, I have been wearing clear, simple gloss since I was fourteen. I like lipstick, and I’ve tried so many, but I haven’t found one to wear every day. Rouge Dior 565 Trafalgar Pink is very pink, but it can be good on occasion, when I’m wearing a basic outfit. And sometimes I’ll wear a nude lipstick, like Rouge Dior Nude 169 or Rouge Dior Nude 618. For a night out, Chanel Rouge Allure #9 Lover is one of my favorites. I’ve had it for a long time—it feels romantic and French.

I’m definitely more of a makeup person than a skincare person. I'd love someone to teach me exactly what to do with my skin, but then again, I am also lazy. [Laughs] I could probably be more proactive. But one thing I know for certain is that sleep is the best skin cure ever. I notice such a difference, especially during fashion-week season, when I don’t get a lot of sleep. My skin gets progressively worse, it turns another color, and you can really see my dark circles. I have difficult skin, because it’s never completely clear, and for photo shoots they put on a lot of makeup, take it off, and put it on again. You can see when my skin is stressed—I get pimples and everything.  So, I really have to focus on my skin and try to get seven or eight hours of sleep when I can. It’s the best for me.

Every night I take off my makeup with Elizabeth Arden Millenium Hydrating Cleanser or Ceramide Purifying Cream Cleanser. Otherwise, I don’t have many things that I do all the time. I just went to Korea last November, where everybody told me to try masks. So I’ve been doing the Innisfree It’s Real Soya Milk masks twice a week, before I go to bed. They’re so great for my skin. I have tried a lot of masks, but none have ever moisturized my face so much—you can see how well they work the morning after. The Collagen Dream by Nature Republic Hydrogel Eye Patches are very good, as well.

After that, I moisturize my eyes with Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Ultra Lift and Moisture Cream SPF 30 and then Elizabeth Arden Prevage Eye. For my face, I’m kind of addicted to all of the Guerlain creams. They work for me.

I have five tattoos. The one that says ‘Ode alla vita’ is a poem that means 'Ode to life.' It’s a beautiful poem. My favorite one I got done on my last night in L.A. after Coachella by Dr. Woo, who is super good, and it’s in my handwriting; I just wrote it on paper. I want to do another, bigger one when I go back to L.A...

For my hair, I’ve never really used a lot of products because, most of the time, I get it done by a hairdresser. But I do like Shu Uemura oil, and recently I tried a Redken oil, after I did a collaboration with them, and I really saw a difference. I’m not even saying that because I worked with them—my hair is a lot softer. To give my hair volume and shine, I will put Redken’s Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine into my hands and scrunch my dry hair.

I used to get a lot of highlights, but the longer my hair grows, the more I want it to look natural and simple. When I was younger, I was like, ‘Oh, I want to be blonder. I want to wear more makeup.’ But the more I grow up, the more I want to simplify. When I see the first photos of The Blonde Salad, I say, ‘Oh my god. I was so blonde!’ It doesn’t look good. Right now, I could never have that hair. Now, I really like it this way because it’s natural, it’s simple. It’s still blonde, but I don’t have to go to a hairdresser all the time... I was thinking that if I stopped being blonde it would be a problem with the blog. [Laughs] People would be like, ‘Oh you’re brunette. Why is it called The Blonde Salad?!’ I would like to try something else at some point. I’ve tried wigs and different cool colors for photo shoots, but for all the shades I’ve tried, I like this one the best. But who knows, maybe in the future I will try something else and become 'The Brunette Salad' or 'The Ginger Salad.' [Laughs] "

—as told to ITG

Chiara Ferragni photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on February 6, 2013.

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  • The Beauty Eater

    I'm a big fan of the blonde salad! Love this ITG post!

  • Ivy

    Yay for Chiara! She is so adorable! Thanks ITG

  • Makeuplover

    I LOVE her!!!! Been following her for years! So glad there is a post on her makeup favorites, she is amazing!

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    I've been following Chiara for a couple of years now. She's incredible! It was lovely to see her on here! :)

    Celina | The Celution

  • katie

    It's always nice to hear from a person with "normal" skin-- someone who admits it's not always perfectly clear. It always makes the speaker seem more attractive to me. We are none of us perfect. :)

    • MelissaBass

      There's just nothing wrong in having perfectly or even greatly clear skin. I do and I still take care of it. That doesn't mean I think I'm better than someone who may be struggling with a skin issue.

      • katie

        I wasn't implying that one is better than the other. I think I was just expressing that owning up to flaws of any kind makes subjects seem more down to earth.

  • sonaluna

    This was good to read! I just got home tonight after 5 days of work at Couture Week in Delhi, my skin was driving me crazy and I couldn't figure out why. Guess it's just a case of fashion-week season skin!

  • Samantha Elisabeth

    I adore her! And I like how simple she is with everything. And I agree, Korean beauty products are insane. When I went to Korea, I brought back a TON of masks. I love Innisfree because it's natural take on beauty (I brought my friend back their clay mask set), and have you seen the face of them? Im Yoona is like one of the most famous faces in Korea, and her skin is PERFECT.

  • Restless Blonde

    Nice Top Shelf. However, my beauty approach is completely different. It is much more significant to take care of skincare than make-up.

  • Aly

    The way she made it seem, it sounded like she didn't really know makeup. Then she starts talking about highlighter, primer, foundation. To me, people who don't really know or care that much about makeup don't really know to use those things. Great Top Shelf, though! I enjoyed her!

    • Cat

      To me, it sounded like she actually really really likes make up, but probably thinks she is not very good at it because, well, she gets to work with professional make-up artists all the time! Hahaha I think after seeing what they can do, I would also feel pretty useless at it. And I like to think I'm good at it because I do "fancy" things like prime, highlight and contour :)

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    Could you please do a Top Shelf on Betty Autier? She's gorgeous, I wanna know her secrets ^^

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    Love this interview! :)

    I love looking at The Blonde Salad, I adore her style. Definitely what I would be going for if I had the funds. ;) I really like her philosophy on natural and simple makeup; I too used to dye my hair crazy colors and wear way too much eyeliner - but I guess everyone's like that in highschool! Today, 7 years later, I'm back to my natural hair color and my makeup has toned down a lot. I think a simpler look can also make you look fresher and much more youthful.

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    She looked really natural to me:)

  • Fashion Snag

    Sleep is the best for skin. I agree with her completely on that one!

  • Cat

    When looking at pictures of myself taken a few years ago, I also think "girl, that eyeliner, those highlights... it was wayyy too much" hahaha. I am all about the bare lower lashes/lashline look now, too. It feel fresh to me, and natural, even if I am wearing a major cat-eye or eyeshadow on the upper lid.

    It has been really fun to watch Chiara evolve and grow. I used to visit her blog every single day a few years ago when she first started (I don't anymore only because I try not to spend so much time online, not because I like her any less. ITG is my exception ;) and she has always seemed like a really down to earth girl. Even now that she's so well known, she always seems to be super sweet when followers approach her, and can always make fun of herself. I like that. She's cool.

    • Cat

      *It feels fresh. Sorry about that!

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