Marie Marot, Designer


"I grew up between Paris and the countryside with my two brothers, and I have always liked when a woman wears boy’s clothes, especially beanies and hats. I think it can be elegant. Now, it's really trendy right to dress like a tomboy. Why not?  I’ve worked as a model and in cinema, but I quit everything to start my own accessories brand, Marie Marot. It’s comprised of black beanies and black leather pouches with words on them. I decided not to do t-shirts or caps because I don’t wear that kind of stuff. Beanies and clutches are my essentials—they are my world.

The brand has a feeling of 'less is more.' I’m really, really, tired of having too many choices. People are so completely lost in choices, and since you have to choose a word to have inscribed on the pouch [either "poe(try)," "pain(ter)," or "Ameri(can)"], I thought it was too much to also have to choose a color, so everything is black. I like to keep things simple.

My own look is very simple. I don’t do a lot to my skin or hair. I wash my face with Avène Cleanser, because it’s a very natural French brand, and then I put on Embryolisse Lait- Crème Concentré. That’s my two-part skincare routine. I’m very faithful when it comes these products. Sometimes I’ll try something new, but it’s never as good. I always come back to the standbys.

My makeup routine is also composed of two products. I was a model for a long time, and the one tip I took away from that career was using Terracotta Bronzing Powder from Guerlain for men. It’s perfect. The men’s version has a bigger brush, which makes it so easy to apply—it takes all of two seconds to give a bronzer-like effect. And I always wear a bit of blush. Have you seen the gray skies of Paris? You have to wear blush. After that, I’m ready to go.

I do love a strong lip on a woman, so occasionally I’ll wear red lipstick or a pencil, like MAC Cherry. Sometimes I'll use Russian Red, but the Cherry is a better match for my skin. Red always works because it goes well with my hats—I only wear black and maroon hats.

I switch between my own beanies and hats from Maison Michel. My hair gets little dreadlocks from wearing them—ugh—but I would never cut my hair. Yes, I sometimes dream of shaving my head and never having to brush it again, but it’s been long forever and I would be so shocked to change it. My hair is an extension of myself. And, actually, aside from needing to be brushed,  my hair is pretty low maintenance. I use almost nothing in it. I just wash it with L’Oreal Elvive shampoo and conditioner. If it’s super, super dry on the bottom I’ll use Kérastase. And I trim it myself once a month.

The other thing I wear every day is perfume. I discovered a new brand, Mad et Len, in December at a little avant-garde store in Paris. It’s produced in the South of France and the scent I like, 55 Bois de Sycomore, smells very woodsy and a little like maple syrup. It’s perfect for me. Before that, I only wore scents from Diptyque or Patchouli from Nicolai."

—as told to ITG

Marie Marot photographed by Emily Weiss in Paris on March 1, 2013. Marot's collection is now available at Colette

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  • Nomadic D.

    Um, can we talk about those shoes with that hat? And how it is perfection? I now need burgandy oxfords, in a deep and visceral way. Crap.

  • Jasmine Alvarez

    I love how simple her routine is

  • Gabriella

    I loved this, very old school ITG - she's original, not all exposure, a more subtle sophistication and place in the creative industries. Simple, effective, no fluff

  • Zaza

    She's so wright about how many choices we have and how we get lost and tired to fear about doing the wrong choice...

  • MJ Brodeck

    How to be always be in style: Wear black. FIN.

  • Bonnie Clyde

    Love her style!!


  • beautyidealist

    Variety is the flavor of life. I personally like making my own choices and prefer having that power left to me to decide, not someone else. We're all different. I would hate to only use 2 products for my skincare for the rest of my life, overall I just feel a sense of a lack of adventure from her. Despite that, I like her personal style and it made me interested in her line.

  • DdR

    A little boring buds. I get the sophisticated less is more mind-set but this entry was a little anti-climactic in my humble.

  • Katherine

    I love the simplistic chicness of her outfit. She looks stunning! Great article.


  • katie chambers

    Right. I need the psychic beanie in my life and on my head. Google was unhelpful. Her website doesn't appear to sell these items-- a heads-up (no pun intended) on where to purchase this would be really appreciated!

    • seret

      agreed. I need one of those clutches.

  • Jacqueline Fonte

    I'm not always so brand loyal, so when somebody pairs things down to only a few standbys, it's probably a testament to the product's effectiveness.

    Really loved this, because for some of us on a budget, de facto minimalism is life. Lol. Also, I'm curious why one of her beanies has the option of "Ameri(can)." I can't imagine a bunch of French women running around with that on their beanies, so I wonder who is stocking her line stateside.

  • Sabah

    She has a new fan

  • Erin

    I'm IN LOVE with your blog - you ARE FABULOUS!!

    I'm a new blogger myself and you are great encouragement =)

    Check me out- xo

  • missie

    Why do you say she's not into beauty? I think, beauty is something universal and there are many ways of understanding it. And that's why it's so beautiful, because we are DIFFERENT.

    • Ona_in_Barcelona

      Hi! I meant she's not (/doesn't seem) very into beauty *products* or a beauty *routine*. Absolutely, everyone has their own definition of beauty and ways of expressing it - but I read this site for product recommendations, and because I like being nosy :)

      There seems to be a preponderance of French women featured on here who have a very simple look and use very few products. It was interesting for a while, but how many variations on "I just keep it simple" can we have? I feel it's reached overkill, and I think many (though absolutely, not all) readers might agree with me. Look how many comments are left on this article versus, say, the ones on Dita von Teese or Charlotte Tillbury - women who have a very strong look and a very particular routine. I may not want to emulate their look, but it definitely makes for an interesting article.

  • Marie

    Her designs are beautiful, and I like her attitude towards reducing her life and collection to the simple things, but can we please stop this "I am Designer" - attitude. It is so boring! It is not what makes you interesting or inspiring.

  • Sara Scott

    Love her beanies and haven't been able to find out who is stocking them. Any advice on where I can find them?

  • Elaine R

    I find her attitude intriguing, but don't really agree with it. I like having ten thousand choices in the morning! It makes my day interesting :)

  • Stacey Nishimoto

    Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder for men? -MUST-BUY-IMMEDIATELY-

  • Anais

    I was sure she will be successful as soon as i saw her on french tv show Top Models 2005, at 1:52,

    Thanks a lot for this great post.


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