Dr. Hauschka Fresh Deodorant

Dr. Hauschka Deodorant in Fresh
Dr. Hauschka Deodorant in Fresh

Not to be a fear monger, but I’m terrified of antiperspirant. Why? Because that aluminum chloride that's sealing your under-arm sweat ducts and keeping your summer whites white has been linked to Alzheimer’s (still controversial) and cancer (I realize that the latter hasn’t been proven, but the CDC and FDA won’t rule out a connection, either), and I’m under the impression that your body is supposed to sweat. It’s good for you—sweating is a natural way of dispelling toxins and preventing your body from overheating. Just think of how much your skin glows after a Bikram yoga class or a turn in a steam room.

By choice, I’m a sweater. Or… a sweat-er. But, I also don’t wish the smell of my totally healthy, natural bodily function on anyone (including myself). And for that, I rely on Dr. Hauschka’s Fresh Deodorant. Okay, look, it’s $19, which is a lot for deodorant, and it’s not going to stop your underarms from moistening up, but aside from that, I don’t feel like it’s lacking anything. I still get the my-armpits-are-still-skin moisturizing component of my former Dove deo; a subtle, refreshing sage and citrus scent that I wouldn’t mind rolling on my pulse points, and a chic package that holds court next to my prettiest perfumes. It dries quickly on my skin and, for me, works all day—even in New York City’s disgustingly humid summer months. I'm happy to pay a premium for peace of mind (and nose).

—Mackenzie Wagoner

Photos by Zoe Ruffner.

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  • Silvy

    Thanks for the rec! Organic deos are always sketch, and it's especially hard to dish out that kind of money if you don't know that it'll work. I've been using Weleda Rose deo for years; it's a bit cheaper and works. It's not been holding up too well for me this summer, however, so maybe I'll try something new for summer!

    • overanalyzer

      The Toms of Maine one is really good.

      • Silvy

        Didn't work for me :/

  • adamalpha

    Y'all, am I the only one for whom antiperspirant has actually CAUSED yellow stains on m'whites? That's why I opted out.

    • Prenouveau

      Yep! The aluminum salts make the stains more yellow. A nice overnight soak in Oxiclean will get them out.

    • annam

      yep. cancer be damned but its the yellow stains that made me stop using antiperspirant.

  • http://beautyisdiverse.com/ Beauty Is Diverse

    I've been using Dr Hauschka Natural deodorant for over a year and it's great. It last long also.

  • Lana

    I NEED to know if this zaps the smell one's underarms produce, or if its just a light coverup of natural body odor? If I'm going to spend 18 bucks on a deodorant...I'd like it to have special smell zapping powers (:

  • overanalyzer

    Nobody can actually prove that regular deodorant is 100% safe, and why would you want more toxins in your body when you can pick a product that works just as well? You're right, this isn't a medical blog, but consumers need to treat personal care and cosmetics products as though they ARE medicines because some are just as potent.

  • Peyton Simms

    Thanks! I definitely want to try this!


  • Madison Bryan

    Arm & hammer essentials FTW. It's discontinued but I stockpile on Amazon.

  • Kim

    Love the Dr Hauschka, Will defiantly try out the deodorant.


  • Brynn

    I've been using Schmidt's natural deodorant for a couple of weeks now (including a week in humid Texas heat) and it works amazingly well! It has pretty simple ingredients, comes in an cute little glass jar (with spatula to help scoop it out), and I've had no underarm sweat to really report of. At first it irritated a little, but just don't apply it right after you shave and you should be good to go! Also, it's made in Portland. Nuff said.


  • A

    This deodorant does not work for me AT ALL. Smelly pits in a couple of hours. Uh.

  • Gloria

    My friend uses Dr.Hauschka's products, including this one, and I haven't heard complain much about it. Heard great things about this one :)


  • eastvillagesiren

    Lilah, I get what you're saying, but I also accept that this is a blog with writers offering their opinions so I take it with a grain of salt, and defintiely a starting point, then do my research. And yeah, I don't get how the writer came to CDC conclusion. We're more likely to be exposed to aluminum via inhalation and ingestion from earth and water: ttp://www.ehow.com/about_5065571_aluminum-alzheimers-disease.html.

    Dr Hauschka didn't work at all for me, but I just bought the Euro Nivea Pure & Natural Action Deo at New London Pharmacy and it worked really well in NYC's 90-plus degree weather.

  • http://www.hauteinhabit.com/ Haute Inhabit

    From your article on WebMD: "Antiperspirants: Should You Worry?

    In short: No. There is no real scientific evidence that aluminum or any of the other ingredients in these products pose any threat to human health." -Web MD

    Key words: "no real evidence", as reiterated in the ITG post above. It takes just as much effort to read something as it would to Google something.

    In this diagram, you could clearly see the lymph nodes streaming seamlessly into the breast area. That said, there could probably (key word: probably) be a link to breast cancer, as any sort of chemical used topically could easily be saturated into the dermis.

    My theory on cancer: Any chemical that our bodies have not internalized from the dawn of time, being that they are not natural, are subject to mutation. For example: MSG, artificial flavoring/coloring/anything, Saccharine, BHA & BHT, and other such fun things the FDA approves.

    This is just the reality of what chemicals we are putting into our bodies. Scaring people? It's just a theory. Some people would just rather live safe than sorry. Does this mean I am going to stop using my Old Spice deodorant? **** no. I love the way that thing smells. And I also love to live on the wild side. Now, the fact that ITG takes their reader's health into account and is offering alternatives, with the honesty of their reasoning behind the chosen product, should be appreciated and not scorned at because the information stated was not as in depth to your liking.

    • http://www.hauteinhabit.com/ Haute Inhabit


    • eastvillagesiren

      Aluminum is a natural element, abundant in the earth's crust since the dawn of time. I personally choose not to add more aluminum to my body through external products. But in general, the molecules of aluminum in antiperspirants are too large to penetrate the skin's dermis.

      There are other theories on cancer being posed by scientists. that cell mutation could be caused by inflammation or even via a virus.:rhttp://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/10/071023213311.htm. I'm intrigued by the virus theory and try to keep up with the latest research on it. I'm less worried about whether chemical ingredients are naturally or synthetically derived as I am about the chemical composition of the auto exhaust particles I ingest into my lungs in NYC. I agree with you on BHT; on one hand it has antioxidant properties; on the other hand those same properties can contribute to cell mutation.

  • http://genuineglow.com/ Lilly

    I am loving all these "green" beauty posts on ITG! I, too, am concerned about antiperspirants and use only natural deodorants.


  • http://genuineglow.com/ Lilly

    Loving all these "green" beauty posts on ITG! I, too, am concerned about using antiperspirants and only use natural deodorants.

    I am currently loving another product from Dr. Hauschka, the Translucent Bronze Concentrate. Did you check that one out? http://genuineglow.com/dr-hauschka-bronze-concentrate/


  • Prenouveau

    Whole Foods Body also has some nice individually wrapped "yoga towelettes" if you need to wipe down mid-day.

  • Maile

    I've tried Dr. Hauschka too and it only lasted for about 2 hours even in temperate weather like early summer in Big Sur. I did finally find a good natural deodarant and I've tried nearly every natural one on the market. I use simply divine botanicals "keeping abreast of it" now and I used it during Coachella last year when it was gnarly hot out and my pits were neutral even after pulling an all nighter. There are other 'scents' but 'keeping abreast of it' is my fav because it promotes lymphatic drainage too.

  • bolly

    Yeesh seems expensive. I need my chemical-y toothpaste and deodorant.

  • Cyndee

    These natural deo is a nice concept but smelly pits is the way to go. The natural stuff leave me pretty odor - able within 2 hours. If i am working out, i still go ahead unnatural deo, even those I know they may not be good for your health. On one hand, natural and smelly, on the other hand, un-natural and no nasty smell, and a potential health risk.

    In the winter I just skip deo if i know I am not likely to smell bad.

  • Samantha Elisabeth

    So what exactly is the verdict on Potassium Alum crystals? I've been using mine since September, and I'd swear by them!

  • ROKderm

    I bought this as well! Love it! I've done posts on both parabens and aluminum salts in cosmetics on http://www.ROKderm.com, and this deo just made it to my favorites of July!

  • Leslie

    Lavilin has been making a splash in the media recently: http://nymag.com/thecut/2013/07/any-of-these-hippie-deodorants-work.html

    Glad to see Lavilin in the press - I've been using the brand for as long as I can remember and I'm totally in love with it!