Wayne Goss’ ‘How To: Really Use YSL Touche Éclat’

YSL Touche Eclat

Look in the makeup bag of every [beauty] person ever and you’re likely to find a little gold pen: Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Éclat. While most of us have employed this YSL cult favorite to wage war on our under-eye circles, it turns out we—and perhaps the beauty-counter ladies and gents who gave us instructions—have been missing the product’s true capability: to brighten and highlight areas of the face. Which is not to say we’ve been using it all wrong… but, yeah, maybe so. Leave it to makeup guru Wayne Goss to swoop in and show us where (and why, and how) to use your Touche Éclat correctly.

Wayne's tips:

-Draw a vertical stripe down the bridge of your nose to instantly create a slim-lined effect

-A line atop each eyebrow will lift the entire eye area

-Apply to your lower forehead and feather the product upward to help draw light to your face

-A spot in the inner-corner of the eye will make you appear more awake

-Adding some to your cheekbones will help brighten your face

-If you have nasolabial (smile/laugh) lines that you don’t love, a bit of Touche Éclat will visually smooth the recessed areas

-And, Goss’ absolute favorite tip: after putting on lipstick, apply some Touche Éclat to the outside areas of both your top and bottom lip as well as the cupid’s bow, to pull focus to a brightly painted mouth

Happy highlighting!

P.S. There really is something about Wayne Goss that just leaves us feeling happy. He’s so lovely and delightful. And calming.

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  • Lauren

    this is SO critical - thank you!!!

  • Celina

    I really enjoy listening to Wayne talk because he's so informative and calming to listen to. Great tips here!

    Celina | The Celution

  • Callie McKechnie

    I love Wayne Goss's videos on YouTube.

  • kathS

    Thank you!!!!!! I was always so confused when people said it was the best concealer - not for my under eye circles!

  • ygriega

    I literally just bought this and the YSL counter applied it on me and gave me those pointers :)
    Great that theres a video up too. Thank you!

  • yanksgurl613

    He is amazing with his tips! and this is no exception! thanks for sharing this! xx. gigi. http://www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  • nicole

    such a good tutorial! love listening to him as well!

  • Jaqueline Gracia

    Wayne is the best! , and he doesn´t need so much time to do "perfection" really the best, love him, LOVE ;)

  • Lauray

    He's so awesome and real. Thx.

  • LJH

    Wow. I can't believe I've been walking around the earth this whole time and no one has stopped, pointed and laughed at me for using my YSL Touche Eclat incorrectly! Seriously, when you buy it, normally you do get a nice primer on how to use from the salesperson. The lovely people at Nordstrom's YSL counters in two cities were very helpful.

  • kelly

    OMG ... that wink at the end! I die.

  • Katherine

    I love Wayne! He's one of the best and this video was definitely informative -- every product should be used to it's highest potential


  • http://nomadic-d.blogspot.com/ Nomadic D.

    I love this guy, what a great discovery! Seriously, how does he make me feel so happy? And, apart from his good vibes, these are really great suggestions. I bought myself some TE years ago but honestly didn't know what to do with it other than sort of use it as concealer, and like the man says, it does not work very well. Heading over to check out his other videos now too. Thanks!


  • steffanne

    i love him

  • V

    He's amazing! You have to check out his Kim Kardashian tutorial - works beautifully!!!

  • mlle p

    What a cutie - now I need the video telling me what to actually use on the undereye circles!

  • http://anothermagpie.tumblr.com/ magpie

    Wayne Goss Top Shelf please! Bet he has hundreds of inspired tidbits to share.

  • http://www.glossyblonde.com/ Niki Caron

    These are great tips! I love my Touché Éclat and now feel like I have a whole new arsenal of tricks! Thank you!

  • Kelly Ann

    This is great, thank you!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Holly

    Love him!!! Always wondered about this product......

  • ak

    just blew my mind! love it.

  • renaphuah

    I think Wayne Goss and Lisa Eldridge changed my life with makeup.

    Ms Caroline Hirons is the ultimate skincare guru: http://beautymouth.com/

  • Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    Thank you! Really, really useful. I love this kind of info. : )

  • http://www.vibrantbeautyblog.com/ Jennifer Monforton

    Ah, this is super helpful! He really is fantastic- so helpful and, as you say, calming :)

  • Cyndee

    Always thought it was weird that it doesn't work as an under eye concealer, now I know why. ;0p

  • murt

    Wow - he is so cute! I'd heard of him, but never seen his videos before this.

  • lisa

    Thank you for the information. I purchased this but was going to send it back, unopened after it came in the mail. However, you sir, have changed my mind. I enjoy the focus on eyes and mouth as they are my best features. I appreciate this very much. I will now be awaiting for my order with excitement. Thanks!

  • Liz Allen

    I've been using this product the wrong way since I bought it over a year ago!!! I will start "highlighting" tomorrow! I'm 53 and have to work in front of HD cameras.... Can't wait to try these tips!

  • Emily H.

    Dear Into the Gloss, Can you please do a "Top Shelf" feature on Wanye??? I ADORE HIM!! (And it looks like you do too!) So please, please, please... feature him!!!

  • http://www.accidiosav.com/ AccidiosaV

    This is what I was looking for!! Definitely pinning it on my browser :)

  • luxleesg

    I love wayne. wish I could afford to reup on some of this product, I had a tube for a while and it was great.

  • http://www.vivixoxo.com/ Vi Vian

    Hi Wayne! I got TE this week, I probably not using it properly, I will try your tips! You're gorgeous!

  • Trish Lou

    That was so interesting, thanks x