So Fresh, So Clean


Though all-black is the unofficial “FASHION PERSON” uniform of choice, get ready to have your mind(s) blown: white on white is the fastest way to look chic. If you don’t believe me, here’s an experiment: pull on slim white jeans, a white t-shirt, a pair of sunglasses, and BOOM! There you are, looking like a million bucks in (what could easily be) a totally budget outfit. We don’t call each other the night before to plan matching outfits like a bunch of 8th graders (or do we?), but a quick look around the Gloffice this afternoon would have you seeing three out of three ladies dressed in Summer’s favorite color... and contemplating the below: 

1. Acne Studios Sheena ShirtMaybe my heart’s more aflutter for Acne than usual given my recent ugly shoe love affair, but those eccentric-minimalist Swedes have delivered yet again with this tuxedo-inspired blouse. Tuck it in for a more “professional”/German-minimalist look, or let that baby fly free in the frigid breeze of a bipolar office A/C unit (ahem, cough) for a more Wang (as in Alex)-like effect.

2. T By Alexander Wang Crepe Shorts: Moving southward, these white shorts are an easy way to stay cool without looking sloppy.

3. Ancient Greek Sandals NikiMetallic Strappy Slides: Made in Greece? Check. Slightly reminiscent of biblical footwear? Check. All with a little futuristic, metallic flare? Check and done. What’s not to love about the tri-colored sandal? Easy to slip on and off and a perfect slight color accent to your ghostly shirt-and-short pairing. 

4. Gabriela Artigas Infinite Tusk Earring: Who’d have thought that one day, earrings would be sold solo instead of in pairs? IT’S CRAZY!!!! Actually, not really. Especially when Anja Rubik tells you, as she did me, that she “always wears only one” earring. Marinate on that for a while. Then, get this one.

5. Byredo Blanche: In case you weren’t aware, I love Byredo. And its tattooed, professional-basketball-player-turned-artist-turned-perfumer founder, Ben Gorham. For the better part of two years, I’ve worn the deep, dark Accord Oud and turned multiple friends and colleagues onto it along the way. Recently, however, I’ve either been skipping fragrance altogether…or wearing this one. It’s like an olfactory palette cleanser; like a waft of fresh laundry hanging from a clothespin in a Scandinavian field.

—Emily Weiss

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  • Iliketheoh

    Those crepe shorts look like they'd be perfect on hot florida days.

  • Emma Hager

    White is just such a cool color. Nothing feels more fresh or clean -- like you stated. It just might become the color of "fashion people"...or at least for this time of the year. And I love that you love the Scandinavian aesthetic. I don't know what it is, but they just have "it" down pat: music, crime shows, clothing, architecture, and of course, ugly shoes. Happy Friday!

  • The Horticult

    Love the Byredo suggestion! Pink pepper notes are great for keeping a floral lovefest on its toes.

  • Michelle

    I'm all about the crisp white shirt, haven't braved the white skinny jeans just yet...

  • Jess

    Blanche is my all time fave and the only perfume my boyfriend likes on me. Love the Cotton Poplin candle too!

  • Charlotte

    so chic!

  • Asia

    I'd love to wear all white but I'm such a klutz, my outfit will be ruined before I even step out the


    Love those sandals!


  • Bertiebeetle

    I also love Byredo but I cannot get into blanche. I have tried a few times and the smell gives me a horrible headache and actually makes me nauseous :( I love the idea of laundry scented fragrances but I have not found one that delivered.. and I have tried A LOT


Byredo Eau de Parfum in Blanche
Gabriela Artigas
Gabriela Artigas Infinite Tusk Earring
Acne Studios Sheena Shirt
Ancient Greek Sandals
Ancient Greek Sandals Niki Metallic Strappy Slides
T by Alexander Wang
T By Alexander Wang Crepe Shorts