Tarte Multipleye Lash Enhancing Primer


Wait, wait, wait. Hold on just a minute. Mascara PRIMERS? We are wary of anything that will add another step to our beauty routines (in fact, we’re partial to anything that will cut them in half), because, honestly, WHO WAKES UP EARLY ENOUGH. But recently we couldn’t seem to eat a cronut without hearing/reading about the new pre-mascara mascara. Like any other primer, the ones for lashes act as a preparatory/protective layer between the makeup and you, but, instead of extending the life of your mascara, these aim to extend the length (and girth?) of your lashes.

Should we try 'em? we mused over our pastry Gloffice perk. Would we look like we had eyelash extensions? And was this the key to achieving a pop star, fox-fur look (Hey-lo, JLo)? You know what, we said, what have we got to lose (save for precious minutes of our day)?

After testing a few, here’s what we can tell you: Tarte’s MultiplEYE Lash Enhancing Primer really did make our lashes appear especially lengthy, like we'd been speed-balling Latisse. Tarte claims that theirs is the only primer that will increase your lash volume by 739% (no, that’s not a typo), and though we haven’t done the math on that yet—we couldn't find a tiny enough ruler—our lashes definitely looked more lush. It's similar to the effect of switching from a brown mascara to the blackest black—suddenly your eyes kind of pop, and your lashes are there. The thin cone-brush covers each lash with a white coat of soy-amino protein and plant waxes, using the former to condition and stimulate for long-term growth.  No word on that yet either, but, if you have a moment of your morning to spare and want to give your preferred mascara an extra boost, we’re here to recommend.

Photos by Elizabeth Brockway.

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  • http://www.thesparkle.net/ erin

    oooh lordy, this sounds dreamy. another product for my beauty editing pile - thank you! x

  • Sinéad Elkoun

    Sorry, this isn't new - have been using lash primers for years and unfortunately, once you start you can no longer go without! However will have to try this one - v. Impressed by the stats, however unrealistic they sound! Xoxo

    • Joanna

      double this - i've been using lash primers for years and they're essential. can't wear mascara without them! i've always been partial to smashbox myself, but dior and lancome both have (more expensive) ones that are good too.

      also essential - lash conditioner! when you think about what mascara really is - a substance you literally COAT your lashes with, root to tip - it only makes sense to condition at least once a week, if you use mascara regularly. i'm still trying to find a substitute for the (devastatingly) discontinued lash repair from shu uemura, so if anyone has any suggestions...

      • babelincoln

        tarte amazonian clay mascara covers all the bases for me - reparative and volumizing

  • http://redlipspinkcheeks.blogspot.co.uk/ Georgie

    I bought that Tarte primer literally a few hours ago, it's coming in the post and hopefully I'll love it! I remember Urban Decay's had one for ages but I never really considered it, despite the fact I love their other primers. Since my mascara usually takes a good few minutes to do, what's one more step to add to my lash routine, right?

  • Celina

    I've never tried a lash primer before and I'm afraid that if I try, I won't be able to live without one. xx


  • Jeanette Thong

    Will definitely put this on the list of things I need to get when I go to the states :)

  • http://wittywhimsicality.blogspot.com/ Darcy Day

    Tarte is by far my favorite makeup line. In fact, I just did my own Vlog featuring a lot of their products in my summer favorites. I picked up the natural lash growing serum and I am still testing it out but I was skeptical of this primer. Now I wish I would have tried it too! I will have to go pick some up :-) It sounds very nice and might be exactly what I am looking for! Thank you for the reviews, they are always so helpful!



Tarte MultiplEYE™ Lash Enhancing Primer