New-Mom Advice for Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Congratulations, Kate! After nearly a full day of labor, you and your prince have given the world a beautiful (we can only imagine), healthy, eventual heir to the throne. And while we have so many unanswered questions—What is his name? Whose nose does he have?—we do have a few answers for you. No, these are not our own new-mom tips, but rather some picked from the pregnancy pros we’ve featured in Top Shelves. Here, their sage advice:

Treat yourself like you would your baby:
To borrow a phrase from new-mom guru Julia Restoin Roitfeld, when it comes to baby beauty products, "if it’s good for [your child], it’s good for [you]." We wholeheartedly suggest that you dip into that Bonpoint perfume you undoubtedly received at your royal shower (Princess Beatrice, was that from you?), or Johnson’s Baby lotion and Burt’s Bees Nourishing Baby Oil. We can’t agree more with stylist Kate Young, who says Jurlique’s organic baby wash is “amazing”—so, lather up. And for those innumerable trips you’ll take to introduce the future king to his royal kingdom, a Mustela Facial Cleansing Cloth makes an ideal in-flight pick-me-up for both you and your babe. After all, when it comes down to it, we are all just big babies.

When you can, get some rest:
Mother-of-two power woman, Arianna Huffington stresses the importance of getting a proper night’s sleep (she's filled her HuffPo headquarters with nap rooms and even gave a TED Talk on “How to Sleep Your Way to the Top—Literally”). No one is asking you to be a superwoman. When that baby cries in the middle of the night, ring a royal nurse, will you? Your body will thank you.

And when you can’t, fake it:
Roitfeld will tell you that the most important tool for any mom to have is an eyelash curler. Say it with us now: Shu Uemura. No matter what (or who) kept you up all night, you’ll look like you clocked in eight hours. For an additional boost, Nasty Gal’s Stacey Nishimoto employs a reconstructing eye cream (she’s partial to Kiehl's Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment) to keep her lids intact. And when those peepers are past saving, model-turned-mother Miranda Kerr relies on a bold red lip to give her face a “lift.”

Make time for yourself:
Liv Tyler tells it straight, noting that “When you put a bit more effort into some things—your health, your body, your skin, your hair—the results are wonderful.” Get some quality alone time, and if you can’t rely on Prince Harry to babysit for an hour, sit that baby in front of a video of the Royal Wedding. Take time to have a bath (with a full bottle of hydrogen peroxide?) or get a manicure—as Essie founder Essie Weingarten puts it, “People say, ‘Why nails?’ and I say… for women, it’s better than any psychiatrist. We really relax. We put down the baby, we put down the iPhone. It’s our time to zone out.” Why? Because, as Tyler says, it helps your "inner-sparkle" shine through.

Get that body back:
Though you managed to maintain a conspiracy-theory-spurring body, we’re sure you, like Lauren Santo Domingo, already have a trainer lined up to get yourself back to fighting shape. In case you don’t, you could always go the way of Victoria’s Secret models and call up trainer Justin Gelband, Pilates instructor Clea Starkes, or take a few Aerobox classes. And, you know, no pressure. Like many women, Roitfeld believes you should carve out a healthy nine months for yourself to shrink back to size, the same time it took to grow your baby belly. And when you’re not at the gym, slip into a Roitfeld-approved postpartum belt from A Pea in the Pod to keep everything in place. (Also: Victoria's Secret Angel Kerr credits rosehip oil for keeping her stretch-mark-free—and her baby, Flynn, clocked in at 10 lbs! You could also chalk that up to genetics, but it can't hurt to try.)

And when all else fails, draw the attention to your hair:
Your hair has likely reaped the rewards of that pregnancy glow (i.e., increased estrogen), so keep it up and add a healthy dose of folic acid to your diet (Roitfeld likes New Chapter's Every Woman Vitamin). And if Prince William has a favorite hairstyle, consider trying it out for him. Platinum blonde Young has made such a sacrifice, cutting bangs after giving birth to each of her two sons, because, she says, "After I have a baby, I feel like, this doesn’t look so hot [gestures toward body], so I better make this look hot [gestures toward face] for my husband." (She was being facetious.) So, if you don’t feel so confident about your (amazing, life-giving) bod, you should have little to no trouble making your head worthy of a double-take. And, maybe do like Santo Domingo and let someone else wash and dry it.

In conclusion: treat yourself. And consider this our royal baby gift.

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  • Emma Hager

    This is great! I think -- mom or not -- we can all use this advice collected from some of the best Top Shelves on the block. A full night's sleep is probably one of the most key components of a healthy, natural beauty regimen. Unfortunately, it is also one of the areas that most people neglect. Such a fast-paced world and so little time, I guess.

  • Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    A good night's sleep is a must and I second Miranda Kerr with wearing red lipstick, instant face brightener!

  • Kristina

    These are some great tips, Kate Middleton or not! Even without a new baby in the house, it's easy to get caught up in life and forget to pay attention to yourself. And sometimes you just need to fake it to make it.

  • emily

    Great tips! Might have to use some of these tips even though I'm not a mum haha!

  • Cat

    After years of thinking eyelash curlers were just a scam to make you *think* you were doing something to your eyelashes, I caved in and bought this one. Dude, IT WORKS. It is the only curler I've ever tried that actually curls my eyelashes. My only answer to your mystery is: maybe your eyelashes are already super curled upwards, so you can't see the difference? In that case, I envy you so much, mine point straight down, but this thing really makes a difference.
    Or... is it possible that you are not holding it for long enough? I don't know what else it could be : /

  • alicake

    Ditto. Shelled out for the SE eyelash curler, followed the directions, but my lashes basically look the same with or without it.

  • Darcy Day

    Fun tips for the new mum and anyone who is entering motherhood! She looked radiant today! Fun post!

  • k80

    Lucky girls with naturally curly lashes! You really only need a curler if your lashes are straight, that's kinda the point :P Like Cat, I notice a huge difference and I wouldn't be without my SU curlers!

  • pink elephant

    Very brave and admirable of Kate to face the worlds press only one day after giving birth, proudly showing even the most slender figure has a post baby bump for awhile, great poster girl for new mums everywhere ♡

  • Celina

    These are great tips for everyone, really! It's good to slow down and get everything together again to feel good again sometimes. :)

    Celina | The Celution

  • Bella

    Wow. I think that most new moms will put their baby's night time needs (because new babies do not have a day/night rhythm) above their "beauty sleep". I find this article terribly shallow.

  • Christina Roe

    I'm curious about that hydrogen peroxide in the bath water. What does this do?


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