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"When I was 13, a friend entered me into a modeling competition. She thought it would be funny, but then I won. I didn’t even read fashion magazines—I was a tomboy... And then my career got off to a slow start because I wanted to finish school and this nutrition course I was doing. But modeling became a good way for me to get to work with great people, express a creative side of myself, and to travel. And now, it’s a way to make money for my son’s education and a good way to get my face out there so I can do things like my skincare line, Kora Organics—people can put a face to the name.

I started Kora because I was looking for a certified organic skincare line that gave me results and was aesthetically pleasing. I couldn't find one. I’m not against non-certified products, obviously—I use them all of the time for my job—but I try to minimize my exposure to chemicals. It's a balance. In terms of making the products, I learned a lot about ingredients from growing up with my grandmother. My mom had me when she was 17, so my grandma played a big role in my life, and she’s the one who started my fascination with noni juice, which is from a Tahitian fruit called Morinda citrifolia that has over 170 vitamins and minerals. She would give me noni juice for energy, and it also works on a cellular level. She’d put aloe vera on my skin, or, if I got sunburn, she would put noni on my skin. Noni juice is now is a key ingredient in my line.

Kora is made with love and positivity. My lab in Australia has rose quartz throughout the whole place. The back of my products has the word 'love,' 'joy,' or 'peace' written on them—positive words that give intention to the products. At the end of the day, it’s about being able to get a beauty line out there with integrity that makes a difference to people’s skin. Things are going well—we're sold in over 400 stores in Australia, and now on Net-a-Porter.

Being healthy is the way that I am. I try to keep a healthy house. I have alkaline water filters in my kitchen sink and on my shower heads, so it’s purified and alkaline. I learned about the benefits of alkaline in your body from studying nutrition, and there are many ways to do it–drinking alkaline water is one of them and drinking cold-pressed green juices, warm water with lemon and that sort of thing are also good. And all the plants in my house are oxygen-producing and air-purifying plants. There’s a whole lecture on TED talks on plants and how specific ones clean and purify the air, and produce oxygen.

With modeling, it’s fun to see the way people can experiment on my face. But when I do it myself, I keep it simple. I just throw on a lip color and my sunglasses, so I don’t have to worry about anything else. I’ve always liked color on my lips. RMS Lip2Cheek in Sacred is really good because you can use it on the lips and cheeks. Smile is good, too; it’s a little more pink. I find a red lip just lifts my face, like Le Métier de Beauté Colour Core Moisture Stain Lipstick in China Beach. I found it on Net-a-Porter. I know what tones work for me now after all these years in the industry. I’m very big on eyebrows, too. I groom them and pluck them myself, and use Bobbi Brown eyebrow gel to keep them in place.

For cleansing, my routine has always been pretty easy. I believe in simple steps: cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize, and a mask once a week. Every morning, I wash my face with the Kora Organics Cream Cleanser, and I use the Foaming Cleanser at night to remove makeup. Then I spray the Energising Citrus Mist. My moisturizer depends on the state of my skin, so sometimes I’ll use Soothing Day and Night Cream, or, if I’m having a bit of a breakout, I’ll use Purifying Day and Night Cream. Luxurious Rosehip Oil is also amazing at night, so I’ll wear that on my face—it’s great for age prevention—and body.

Actually, I used the rosehip oil throughout my entire pregnancy and I don’t have a single stretch mark—I had a ten-pound baby!  It’s really nourishing and full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. The Enriched Body Lotion is also amazing. I used to suffer from really dry skin on my legs, maybe from shaving a lot or from being on airplanes all of the time, but once I started using our body lotion, the dryness went away. It's thick and very rich with macadamia nut oil, but it absorbs really fast.

Hair-wise, I love using coconut oil as a treatment and apple cider vinegar for shininess—you put on a little bit in the shower as a rinse, and then wash it out. It stinks a little, but then you use conditioner and the smell goes away. I’m obsessed with having clean hair. This is all my natural color, except for a tiny little bit around my face, which was just bleached for a shoot to make it look sun-kissed. A hairdresser went out and just got this cheap purple bleach from Ricky’s. They put it in a couple of little pieces and rinsed it out.

I don’t really wear perfume, but I love sandalwood and essential oils, which are what I use in my products. When I do wear something, I have this little oil that is a mix of sandalwood and rose that smells like getting a hug when you put it on. And my deodorant from Avalon Organics is lavender-scented and very fresh. It’s organic, too, so no parabens, aluminum, or synthetic fragrance.

I always keep my handbag packed with a few essentials. Like, I believe in dental hygiene, even on the go, so GUM toothpicks are a must. And I always keep Similasan Dry Eye Relief on me. My eyes have been burned by flash bulbs twice at photo shoots—like blisters on my eyes—so I try to keep them lubricated now. I've also got tweezers and scissors for my nails in my bag; I’m really a freak about my nails. Orlando and I share a nail thing—he has a bit of a foot fetish. I like OPI’s Koala Beary on my nails. It’s not organic, but sometimes I just do it.

You don’t have to be 100% strict with yourself. It’s about balance, being kind to yourself, and knowing what works, but not feeling like you have to do everything. For me, it's 80% health-conscious and 20% indulgence. I try to avoid saying 'always' and 'never,' because we're human beings, and it's not always possible. But to be educated and aware of what you’re doing before you do it is the key."

—as told to ITG

Miranda Kerr photographed by Emily Weiss in New York on July 12, 2013. Find out more about Kora Organics and sign up for the Friends of Kora mailing list here.

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  • Tanita Razaghi

    So much excitement when I saw this, one step closer to that gorgeous blowy skin of hers? xx, -T.

  • annabel

    she seems so sensible and shockingly moderate! i remember her on the cover of girlfriend when she was 13. love it.

    • dresspw

      It was Dolly :D

      • Maryanne

        Yep, Miranda was on Dolly and Catherine McNeil was on the cover of Girlfriend when she won the modelling comp. I remember buying that when I was in primary school. Ah memories :)

  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    OMG her jewelry drawer is such a thing of beauty...but then so is her skin...and hair...and dog...:P

  • SashaSasha

    For THAT skin. I just do NOT believe she got it from Kora or organic particles she incorporates into her skin/body/life. The only time i got the closest to her skin was when i was pregnant....

    • Cay

      It probably has a lot to do with genetics. Successful models are usually picked out because there is less expensive touching-up to do on their photos, i.e. skin/body/etc (it's the actresses who tend to get the SUPER extensive photoshopping jobs). Your skin is kind of a DNA wildcard and some people are just born very, very lucky.

      • Leetoki

        Hit it on the head. I'm leggy and 5"11 but I gave up on modelling because I have shitty big pored skin that was unpredictable at the best of times, and I just couldn't be bothered being chewed out for it over and over. Not my fault people! But my years of modelling shaped me into the person I wanted to be, so it wasn't all doom and gloom. :)

      • 1Alouette


    • 1Alouette

      I have great skin (not to brag), and I haven't done much of anything to get it. It is genetics that contributes to her skin and it is possible.

  • MamaHere

    Ps. I use rosehip oil,almond oil,coconut oil,bio oil from australian pharmacy and other sticky things i wish will leave me no stretchmarks- yet still i have faint marks on the left and right hips. Soo ..... Sorry so much negativity- i am prone to jealousy when it comes to unreal-model-mama

    • Grace

      She eats practically raw everything too, nourishing foods that would help her skin from the inside out. I agree, it's hard not to be jealous/sceptical as her health/radiance seems close to physically 'perfect'. However it's not just about the things you slather on the outside, it's a fine balance of genetics, diet, lifestyle, time invested into one's health etc etc.

      Your experience may have differed to hers simply because she had more time to invest in her looks/diet - that is her job after all. Think of the bright side, she doesn't get to experiences the riches of your life. Everyone is lucky in different ways.

      • Sara

        Totally agree with you!

      • Violeta Marniku

        Grace, your comment is in accordance with your name :)

        • marquisette

          Yes, thank you Grace.

        • Grace

          Oh thank you Violeta, that is a very sweet thing to say!

          • Grace

            and marquisette!

      • MamaHere

        Damn you are right,Grace! But.......... Isnt it easier to grab a bar of chocolate when you get hungry every half an hour??:p My best attempt was to keep organic granola bars on the bedside table but thats not the kind of food you would want to munch when you feel nauseated really.... And again,raw food is ex-pen-sive!

    • Sara

      Yeah, unfortunately, it is more her genes, and less rosehip oil. :( I used to use all those fancy oils -- they did not help at all. They just slimmed my wallet. I changed my mind and attitude, and stopped believing in miracle oils/miracle products. I try to invest in my food rather than expensive skin care products. But, she is adorable!

    • pixiedust8

      I submitted a comment saying I think it's really genetic. I also had a 10-pound baby, used any old lotion when I remembered, and had no stretch marks. But on the plus side, I really don't think people notice stretch marks at all (except for the person who has them, of course, since we are all hardest on ourselves!)

  • Parisian To Be

    I knew she was gorgeous, but in had to idea that it he same went for the inside. She's so lovely! Fantastic work, Into the Gloss!
    xo Lillian + parisiantobe.com

  • cocoenvy

    Wow I adore this, I love how simple she is with her routine and the minimalism when it comes to her products. I guess her beautiful skin isn't just all from Kora, but what she puts inside her body with the nutrients! Just beautiful

  • http://genuineglow.com/ Lilly

    What's not to love about Miranda Kerr? She is gorgeous and smart. She is self-disciplined and chooses the best available: best exercise, best diet, best facials...This is why her body is perfect and her skin is flawless. I have never tried any Kora products but I plan to do it in the future. I love RMS Beauty, I use the Un-powder and the living luminizer every single day.


  • http://LuxeLifeAspirations.blogspot.ie/ Michelle

    I am envy itself over her hair...

  • Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    Fabulous interview! <3

  • cactina

    OMG how did you land this coup! Brightened my dreary Monday!

  • The Beauty Eater

    I got super excited when I saw miranda kerr's name on my bloglovin newsfeed <3


  • CarolinaG


    I'm posting looks from Los Angeles and accessories:


  • Reblow

    Finally! Have been wishing for this top shelf forever!

  • Natalie

    Just a lovely person all round. Good job, ITG.

  • http://madamecouture.blogspot.com/ Emma Hager

    Pretty sure my skin wasn't as great as hers, even right out of the womb when it was unexposed to the toxins and sun of life on earth.

  • http://tonightatnoon.com/ Christine

    She sounds really smart and informed. Even if I think her line can't be the sole responsible for her great skin -- good genes, good genes! -- I love that she educated herself and she sounds like she knows what she's talking about. Love her last paragraph especially. Lovely woman all around.

  • Catherine

    That's insane that her eyes were *blistered* by cameras!
    And she and Flynn are super cute :)

  • http://www.diamenrose.tumblr.com/ Diamenrose

    Greaat :)

  • hannah

    BLISTERS? on her EYES?????

  • Patricia

    Filed under things I never needed to know: "Orlando and I share a nail thing—he has a bit of a foot fetish. "

  • Crotchless Maxipad

    Natural skincare products are never going to keep wrinkles, lines, age spots away....

    • sara

      neither will conventional products, so just apply sunscreen and enjoy life, good lord.

  • pixiedust8

    Just adding that stretch marks are more genetic than anything, I think. I also had a 10-pound baby and had no stretch marks--but none of the women in my family get them. So, while there's no harm in rosehip oil, it might not work for everyone.

  • Chantel

    Miranda is gorgeous!

  • http://www.vibrantbeautyblog.com/ Jennifer Monforton

    Great feature! She really is a natural beauty and her skin care line sounds incredibly tempting! It's nice to hear from a model with such a kind, enthusiastic, down-to-earth sensibility. Her dog is adorable too! :)

  • MelissaBass

    They probably have a master suite which usually includes his and hers bathrooms.

  • http://thenasnowpub.com/ Sarah Sá Couto

    Finally! A dog on ITG.

  • Jen

    I love RMS too but it makes my sensitive skin break out :/. Genetics!

    • eastvillagesiren

      Me too!! And I really like the consistency and colors, but I itch up a storm after a few days. So I recommend RMS products - for anyone but me ; )

  • ml

    Lovely lady

  • http://harperheath.blogspot.com/ Harper

    She seems so down to earth and cool! Great Top Shelf!

  • http://www.kimberlyloc.com/ kimberlyloc

    Thank you for this feature! I'm curious about Kora and of course always love reading about clean beauty routines from stars! Keep 'em coming.

  • serena

    thanks emily! and now just waiting for gisele :)

  • Lulu


  • Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    She is beautiful, very naturally so. Genes play the biggest part, but certainly you can give nature a helping hand with diet, exercise etc.

  • Jessica

    Blisters on her EYES? From flashbulb bursts? Oh my god...

  • ana222shine

    Love your blogs!!!


  • Jill S

    She sounds so NORMAL and down to earth. Like her even more now!

  • Janet Lee

    I would try Kora just for the novelty of it, but it's waaaaayyyyy too expensive. Ridiculously expensive. There's no reason for it to be so dear. The products listed above is not possible for us 'normal' women to afford.

    • Leetoki

      Its called a celebrity mark up. The mark up is decided in accordance to how big and famous she is, because if she hocked a cheaper product it wouldn't have that same luxe vibe that MK stands for.
      And THEN Drew Barrymore comes out with Flower and throws that marketing ploy out the window. The world we live in.

  • marquisette

    Miranda is just gorgeous and I am always interested in her beauty posts and secrets posted all around. I am not really crazed by jealousy. HOWEVER this is kind of sad. After reading countless stories of the wise ol' grandma from god-knows-where who knows-a-secret-potion and is-related-to-a-supermodel it just gets old. Also, I love perfume, and according to the interview, Miranda doesn't wear any. On the other hand the pictures show a gorgeous collection of Tom Ford, l'Artisan and Byredo. Umm, get with the picture, Miranda, or don't flaunt them.

    • eileen

      Those may just be perfumes she wears for special occasions. I work with models and have been working with models for years. It's well known that models shouldn't wear perfume while working because they're working in very close quarters with other people. It's also best not to risk scenting the clothing samples.

  • The Neon Papaya
  • isabel

    where can i find that mint colored hair dryer???

  • Ella

    love this! it's wonderful how she stresses the importance of balance and not being so harsh on yourself. what a great wake up call!

    xx ella

  • Elspbeth Hodgins

    You are also wrong as Lemon juice has a pH level of around 2, which is alkaline.

  • Olivia

    yes it does have to do with what you eat. Your body is made up by a pH balance. Each food tends to be more alkalizing or acidic. For example, greener vegetables are more alkaline and therefore healthier for you because they balance your pH levels. The more acidic food you eat (wheat, dairy, sugar), the more inflammation your body produces, causing many many internal and external problems. I suggest you go on crazysexydiet.com and read all about it. Also negativity ^^ causes more stress which leads to problems as well... try some yoga.

    • Diana Est

      No. What balances your pH levels is the buffering property of the blood and the respiration. Many acidic foods have other extremely beneficial qualities and should not be avoded simply because they're 'acidic'. Infection will also more easily enter your body if you break the body's acidic barrier. Let your blood do what it's designed to do and don't deprive yourself of the potentially good compounds. This, of course, does not mean you can eat and drink whatever and as much as you want and stay healthy.
      Personally, I do care about what I eat and drink and the skin care I use (I also do yoga) but not to a point at which it becames an obsession. That also can cause stress.

      • denisa7

        Hi both of you (Diana and Bluesky). It is very interesting what you are saying and would like to ask you to give me more details (links, studies) about this subject. I know I am off-topic but it is a matter of urgency for me and I did not expect to have the chance to talk about this on this website. Could you send me some more details at denisa.sima@gmail.com? (ITG : not sure if this is possible to post, but I would really like to get in contact with these two readers of yours. If this is not an appropriate way of contacting them, please give me some other solution!). Thank you very much!

        • Diana Est

          First rule when trying to prove or disapprove a certain claim (in this case whether food impacts the acid base status of the body) is to search for studies published in acclaimed journals. Good starting points to browse those in the field of medicine / bio-sciences are Web of Knowledge, Web of Science, Medline and Scopus / Science Direct. However you will need access to browsing the sites (can be obtained through institutions subscribed to these services) and will likely have to pay to view and download the paper you want. But I believe it's worth it for someone who wants to be educated in the field.
          I gained knowledge on acid base balance through 6 years of medical school and 5 years of residency so to me it's just basic medical knowledge that can be found in biochemistry and human physiology books.
          Glad if I helped.

          • denisa7

            Thank you. You have been very helpful and kind!

  • alicia

    'I don't really wear perfume...' Cut to, picture #3 with 10 perfume bottles on a lovely tray. Just sayin'

  • daphne

    Miranda's glow may very well be from Rosehip Oil! It has a lot of Vitamin A which is essentially the same as Retin-A. I believe the benefits of Rosehip Oil over time is similar as retinoids.

  • denisa7

    Hi Bluesky, I would like to know how you can help the kidneys and lungs if you need to be more alkaline? (I understand that in case of an illness your body has more acidity and you need to balance that). I am genuinely intrested in this. Thank you

  • Dorothy HF

    OBSESSED with Miranda Kerr, she is so effortlessly stylish.

    she goes wear
    Follow me on
    Bloglovin x

  • Feircely Chic

    I love Miranda kerr!!!

  • http://fancylauren.blogspot.com/ Lauren Ashley

    Love her down-to-earth approach. She just seems like she would be such a nice gal to grab a cup of tea with!

  • Nina R.

    That is a Goyard bag - gorgeous!

  • http://www.kmakesithappen.com/ Kassandra Fairhall

    amazing interview, I adore miranda kerr and find her to be such a inspiration, great post

  • http://petalandplume.blogspot.ca/ petal and plume

    so thrilled to see this! she's a beauty icon in my eyes!

  • denisa7

    Thank you! You have been very useful!

  • bluesky557

    Fantastic response, thank you.

  • nicole

    Does anyone know which TED talk she is referring to?? I'm super interested to check it out...

  • Elspbeth Hodgins

    Scratch my comment haha Nina R. Is right lemon juice is acidic :)

  • Leetoki

    I really enjoyed this TopShelf, but I also love the comments even more. She's such a sweet doe eyed thing, but gosh her life philosophies are never taken at base value on any forum! It makes me so proud of a market that was once led only by pretty faces with no questions asked, but here we have a bevy of clever women debating the ideas presented. I love the ITG fans.

    All aside, I do like her final quote as well - You don’t have to be 100% strict with yourself. It’s about balance, being kind to yourself, and knowing what works, but not feeling like you have to do everything. For me, it's 80% health-conscious and 20% indulgence. I try to avoid saying 'always' and 'never,' because we're human beings, and it's not always possible. But to be educated and aware of what you’re doing before you do it is the key

    • denisa7

      Me too! It is encouraging to see that people do not buy everything but question the information presented and come forward with new ideas!

  • guesty

    i have no opinion on her products, having not used them, but she does state expressly that she was looking for a company with *certified* organic products. since you brought up aesop - if you go to aesop's website, you'll notice in their faqs that some of the ingredients they use are not organic (which can have 3000 definitions, depending on who's using the term), and the word *certified* does not appear anywhere.

  • Bells

    I disagree. I suspect it would be full of products from her own line (Sejaa) and products she has endorsed in the past. When she was with VS, whenever she was asked for hair tips she would say the source of her sexy waves was a VS product. When people complimented her on her skin, it was because of a Nivea moisturizer. Gisele may be beautiful, but don't expect tips of the trade from her. She will never tell the secrets she learned over the years in the business.

  • unvanquished

    Forget fashion and beauty! Her home is gorgeous!

  • sunina

    She is such an inspiration and I love her book.. absolutely gorgeous inside and out. Thank you ITG!

  • Julie

    I love her ring collection!

  • Anthony

    May we get a Jourdun Dunn Top Shelf? Pretty Please.

  • irisflower

    miranda is the face of clear here in australia...

    • brookesmasher

      oh my apologies, i didnt realize!!!

  • DMH

    can someone explain how your eyes get burned by flashbulbs? and you get blisters on your eyes? that sounds crazy!

  • Prenouveau

    Have you not seen Lord of the Rings? :)

  • Holly Skelton

    One of my favourite models, so beautiful - love her! Holly xx


  • eastvillagesiren

    The real concern about lemons in water is that the acid in the lemons can corrode your enamel. So use a straw ; )

  • Monet M.

    Could someone please identify the designer of her peach sleeveless top here? Thank you in advance!

  • Ana

    So that's Miranda's secret: Noni juice! I heard so much about it and its supposedly cancer healing properties, has anyone tried it?

  • Holly

    I can't believe I use the same toothbrush as Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom!

  • Janet Lee

    Yep, that was off-putting for me as well. It's more expensive than well-established, older brands and it doesn't make me feel more 'pampered' if I were to use it. I would be counting how many dollars each use would be!

  • Michele

    Does anyone have any idea where her blouse and jeans are from? So cute!

  • Jennifer

    Love her!! great article! I'd love to see top shelf by Poppy Delevingne!!

  • Azra Nurkic

    Absolutely love this! Had to comment and say, personally for me KORA was not just a hype. I always had issues with my skin (breakouts - combination oiliness/dryness) and after trying A LOT of different products (cheap and expensive) my skin completely transformed since I tried (and switched) to KORA. Literally had my own mum, friends and people I work with notice the 'glowing' difference, not to mention girls at make up counters telling me how lucky I was to have nice skin. 100% everyone's skin is different but you can't feel bad about trying something that is CERTIFIED organic (big difference between certified vs non certified organic). Yes it is definitely on the more expensive side especially when living on a budget - but wouldn't you rather invest in your skin? Besides when something has worked so well for me, I feel like it needs to be shared round!

  • Skingirl

    ZO Skin Health by Zein Obagi. Best skin care.

  • Daisy L

    I absolutely loved this; so many great tips and product suggestions!!!

  • hclsaltaicd

    I love it that healthy models are 'in' now! They are such good role models for all of us.

  • Rora

    I do believe ALL plants produce oxygen. That was a bit silly.

  • http://thiskittenhasklaws.wordpress.com/ Catherine Dream

    I like her and I think her philosophy is awesome, but honestly - that perfect, glowing skin of hers is mostly genetics.
    Sad, but true. We're sorta stuck with what we got ; )


  • Inkygrl

    Also...aren't ALL plants "oxygen producing"???

  • Elizabeth

    Could the rosehip oil be used to vanish already existing stretch marks?

    • Lisa


      • Elizabeth

        thanks so much! have you or someone you know used it personally?

  • http://dbakeca.com Dbakeca Italia

    She is stunning!


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