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Most women have issues with their body hair: some hair is too dark, other hair, too thick—and never, ever where the hell you want it (throw some of those rogue-ies on my brows, please). Some areas, like the bikini line, are safely tucked away from sight (in NYC this is true for eight months out of the year), but what about the upper lip, armpits, and legs? Here's where I stand on the trifecta of conspicuous body hair. (What about you?)

—Jesse Breeden


I remember the first time I became aware of my leg hairs. It was gym class in the 5th grade. Wow! Your legs are so hairy, one of my smooth-legged classmates pointed out. Why don’t you shave them?

I hadn’t really thought about it. I was 11. I was always the girl who wanted to be Aladdin—not Jasmine—so hair removal wasn’t at the top of my priority list. Plus, my mom had always been very au naturel when it came to beauty stuff, and it hadn’t really bothered me that a fuzz of half-inch-long white hairs had covered my legs. But that night I went home and begged my mom to let me shave them, and although she thought my fuzzy legs were beautiful, she helped me shave (with an electric razor)—up to my knees only. 

Fifteen years later, I’m still a calves-only shaver. I wear my peach-fuzzy thighs like it ain’t no thing. I remember my boyfriend telling me, six years ago, that he loved the non-airbrush looks of the girls in Calvin Klein underwear ads, and thought the delicate hairs on their legs/arms/stomach were not only tolerable, but sexy. The thing is, I had always known I thought that was sexy; I prefer it to a completely hairless leg. It makes me feel French or Dutch…cool, reminiscent of Natalia Vodianova in 2010, at the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year party, looking fabulous as fuck in that gold Balmain dress with her hairy legs, or any image in Treats! magazine. (I wish to be any and all of those things.)

Going half-shaved is like an insouciant accessory. A subtle nod that says, Oh, my thigh hair? I haven’t thought one thing of it. I’m busy, sweetie.

In terms of maintenance, my sensitive skin compels me to use an ultra gentle shaving cream, like Nivea for Men's Sensitive Shaving Gel. Barbasol also came out with a Sensitive Skin shaving cream, which is my current go-to. (Men’s shaving creams, always. I can’t stand the uber-sweet smell of most women’s ones.) I also have a tendency to steal my boyfriend’s shaving brush, which I bought for him at the New York Shaving Company—it lifts the hair, giving you a closer shave, and way less irritation, while also exfoliating your legs. And while I am not too loyal to any particular razor, I do require something with four blades. Junky two-blade disposables cut me up. Right now I’m digging the Schick Quattro.

The Upper Lip

There is something I dig about a woman who says “Screw it” about her mustache, whether it’s Sienna Miller (yes, I used to internet stalk her fan websites circa 2008 and usually the photos you click on are high quality enough you can see her faint cool), my college friend’s sister with the beautiful face and the smelly feet, or one of my main homies for the last eight years. The latter sights the slight peach fuzz all over her face as the reason she hasn’t removed her ‘stache, her theory being the super-bare skin there would draw more attention to the rest of her fuzzies.

My fuzzy, white upper-lip hair has been the object of attention more often than I’d like to admit (once, in particular, resulted in my bawling under the water at the pool). So, early on, I decided to do something, and do something I have—although not particularly well, or with any consistency—since around age 13.

I remember my first hair annihilator: a buffing brush sort of thing, which, when you rubbed it over your lip in circular motions, “buffed” off the fine hairs. Irritation ensued, and I wouldn’t say it was particularly thorough. There were certain spots the brush couldn’t reach, and nobody likes a rug-burnt upper lip.

I’ve since moved on to depilatory creams (and a dalliance with a razor—I know, I know…), and my favorite so far is Olay Smooth Finish because of the protecting balm it comes with, and although there are gaps in my “maintenance” for short lengths of time, I continue to be a hairless upper-lip fan…on myself.


Before it was commonplace to shave our legs, pluck our brows, or wax our upper lips, we were encouraged to get rid of armpit hair. And the popularization of sleeveless dresses in the first part of the 20th century seemed to make it a necessity.

The related ads from this time are pretty comical. The tag line for one I found reads “You need not be embarrassed,” and continues, “When you go to the beach this summer, are you going to be afraid to raise your arm? Are you going to shrink from the scrutinizing glance of your friends?”

The hilarity that ensues thinking about going to Jacob Riis beach this summer, and just being sooo embarrassed that I didn’t shave my armpits—in a sea of tattooed, topless babes—is too much. Also, screw your friends if they give you “scrutinizing glanc[es]” for your pit hair. Do you!

However, in my opinion, armpit hair is the most difficult haircessory to rock.

First, it’s hot as hell in the summer, and I would imagine that hair there makes you smell worse, but also I feel like it’s the most daring of all the displays of female body hair. Is it because it’s a tuft and not delicately sprinkled all over your gams? I applaud those that can do it, and do it well; it just feels so incredibly hot to me. I need to be bare! My Schick Quattro and sensitive shaving creams do the trick, but I can’t go at it every day or things get very irritated (in which case the deo for your b.o stings. It’s a mess!). Every three days is about all I can muster.

Before Paula Cole, or Julia Robert’s infamous wave, and way before Charlotte Free, there was none other than the epitome of feminine beauty, Sophia Loren. Rocking armpit hair. Apparently, she never shaved them. Be still my heart…

Continuing my search for hot babes with armpit hair, I came across a fierce-as-all-hell photo of Penelope Cruz from the March 2011 ‘Misfit Issue” of AÏE magazine, and subsequently, the most hilariously banal Yahoo Answers thread, where one perplexed ‘Johnny’ wonders “Why Penelope Cruz grows armpit hair?” to which ‘Lina’ replies, “Being lazy to shave??? : D”

Maybe she was being lazy, Lina. Or maybe she just doesn’t give a fuck. (Or maybe the pic was Photoshopped.)

Any way you slice it, she looks like a bad bitch, indeed.

Jesse Breeden is a Brooklyn-based beauty fiend and michelada connoisseur. She's also written about her white eyelashes for ITG. Check out her tumblr and Instagram. Photo courtesy of the author.

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  • Beryl

    As someone of Indian descent, the dark hairs on my legs/arms/stomach are anything but delicate and sexy - quite the opposite in fact. I'm forever at their mercy come summertime!

  • Lana

    Okay, upper lip...legs...I understand. It gets difficult to maintain these things every single day with such a busy schedule, however, armpit hair? In my opinion it is an "I CAN'T" kind of thing. I knew this girl who didn't get rid of hers, and I thought it looked rather distasteful. I know its natural to have, obviously, but something in my mind just can't get over not shaving pits...
    All the power to the women who love that kinda thing.

    • Feircely Chic

      i agree!!! i shave mine every single day!! if i am in the middle of nowhere nothing is stopping me from shaving my armpits!!

  • Emily

    I've noticed when I don't shave my armpits are less sweaty. I guess the hair wicks? I dunno, but it's nice. I really liked this article! More like this would be fantastic!

  • Isobel

    lol White hair? Peach fuzz? Seriously? Like most brunette women, I have black, thick body and face hair. It's everywhere. It's so thick that I bleed like crazy during a wax. I shave everything, including my face every second day and pluck out the beard/stache every day. Even with the leg, arm, hand, feet, back, front shaved, you can still see the black roots under the pale delicate skin. I did professional laser appointments every month for 2 years. No effect other than an empty bank account. Lucky you.

    • Esther MK

      Check out the other things she's written here, about her white eyelashes, this author has very white hair.

    • katie

      I had laser hair removal on my chin starting about this time last year. All the sessions (once every three weeks for nine months) cost me slightly upwards of 700 bucks, and now that i've been without the sessions for a while, i'm seeing re-growth; however, the hairs aren't as thick, and they're way less densely spaced. if you're as frustrated as i was, six months of respite from plucking and waxing is well worth the cost. i reckon i'll do another round at some point, despite the price point and the fact I know now it grows back to some extent. it was lovely not having to worry about it for a little while (despite the fact that no one, not even my boyfriend, ever noticed it before-- i sure did, and it drove me crazy). i'd recommend it.

  • hairymclairy

    love this! As a hairy lady with not only dark, thick hair on the big three, I have the fastest growing hair ever, and as a student getting rid of it isn't always the most financially viable option. Maybe this will start a movement and we can embrace it!

  • Emma Hager

    This was awesome, Jesse! With the whole legs thing, I totally feel where you are coming from. My mom is, too, a woman with an au naturel outlook, which made it somewhat difficult for me to try to shave my legs around 7th grade. I kept postposing the question, feeling that I'd somehow go against something that she believed in. It turned out to be incredibly easy, but I felt obliged to only just do my calves until a while later. Upon initial shave, I felt the need to have not even a strand of hair on my legs, but now weeks could go by without a care or thought about the duty ahead. In fact, I feel it's quite empowering to not really care, as I shouldn't do it for anyone but myself. Thus, it makes it less of a duty and more of a choice that is wholly based on the way I feel. In terms of armpits, I have to agree with you, it just feels so much more clean when they are hairless. But kudos to Loren -- she rocked it. But then again, she rocked in general.
    Thanks, ITG!

  • kneelbeforetigers

    Thanks for this article.... you know sometimes, you feel like you're the only one out there with THIS THING going on? Well, that was me with my body hair... it comes in fast, strong, and consistent. And now I inherited my mom's chin hair situation. What's a girl to do?

    • Feircely Chic

      id wax if i were you it might be painful but it is worth it!!

    • Lauren Ginsberg

      don't wax or pluck chin hair- just shave or trim if you have to get rid of it. chin hair is usually hormonal, and plucking it brings blood (which carries more hormones) to the area and makes the situation worse

  • MM

    Prrrreach, although you are lucky to just have pale white fuzzies. I also do bottom-half-of-leg-only shaving unless I'm going to the beach, but as a dark-haired pale Latina it is not even remotely cute to go without shaving, sadly. So I wear a lot of pants, because I also have super sensitive skin which means I can't shave every day. It is a serious wolf girl situation within a week. A five o'clock shadow situation on my legs within a day. It's a bummer! :( And now, as I get older? My pubes are making a bee-line for my knees and it's officially The Worst. While I can't wait until we actually accept hair as natural and not "gross" this still bugs me, and would, I think, always bug me. Depilatories work only so well, and shaving is irritating as hell. With pale skin and dark hair you can see where the hair starts under the skin, as Isobel pointed out below. This means I'd either have to wax (painful, and then the ingrowns? hell!) or wear shorts or a swimsuit that covers the top of my thighs. Obviously, I could write a dissertation on this topic. Lucky blonde girls and redheads don't know how good they have it.

  • Heather P.

    I've gotten more laid back about it as I've gotten older. I used to be obsessed about everything being well maintained, but I'm now married to a guy who doesn't really care or even notice, so the pressure's off to be clean-shaven every single day. It's nice. :-)

    I've also noticed my skin on my legs and underarms is a lot better now that I'm an every-few-days shaver. So if you need any excuse to leave it go a bit, that might be the best one I can argue. Your skin will thank you!

  • mt

    One of my favorite features is my head of super-thick dark brown hair. In fact, I've never dyed it, not once. My head is not the only place it grows however, and I used to be really self-conscious of body hair in middle school. Back then, I tried to wax or depilatory everything away, especially after some hurtful teasing. I chilled out once in high school and college when I realized that my hairy arms weren't preventing me from having friends. Or other things I want out of life.

    Now, I shave my underarms, mostly out of habit, and my legs up to the knee, even though my thigh fuzz is definitely not "peachy." My 'stache comes and goes with hormonal changes (puberty, the end of puberty, pregnancy), and I've waxed it when it gets dark, but I'll try the Olay mentioned here next time. Bikini line attended to only when necessary. The difference is that now, I do hair removal on my own terms, based on what makes me feel good, and not what I think will appeal to others.

    Also, living in Europe for a few years helped, too. In my experience, people there are way less hung up about human sexuality and hence the physical realities of bodies (softness around the belly, body hair, etc.)--in fact these things are sexy *because* they're real.

  • Lera

    I used to shave legs partially until I moved to US.

    I feel a huge pressure here, people staring at my hairy thighs (the hairs are blonde, but still), as if there's something so wrong with me. My arms are also quite fluffy, there's no way I'm going to shave them.

    I always thought it was fine, some people just need to get a life!

  • Lera

    Btw, I am surprised you didn't post a pic of Mo'Nique hairy legs

  • The Beauty Eater

    Do people actually use these hair removal creams on their upper lips? I usually pluck them :S

    • kneelbeforetigers

      ow ow ow! you are one tough lady... I could never imagine plucking the lip hairs, ha!

  • Julie

    I think we really are conditioned to find female body hair disgusting. When I watch these pictures, hairy armpits don't attract me ; I find them rather disturbing. I don't think I would be able not to do something. My mom, when I was eleven or twelve and had my first armpits' hair, told me that I could shave them - and I did. I never really thought about this. I mean, it seems quite unfair that we women have to spend so much time, money and pain on something that most men don't bother with. Yet I don't feel ready for being the hairy one.

  • Guest

    Body hair? Head any eyebrows only. The rest of it? Gone, daddy, gone. Everyone else can do as she pleases, but I'm hard pressed to tolerate shaming another person's choices on what is, essentially, a highly personal matter.

    Now if only someone would invent lasers that work on brown skin...

  • Lauren Ashley

    Such a loaded topic. What bother's me is that women are suposed to groom (wax, shave, pluck) their hair just to look "normal." When it's not at all normal or natural, and we'd never put the same pressure on men. That being said ...

    I have light skin and dark hair, so it's always been a bit of a battle - I've been waxing my brows etc since puberty. I shave my pits, and get regular bikini waxes - thankfully I do this for me (my hubs could really care less, which I love) and I too am a to the knee leg shaver, most days. :-)

  • Hair Puerto Rican

    I've gotten into waxing my underarms. The first time I was laying on the table the fear of the pain had me shrinking into the corner but it's absolutely bearable, ok puns. It keeps you smooth for about two weeks (I have very dark hair) and also diminishes the regrowth. When I shave I still feel as if the dark follicles make it seem i haven't, but waxing takes care of that problem. Eliminates my self-consciousness for $10- so worth it.

    • Guest

      Have not tried waxing my under arms, but, like you, I have dark hair and I do feel that the dark follicles make it look as if I have forgotten about grooming. Do you have to let the hair get very long before you have it waxed? I might try it.

      • Ekaterina

        I wax the underarm area and I agree it's not as painful as you might expect, and the results are better than shaving. I usually stop around summer and go back to shaving because I live in apartments without A/C and it's difficult to wax your armpit as you're sweating.. So shaving in the summer, but I do a wax every 2-3 weeks in the winter to maintain a clean look. I've rocked the hair a couple of times before, but usually it just gets a little too icky for me, especially after a workout or during a hot summer day. I guess I'm just too used to having hair-less underarms :/

  • Kristina

    How fabulous is Sophia Loren? This is a really great article. I remember being in fifth grade and being self concious about having leg hair - and it wasn't even particularly dark. That's sad! I do believe that girls should be able to do whatever they want with their body hair. But that being said, I just love being clean shaven.

  • Clio

    Have you ever seen Madonna's Playboy shoot from 1985? She rocks her body hair like nobody's business. Inspiring, but decidedly NSFW.

  • Luisa

    Head, eyebrows, and vag only. (and I like it full in all three areas) The rest is lasered off, including "sideburns" and chin. Whatcha gonna do, bein' Middle Eastern with dark hair and pale skin? But I have to say, lasering is the best. You know those gross pores you get when you wax or shave your legs? Gone. Forever. Baby soft skin. Most painful areas to get lasered are the ankles and the butthole. Yep.

  • Teen Wolf

    Three words: DIY Sugar Wax. Cheap, and much less painful than regular wax (but more sticky, but still worth it).

  • yanksgurl613

    this was so interesting to read thanks for sharing this! my fav is my gillette razor! xx. gigi.

  • Blair

    Loved this article. I'd love one for freckles, maybe a monday moodboard dedicated to them. As a woman who a. loves her freckles b. loves everyone else's freckles and c. see's too many women trying to cover them up, it'd be awesome to see how the fashion world has addressed freckles over the years.

  • cactina

    Penelope is definitely photoshopped.

    I am not a fan of body hair on women. I wax mine religiously, even waxing my face once every 3 months or so. Moisturizers and serums penetrate better on my hairless face, I've noticed. Otherwise they just end up clogging the follicles and gooping around on the hair.


    Body hair is a no- no in my opinion for women....I use Laser hair removal whenever possible. It works great.

  • Holly

    Is there anyone else here who doesn't have hair to remove from these areas?

    Just curious if I'm the only one out there (maybe it's a Korean thing?).

    • A

      One of my best friends in HS had like something around 3-7 hairs in her arm pit. I would get so upset when she would complain how painful waxing was haha but I think she was like some crazy European mix with a pinch of Mexican, she had ancestors that came over on the mayflower... She looked white but who knows... But I know a lot of Korean and Japanese women that have very little body hair so maybe it is. I think my friend maybe have just been the exception. Consider yourself lucky!!

  • Erin



    The first thing I noticed in all these pics is how attractive these accomplished women are. The second thing? Their body hair. Sophia worked it. So who are we to judge/depilate/equivocate? Hairlessness doesn't equal hot. But it does equal cash for Procter & Gamble. Bottom line isn't social convention. It's cold, hard $$$.

  • Katherine

    As a dark, coarse haired woman, I can't leave my hair by itself. But I do admire women who can, it's just not my personal style. I think you should do whatever you feel comfortable with!


  • LO

    People come on. The Cutera Laser, it's a gem. I no longer have to shave any part of my body and I found the most amazing deal for these treatments. For ex. $250 for 6 sessions of underarm treatment. Seriously, I am not joking. Go to Skin Spa in NYC. It has changed my life.

  • Jo

    You're hair is so light NO ONE could see it without a microscope. But, I must say that only Sophia Lauren could grown underarm hair that was long enough to ponly tail and still be the most magnificent woman to ever live on earth. Hey, I'm Italian!

  • Jo

    Think Sophia's underarms look like a breeding (no pun intended) ground for misc. lice and mice. Instead she had Frank Sinatra (so it's said) and many others, other than Carlo Ponti, her husband.
    Only she could pull it off, even today, imo.

    • beeswaxnoneofyour

      So masses of head hair exposed to dirt, touching, etc is fine, but what looks to be a pretty small amount of underarm hair is a 'breeding ground'? Can't grasp your logic. I shave my legs and under my arms but even if I didn't why would I not wash them the same way I do everything else? This hair not on your head equals dirty stuff is ridiculous. If you maintain a good standard of hygiene, normal body hair isn't going to attract legions of cooties (I use that word since it seems appropriately mythical) anymore than your head hair does. Whether you like it aesthestically or not is a different conversation entirely to cleanliness.

  • k8

    First, it’s hot as hell in the summer, and I would imagine that hair there [underarms] makes you smell worse,

    what a silly thing to say tbh, this is such a vapid and frivolous take on a topic which is a subject of real concern and self-esteem issues for many women. girl, get ur facts right before you start talking

    • M8

      Each to their own.

      It is- IN FACT- true that underarm hair contributes to body odor when underarm sweat occurs. Reducing underarm hair can - IN FACT- reduce the intensity of body odor. Body Odor is the byproduct of bacteria trapping sweat on the skins surface. If body hair is present, it traps the bacteria for longer, increasing the intensity of body odor. This article opened up discussion on a topic that is often avoided and trumps to Jesse for being honest on her take on an issue that is both unique and personal to each woman.

      Girl, be easy.

  • Llewsobda

    My husband just told me not 3 days ago that I should stop shaving. Having it be a habit for 15+ years it is kind of hard to stop, however it is pointless. I mean it is there for a reason.... I also shave from knee down... legs are too damn big to be shaving the whole thing more than once a week.

    Maybe I will stop.. see what happens!!!

  • Johanna

    I recently grew my leg hair out after realizing that the only reason I was still shaving them (and not very frequently at that) was because I didn't want other people to think my legs were gross. I personally enjoy the feeling of my awesomely hairy legs and the time spent sleeping and not shaving in the mornings. I still feel slightly self conscious of my legs at times, but who are other people to judge my on my hairiness? I still shave my armpits as a personal preference, but I believe that hair is just hair. It's up to each individual if they want to shave or not.

    • Carol

      I feel the exact same way! Here in Brasil female body hair is a cultural NO, specially considering it is such a chauvinist culture on wich girls are strongly objectified for sex and have to follow specific standards... it can be hard sometimes but it's also epowering. For the girl who does it and for all the others.

  • bolly

    Hey has anyone ever tried an epilator? I'm wondering if its worth it? Shaving sucks.

    • Kattttt

      Yes! I love mine - it's an old, semi-effective monster, but still loads better than most hair removal tools, to me. I just tried an entirely new one as well, and they have gotten really, really good and easy to use. You need to be very conscientious about going directly against the grain of the hair for maximum effectiveness - that took me a little while to learn, as it is different in different areas. Otherwise it is very easy, and painless after a while. I am enormously hairy (dense, long and fine hair growth), and the epilator saves me a ton of time and money compared to shaving.

      • Kattttt

        I have see through leg hair, though. As with waxing ( I think?) the hair needs to be a certain length before it can be removed with an epilator. The regrowth is really soft, and seemingly uneven - some areas grow in faster - and i don't find it a problem. You might if you're dark-haired.

  • Cindy

    "It makes me feel French or Dutch…cool" That is horrible, you make it sound like everybody in France or Holland are ape-kind of girls. I feel horribly offended by this, no matter how "lovely" you may think it sounds. Do you still call everybody with glasses four-eyes?

  • Aundrea

    I have family members with full underarm hair, legs, everything so I'm accustomed to seeing both sides. For me, with my dark hair, I like to shave to the knee and remove most other hair. Especially underarms- I have tactile issues and the feel of the hair drives me crazy! I use an epilator I ordered from amazon on my underarms and it works really well. I just have to maintain it every few days, takes less than 1 minute :)

  • Lana

    And Andy, I apologize if you took that personally.

  • Samantha Elisabeth

    Hmmm.... I don't know if it's society or growing up swimming competitively (where shaving of both sexes all OVER--arm hairs, back, feet, everything--is not only normal, but demanded at least once or twice a year), but I love the hairless look (again, on both sexes...I know!). Power to the women who prefer some hairy body parts and rock it, but I think I ought to say power to the women who don't at the same time. I really think it's preference over anything.

  • Maddy

    I find armpit hair, way too obvious moustache and leg hair on women wayyyyy to discomforting and i cant stand it at all. I'm 20 and I've been obsessed with shaving everything off (except arm hair) since I was 14. Call me old fashioned, or whatever, I just get super disgusted when I see women with armpit hair. I'm super ocd like that. I dont hate on women who do, but I personally cannot tolerate it.

  • Sofia

    Gwyneth Paltrow, Great Expectations. One scene with delicate leg hair. Weirdly amazing!

  • Nina

    White hair and peachy fuzz? LOL

  • Kattttt

    I have very light body hair, completely see through if I've seen even a tiny bit of sun, but absolutely massive amounts of it. The hair on my lower arms is at least an inch long, half an inch on my upper arms - my arms look like weird little fuzzy creatures when I'm freezing. I think I've left peach fuzz way, way behind...
    The hair on my legs is obviously even longer, so while I'd never ever shave my arms (arm stubble is one of the most disgusting things I can think of) I do use a depilator on the entire leg, toes to hip. I don't even particularly mind the shorter, less dense hair on my thighs, but I am so hairy all over that there would be a noticeable tide-line should I stop at the knee. The upside to this not-so-bad state of hairiness is that brows and head-hair is equally dense and fast-growing!

  • Wf2022

    i have thick dark hair so every month i go in and get a Brazilian and my armpits waxed, when i shave it just looks like 5 o clock shadow waxing is the only thing that gets rid of the hair and i don't have to worry about it for 2- 2 1/2 weeks. i personally don't like having hair in those areas i find it uncomfortable since i work out a lot but if it doesn't bug you and that's what you like go for it.

  • Keynes Charles

    My hair is the exact same way! How did it turn out? Any stronger? I've been using avocado lately...

  • M

    I like to keep my legs as smooth and hairless as they can get-- I have dark body hair, and I personally don't like how it looks when there are thousands of little dark hairs all over my legs. Plus wearing tights with hairy legs is awful, and I love tights. But I haven't shaved my armpits in about a month now and I absolutely love how it looks, I think it's really cute and it's actually boosted my confidence and made me go out in sleeveless tops rather than grabbing a sweater to cover up. I actually want to show it off all the time because it's that cute.
    Also, to those who say it smells: there's this thing called deodorant and you can still wear it with hair under your arms. If you get grossed out by the little white chunks sticking, just rub it in so you can't even tell it's there! The hair will even stay super soft. And honestly, just WASH YOUR PITS, folks. I don't see why there's any reason for it to be 'unhygienic' as some say.

  • ella

    Love, love, love this post. I never knew that about Sophia Loren. She looks amazing. I once had a guy break up with me because I refused to shave my blonde leg hair. Screw it - I'm keeping the hair. It's a great way to weed out unworthy guys.

  • Sabrina Rice

    I don't shave, can't stand it. I LOVE it that you find it sexy, strong, etc. Where I live, North Idaho, people give me the dirtiest looks for having hairy armpits! The funny thing is though, that it's only women who even notice in the first place! I still get eyed up and down and checked out by every guy that passes with hairy legs and armpits and my hairy bikini line at the beach. Plus, I'm married and my husband doesn't care if I shave or not. Do you and stick to your guns because your opinion is the only one that truly matters.

  • David

    I know a few girls who don't shave their armpits and honestly I kind of like it, not sure why though


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