By Terry’s Hyaluronic Summer Bronzing Hydra-Veil


Every summer, it's the same conundrum: we want to look like a divine bronzed goddess (hey, Gisele), but we also know that achieving a perfect, 360-degree tan now will only kick us in the (toned) a$$ down the road. So we slather on SPF 5,000+ sunblock to ward off future age spots, wrinkles, unsightly burns, and, you know, the potential big “c”. And we stay pale... Or at least we did, until happening upon By Terry’s Hyaluronic Summer Bronzing Hydra-Veil.

With just the slightest dollop—seriously, a little goes a long way—the ultra matte, no-shimmer/-glitter/-shine/-what-have-you mousse will take you from ghostly to glowing, imparting an even, tawny (not orange), freshly-powdered finish that involves zero commitment. Just soap and water will return you to your spectral self before bed. Pro tip: moisturize before and after application to help the product blend smoothly into your skin and to avoid the tragic toasted mall-girl mask... You know, where your face is bordered by that unsightly bronzer-line of gloom? Otherwise, glow long and prosper.

Photos by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • Michelle

    This sounds amazing, I was sold at "matte" :)

  • Bells

    Is it better than the one from Clarins that Emily loves?

  • Ruby

    This looks amazing! Next purchase!


  • Maeva

    I've been using it for almost a month and it's even better than a CC cream. It really gives a natural tan. I love it!

  • Makeup Remastered

    I love By Terry -do u know if it is limited?

  • Eva

    I'd love it if you gave us a review of the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel. For acne sufferers like myself who (thank goodness) only has to deal with the remainder deep ice pick scars, i'd love to know if this is physically effective in removing scars. As always, ITG is such a pleasure to read xx

    • Angelcat47

      It would help with acne and blackheads,but definitely not the ice pick scars.

  • Gloria

    excited to try this product <3

  • nicole

    would love to see before (tan) and after picks of whomever tried out this product at ITG! please? thanks!!

  • Feircely Chic

    Finally I can get a good tan!!!!! This person i know always has the best tan and it makes me so jealous!!!!


By Terry Hyaluronic Summer