America’s Original Footwear

Wren x Minnetonka moccasins in Mocha
Acne Rakel Chunky Knit Angora-Blend Sweater
J Crew Silk Cami
Pamela Love Sterling Silver Eagle Claw Earring
RGB + HIPP in S2

There are only so many opportunities in your adult life to veer somewhat "Disney Princess" and still manage to look Vogue Paris-worthy. (See: Sasha, above. Despite what you may think, your "sexy Sleeping Beauty" Halloween costume does not count.) But as ugly footwear—whether in the form of Emily’s heavy Acne clunkers or the hot-ticket, granola-friendly Birkenstocks—continues to have a moment in fashion's proverbial sun, a new accessory has (re-)surfaced at the top of our most-wanted list: moccasins. Ladies and gentlemen, the shoes your grandmother loved (at least mine certainly had a flair for the white-leather iteration), and which might have held a special place in your closet circa 2005 are officially back in style. Let's shop:

1. Wren x Minnetonka Moccasins: Wren designer Melissa Coker teamed up with “America’s original footwear” maker to create the black-label burger of moccasins: available in four shades, the classic shape has been revamped in deerskin and trimmed with tonal metallic beads. We’re thinking these puppies won’t leave your feet barking after a day of walking around town/your office/the beach.

2. Acne Rakel Chunky Knit Agora-Blend Sweater: Keeping with the cozy-as-style vibe, Acne’s fisherman sweater is the perfect top-heavy choice for balancing out skinny pants and throwback footwear.

3. J.Crew Silk Cami: Since it is still summer for a few more weeks, a little something under your sure-to-be-slightly warm top is not only recommended, but probably necessary. After seeing Victoria Beckham sporting her ‘90s-reminiscent lingerie-esque dress at Wimbledon, a slightly less sexy, delicate silk cami has seemed all the more alluring, and J.Crew’s understated black top is exactly what the Dr. Spice Girl ordered.

4. Pamela Love Sterling Silver Eagle Claw Earring: We’re big fans of accent earrings at the Gloffice and perhaps even more so of the ‘90s Goth look (Fairuza, you’re our idol), so when a non-permanent chunky claw option is on the table, you know that we’re at least considering jumping on board.  Keep your ears asymmetrical with Love’s slightly scary but all the more dangerous (in a good way, duh) earring. And it's cheaper than Givenchy's (available at Barneys)!

5. RGB + HIPP Nail Sheer in S2: Even though my nails are currently covered in nine different colors of dots (living wild, right?), the hardly-present manicure is never out of style. RGB’s Nail Sheer—the ultimate in “foundation” polish—in S2  is perfect for a sophisticated, understated, and clean manicure.

—Elizabeth Brockway

Sasha Pivovorova photographed by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris November 2011.

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  • Rebecca

    Oh the sweater - I need that! Such a beautiful colour and loving the chunky knit texture on top of skinny jeans.

  • Sindhu R.

    Oh my god, those Wren x Minnetonka moccasins are too perfect. Getting mine in champagne because I always err on the side of tacky.


Wren x Minnetonka
Minnetonka x Wren Moccasins
Rakel chunky-knit angora-blend sweater
J.Crew Silk Cami
Pamela Love
Pamela Love Sterling Silver Eagle Claw Earring
RGB + HIPP in S2