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Pixies! Bobs! Shaves! Ombres! Pinks! The vast number of short and/or colorful hair statements being made these days can call even the healthiest long locks into a state of envy. What to do, in this case, if you are jonesing for a change but aren't ready to part with any length or tinker with your color? How about a 'do that involves little actual cutting and zero foil? Meet the Blunt Cut.

Or the "non-haircut," as hairstylist Joey Silvestera at Blackstones (the man behind Alex Wang's enviable mane) describes it. By slicing a bit off the bottom and letting your layers grow out to a single, uniform length, you'll feel like you're doing something new, Silvestera says. You keep your hair long, and gain a hard, sleek edge that feels equally classic and current (i.e., equal parts Françoise Hardy [14-16] and Alexa Chung [23]).

“Today, you see a lot of girls with very unique look-at-my-hair hairdos that become a style focal point. Well, this is the opposite of that,” adds Silvestera. “This is the 'anti-hairdo'; it’s just an accessory to everything else you've got going on. And it works for men just as well as women.” Take Wang, who was recently photographed for Vogue’s July issue [11] sporting this exact slept-in, lobbed-off style, blowing in the Parisian wind.

Here, Silvestera's rules for the blunt, “nothing” cut:

All 4 One (Length): “First, minimize the layering by bringing everything up to one length. This will create a really clean line. But you can’t just cut a straight line and say, ‘OK, there it is. I’m done.’ There’s a fine line of overdoing simplicity. If it’s done right, it has to be personalized. Once it’s dry, I go back in and do what’s called 'back cutting'—twisting individual sections of the hair and cutting backwards to create small, intermittent lengths within each twisted section—which creates just enough texture to take weight out of the right places, while keeping the cut blunt and simple.”

Better Suited: "For people with thick or wavy hair, your stylist should release more weight to make the hair appear like it’s fine or medium hair—this will maintain softness."

Bang Away: "If you’ve never had bangs before, this can be a good opportunity to get them. Bangs definitely aren’t for everybody—for example, they can can make round faces look even rounder, but longer foreheads and broad features work really well, because bangs kind of break up the face. Also, bangs are really good wrinkle-hiders—they’re a great alternative to Botox. [Laughs]"

Be Cool: “With this cut, your styling at home is really easy and minimal. Everyone’s different, but people with fine to medium hair should only wash their hair every other day and possibly integrate dry shampoo, to control oil. For medium to thick hair, people should go at least two to three days between washes. As far as styling products, we love creams like Bumble and bumble Grooming Cream, because you can use it on wet hair or air-dried hair to eliminate frizz, and it takes you to the second- or third-day look with a single application. Your hair will literally just fall into place and look super natural and cool."

Minimal effort and fewer salon visits for Balenciaga-appropriate hair? We're into it.

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  • Madeline

    Literally just got my hair cut shoulder length and blunt yesterday. Love this look.

    • Lana

      yay! congrats!

    • Junaynah

      How long did the cleanliness of the cut last before ur hair stated growing in its natural layers?

  • PradaStole

    It's a really easy cut to DIY if your hair is shoulder length or longer, here's the tutorial I use:

  • Eleni Christophis

    i'm all over this. i had my hair cut into this "blunt cut" last week in east london - i love it, i had had it done previously but with no weight taken out of it - but my hairdresser thinned out my ends to a weight i was happy with and i love it. so much easier to wash, dry and style. even a kinked wave from a braid now stays more than an hour.

    • Rana

      I'd love ok know where you went in East London? Dying to find a good hairdresser. Thanks x

      • Eleni Christophis

        Hi! it was Lee Boone at Percy & Reed. He is amazing and the best blowdry! :) x

  • Nicholas+TaylorLLC

    Been thinking about doing a one length cut for a while...and now im inspired! It just seems so fresh and easy. Skidaddle, layers!

  • Celina

    I got a fringe a couple of month ago and I've been loving them! I had a fringe in the past but then I got irritated by them, grew them out, and kept them away for a couple of years. I'm glad they're back.


    Celina | The Celution

  • Chantel

    I love bangs!

  • paintitblack

    Just got my blunt cut...some of these aren't blunt cuts though

  • mt

    Love the blunt! I have super thick, stick-straight hair, so it's really the only look that works on me. If it's cut too short, my hair basically becomes a giant upside-down lacquered bowl, and layers just look choppy and messy (not in a chic way). Thanks for giving some love (and styling tips) to this long overlooked 'do.

  • Shannon

    So happy I did this!!

  • anne

    (pic 41 not Filipa k, it's Julia Stegner)

  • peach

    lovely blog<3 xx Peach

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin

  • Nina

    I agree 100 %, fine hair works so much better with a blunt cut. I hate layers, they make my hair look even thinner and messy in a non chic way. Growing them out has been quite a pain too. It took me years to find a hair stylist who doesn't wanna cut layers all over.

  • Yagmur

    I let my hairdresser "do whatever he likes to do" to my hair last week, came home with a pretty minimal -erm plain- style (I never dyed my hair, so boring brown) and BOOM!. My plain cut is on the ITG, score. Thanks dolls x

  • Sara

    I have been lusting over this cut. Sourced you guys on my blog post about this as well.

  • Alexandra

    i used to have this cut and then chopped it all off for a daria werbowy-type bob from her first celine ad. sigh i miss it. and love blackstones! but i go to jamie cook - i followed her there from whittemore house and she's fab

  • nicolejp90

    Weird! just got my hair cut shoulder length like this on friday. I was so scared because it has been long my entire life, but I took a leap of faith and actually love it; and to read this article a couple days later makes me and happier that I did it!


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