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Advanced Eyeliner

Photographed by Pietro Birindelli
Photographed by Francesca Turner
Photographed by Justin Borbely
Photographed by Toby Knott
Photographed by Mark Kean
Photographed by Pietro Birindelli
Photographed by Toby Knott
Photographed by Toby Knott
Photographed by Pietro Birindelli
Photographed by Pietro Birindelli
Photographed by Anthony Unwin

Let's start with a fact: there are as many variations of black eyeliner—pencils, liquids, powders, pots—as there are ways to wear it. But the proof is in the print, in this case, Wonderland magazine, whose 290-page Summer 2013 issue could be rebranded as a guide to rethinking your trustiest eye-makeup product. The magazine kicks off with a goth-tinged thick lower-lash line in "Good Girl Gone Bad" [5], followed by a pin-thin full-eye line with a wing in "Twinkle, Twinkle" [2],  a '70s cat eye with a smoky brow bone in "Turn it Up" [3] (this one courtesy of Smashbox's Limitless Liquid Liner Pen), and finally a full-eye smoke show in "Baby It's You"[4]—and that's just the beginning. By page 178 all bets are off, and inspiration seems to be coming just as much from the animal kingdom as film [11], runway [6], and slapstick comedy [1], all the while remaining strangely alluring and surprisingly wearable. This is eyeliner that no one saw coming.

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  • Lena

    Hey ITG I have a kinda specific question, but I have dark eyelashes with blonde roots, which makes eyeliner on the top always look weird, like there's a gap - any tips/tricks for this? Thank you! ; )

    • k80

      Getting an eyelash tint once a month is now a staple for me - even though I still need mascara to makes things more dramatic (my lashes are sparse and pale), it means I wake up with slightly darker lashes, which is a huge boost! This means no blonde roots until the tint wears off.

      The other thing you can do it paint the roots with a little black gel liner and a brush at the same time as doing your eyeliner. Hope this helps!

    • NeenaJ

      Get a very thin angled eyeliner brush and use it to take some mascara off the wand. (Essence makes a decent angle brush for about $3 at Ulta.) Then, paint your roots with the angled brush. I'd probably do this before applying any other makeup so you can clean up smudges under the eye from application.

      • Lena

        Hey thank you guys for the suggestions, I'll look into the tinting/mascara on an eyeliner brush! :D

  • Leslie

    The possibilities are endless here!

    Who knew there were so many ways to line your eyes!


  • isaobeso

    I love eyeliners and cat eyes, but lately I feel the cat eye sort of doesn't suit me, so I've been more into the Guerlain Black Kajal, very well inspired by one of your interviews, specifically that to Daphné Hezard. Thanks for all the info!

    Visit me at

  • Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    I've had a long affair with eyeliner, but I just wear it at the top now. I usually wear black, but want a change. My eyes are blue-green, any suggestions for what colour would look good please?

  • Lana

    Number 3 is TO DIE FOR

  • Jennifer Monforton

    I love dramatic, unusual liner! I'm a sucker for a bold cat eye and I loved Illamasqua's speckled eyeliner look for spring. Have worn it a few times myself :)


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