Logomania: The Streetwear Edition


When you think 'logo,' visions of double Cs and LVs probably come to mind. And it's true: the Vuittons, Guccis, and Chanels of the world are some of the more prominent signifiers of luxury, and some people do really really right by them while others, not so much. They’re everywhere, and they’re available to anyone (who can afford them), hence the recent proliferation of  "FuCC Off", "Comme des Fuck Down" and “Céline (Dion)” parody hats, hoodies, and tees.

So in the search for something special—some new, noteworthy, wearable brand identity—here’s a curveball: what about American labels?I'm obsessed with American sportswear, like wearing an all-white tracksuit and crew-neck shirts with logos by Tommy and Ralph Lauren,” Caroline Brasch Nielsen told us last week, over coffee at The Smile. “There were a lot of Danish people visiting me in NYC this weekend, and we all went to the Woodbury Common outlets, where I bought this really old Tommy Hilfiger t-shirtthat’s really all I was looking for. I got, like, 15 Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger logo t-shirts. And socks with brand logos. I’m really into mixing those with sneakers, especially Chanel sneakers."

Now, it’s no surprise that models get away with a lot (see: Hanne Gaby in Crocs, actually looking cool) in the style department. But, dare we say it, a Tommy t-shirt hasn't looked this good since Aaliyah. With matching socks, no less. Granted, the denim Chanel Le Boy bag helps.

If Woodbury Commons (a premiumwe're talking Balenciaga, Prada, Reed Krakoff—shopping outlet in upstate New York) isn’t an option, might we suggest digging deep into your own closet? Chances are there are some vintage gems that have been relegated to the “workout clothes” pile. Otherwise, get thee to a mall, if only for old time’s sake.

Caroline Brasch Nielsen photographed by Emily Weiss in New York. 

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  • Poulette

    really? this is how 3/4 of the population dress in Italy.... I recommend to accessorize the look with a tan (fake of course!)

    • murt

      Yes - she definitely needs a day-glo orange fake tan to push this look over the edge. Otherwise her outfit really doesn't look complete. Greasy skin and hair would also add to the effect!

  • Jane S

    Dare I say $4,000 worth of Chanel accessories would make a Tommy Hilfiger shopping bag look good.

  • Chantel

    Love the Aaliyah commercial.

  • Kattttt

    I'll forgive her everything - she looks good! -, but those socks. That length. Hideous, should be forgotten, abolished, forbidden. It suits no one. It tells me you have sweaty feet and want your socks to be discreet, because you KNOW bare ankles look better. Why else?

    • Sara

      Ha ha! I totally agree with you.

  • Sara

    Ugh, no, no, no! I truly dislike logos of any kind.

  • yep


  • Peet

    What camera did you use for these photos?

  • Maria Coutinho


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